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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolf]Sheriff Joe Nash couldn't have been more surprised when he answered a call to a shooting and discovered the sexiest man he ever saw. His extraordinary response to the man told him immediately Nate was his mate. Taking a chance, Joe takes him home, hoping to convince him to stay.But Nate Summers is[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolf]Sheriff Joe Nash couldn't have been more surprised when he answered a call to a shooting and discovered the sexiest man he ever saw. His extraordinary response to the man told him immediately Nate was his mate. Taking a chance, Joe takes him home, hoping to convince him to stay.But Nate Summers is on the run from someone, never staying in one place for more than a few days. The tall, handsome sheriff and his offer of a safe haven intrigue Nate, but he's afraid that if he sticks around, the sheriff will discover his secret, a secret that could make the sheriff hate him....

Title : Full Moon Mating
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Full Moon Mating Reviews

  • LDDurham
    2019-03-08 12:39

    I don't usually leave awful reviews, but I found this book to be awful. In the beginning, I thought it had a lot of potential and I was happily devouring it. Then, on page 33, at a POV change, the entire story hit a cliff edge and dived off. The character, Nate, goes from being a vulnerable enigma to a pathetic child. Characterization that had been established, suddenly changed with no real understanding as to why. For 33 pages, I was led to believe that Nate can't talk. The author did a good and believable job of having him communicate in many other ways. It was compelling reading. Then, he can talk and just says, "Of course I can talk." Oh, yeah, of course. Insert eye roll here. It gets worse from there. This story needed to be edited in the absolute worse way. Nate tells his back story to Joe. Then he tells it to Joe's father. Then he tells it to some other people. The same thing over and over and the author never realized she could skip it after the initial telling and start a new paragraph with, "After Nate told his tale..." Nope, I was subjected to it multiple times. The retelling of several things occurred throughout the book. In another glaring editing blunder, they make a big deal out of their two-month anniversary, then Nate says it's their three-week anniversary. A little later, Joe is outside the car, but still manages to bang on the steering wheel, which is plausible, but not at all set up that way in the scene. Other than the need for a competent editor, I began to actively hate the characters. I'm not even going to bring in my personal dislike for fluffy/sappy stories with heaps of melodrama, because written well, I can still enjoy the story. I'm talking about the fact that Nate didn't just denigrate into a chick-with-a-dick character; He became a child. Worse, a preteen. Joe treated him like a child so much so that "baby" quickly became a label rather than a term of endearment. Nate actually comes to Joe's room, pillow in hand and asks to sleep with him (and not in the carnal sense). Nate is sent to his room, which, to be fair, he realizes is a thing you do to a child, but he never actually addresses the issue. Nate is sent upstairs to "go get your blanket" so they could cuddle, wherein he conveniently falls asleep in Joe's lap. Please insert more eye-rolling. I hated Joe with a passion because not only was he inulting, he was an incompetent blow-hard.There were tons of other completely nonsensical issues including the fact that Nate is raised for twenty years in a hidden facility, escapes from it because he wants to live his own life, but then has no qualms about the new imprisonment he is warned will be his life as a werewolf mate. The fact that he is a most excellent cook regardless of the fact that he states he only ever read about cooking before was another eye-roller. For me, this book goes into my very small bin of "Completely Unreadable" books. It also gave me several headaches from the eye-strain. I would tell my best friends to avoid this one.

  • Barbara➰
    2019-03-11 12:28

    Ugh! Boy I sure am bombing out in the MM mate department. Stupid..

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-02-21 14:43

    I seem to be in the minority here, but I really really disliked this book, mostly because of Joe! The cop/were shifter.He was a major asshat in my book for a lot of reasons, but when Roger broke in Nate called and said someone broke in and I bashed him over the head and tied him up, what happens then? Huh? Joe acts like an arrogant overbearing stupid jerk, and I'm being nice here! So...what does Joe and big Daddy do? They treat Nate like a small stupid child sending him to his room, and not even asking him what happened, just believing Roger! HELLO! Joe is supposed to be Sheriff and he doesn't think there is something fishy about the whole thing? Small Nate overpowering and dragging big bad wolf into the house? really? he didn't even listen on the phone close enough to remember wht he said? Didn't ask him 'hey, babe, what happened?' nope, send him to his room and take care of the little baby! Uhg! Then he comes up and Nate has locked the door, so what does he do? breaks down the door and has sex with him, in my book it doesn't matter that Nate got into it, for me it was at least dub-con! Then after the punishment, is there a talk between out MC's you ask? apology from Joe that he didn't even talk to Nate about what happened, and Nate doesn't give Joe a piece of his mind about that either! Idiots! Then...when at the end Roger is with the Teacher, Joe glares at Nate, like it's his fault for not asking for retribution.I'm not even going to get into the part where he wants Nate to just stay at the house and wait for him all day..and take care of him, and talk about having kids before they even have spent 2 days together..I actually have a lot more I hated about this story..but I'll only mention one more thing..remember we are talking about the Sheriff here..but he walks right into a trap, that he knows is a trap with only one other shifter to help him! The other shifter is shot immediately so of course poor Nate has a gun held to his head, because , do I need to say it again? Joe is stupid!

  • Ezinwanyi
    2019-03-05 10:30

    This story started with Joe, a cop in the small town of Wolf Creek, responding to a robbery and encountering an out-of-towner Nate. Joe felt an immediate pull to this guy and it wasn’t even the full moon. The new guy, Nate, was skittish and seemed uncomfortable talking.Eventually, Nate trusted Joe and revealed he was hiding out from someone pursuing him. Joe returned this trust by revealing that he was a shifter, a werewolf, and that he believed Nate was his mate. It seemed that the two lovers would be okay until their relationship was threatened both by an inside threat and an outside threat. These threats force Joe to make decisions as the enforcer of his clan as opposed to Nate’s mate.I have to say that the narrator wasn’t good. He made Nate feel adolescent and it made it weird to hear the sex scenes. I think the writing contributed to that because sometimes Nate acted like a kid and so Joe treated him like such. He didn’t discuss things he should with a partner, but instead, Joe made decisions for Nate. I liked the relationship Joe had with his family and how accepting and protective his parents were of Nate. That added to the sweetness of this story. It’s a book one, so I hope the author will spend more time developing both her characters and the overall plot of the story. There is potential here and I hope the next book takes the series to the next level.**Audiobook given by author in exchange for an honest review

  • BJ
    2019-03-11 10:49

    I must admit, starting this book I did have my reservations... there are ALOT of mm shifter books out there and some of them just don't make the cut in terms of plot, relationship feasibility, intrigue and (most importantly) sex ;). But Full Moon Mating had steamy sex, an endearingly vulnerable main man in Nate, a massive turn on in the form of the dominant and posessive Joe and something that i personally have an addiction to... super powers (other than being a werewolf of course :P). So, overall I quite enjoyed this book (even though i was mainly hungover while reading it) :D Maybe 3.5 - 4 stars...

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2019-03-07 14:46

    I'm giving every book in this series two stars because they're badly written and the characters are all obnoxious clichés, but the story is interesting enough for me to want to find out what happens in the next one.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-02-28 13:45

    In the shapeshifters genre (in general, not gay romance in particular) you can have two type of hero, the big and strong alpha man, a bit mourning, who is always running away from his life, regretting the lost of a normality he has never had, or you can have a shapeshifter as big and strong, but who is totally helpless in the hands of his little mate. This second type of hero usually leads to more light and funny stories. Are they realistic? No. Does it matter? Absolutely not. First of all, I’m obviously not reading a paranormal romance to find reality, and second, it’s within the genre that the partner of an Alpha Male is usually a omega, meaning that he or she is physically weaker but way more clever than the partner, in “human” words, you can say that one is the body (the strength) and the other is the mind (the intelligence), the both together make a perfect couple. So yes, Nate, the small omega man, is all shy and skittish, he clings to the bigger Joe like he is his personal tree to climb and search shelter from the big bad wolves, and since he likes Joe, it doesn’t matter that, searching refuge in his arms he is putting himself in the hand of a even more dangerous wolf. Nate sits on Joe’s lap, he is the perfect housewife, he pleads for sex in a so wonderfully submissive way, he has even a good relationship with Joe’s mother, arriving to exchange sexual tips with her on how to deal with a werewolf mate… Does it seem to you that Nate is a bit too feminine? Maybe yes, but this is often the case in a gay romance between Alpha and omega, as it’s clear that the supremacy is only physical, and Nate is perfectly conscious that he “allows” Joe to be the leader of their small pack made of two men: like a prince who grants a privilege, Nate is allowing Joe to love and cherish him. When Nate arrive in the small town of Wolf Creek he doesn’t know that he is stumbling on his better luck: Joe, the town sheriff is gay, and being a werewolf he also immediately understands that Nate is also his mate. From that moment on Nate will have not to worry of the men who are searching him, the same men he is running away from for the last two years. From that moment on, Nate will only worry to please Joe, and Joe will unconditionally love him back. If maybe sometime Joe will behave a bit too much like an obtuse and treat Nate like a three years old baby unable to take a decision, well, Nate will probably save the information for a later time when he will use it to force Joe to do what Nate wants… after all, it’s Nate the mind of the couple.

  • Stacey Jo
    2019-03-09 11:24

    This one was ok. I finished it because I started it but didn't have a burning desire to know how it ended. There just wasn't much action and despite dealing with "alpha" werewolves, they were pretty sappy. Just didn't feel much for the story.

  • Sunika
    2019-02-26 12:44

    It could have bean a very good book. It had the posibility and the plot to be a good one.....BUT... A lot of drama that it didn't have his place! I think the author didn't know how to put the "wipping part" in the story.It was annoying and without meaning.Everything it could have resolved with a simple question like "what happened"But noooo Nate it send upstairs without a single word like a 5 years kid.This trow the whole mate thing for a loop.I mean the mate is supposed to be the most important ..yada, yada, yad.... and quest what, when Joe come home and find his mate with a stranger in the HOUSE he yell at nate and dosen'r ask anything.And really??? Dosen't Joe see that Roger thhat is in the HOUSE?? when he said he will leave the file on the portch? Dosen't scream anything???I can't get over that...Joe is a pigheaded....!And the fight with the teacher.... that's a fight? It was supposed the Teacher to be a very powerful guy right? IT's a joke! All the book is about how Nate run from the teacher and how evil is ..... and is...a little guy with a gun. Oh and all the pack come in to help after everything is done. Yep GO PACK!!

  • Jasmine Slaton
    2019-03-10 12:37 did I just read. ..I mean seriously. ..what. ..the. ..fuck. ... I rolled my eyes so much while reading this garbage that I thought my eyes were going to get stuck... honestly this just sucked.Sooooo Nate escaped some facility where he was being controlled by this Teacher guy because he wanted to be free..Yada Yada ONLY to end up with Joe.... who pretty much treats him like a kid. At least that's how I saw it. This big giant dude holding this 5 7 dude in his lap like he's a baby while he takes a nap? Sends him to his room for disobeying him but didn't ever tell him why but still decided to come up stairs and fuck him into the mattress without uttering a word.... I just COULD NOT get down with this one. and I've been reading a lot of books out of my comfort zone lately and they have been AMAZING ,,so I tried to stay on that path... this book has caused me to take a break from that. It was really really that bad.

  • Jrzimmerman
    2019-03-02 09:43

    What I liked about this book: - Knight in shining armor story theme - M/M love story- Shape shifter - Good sex scenes with love - Good action scenes - I love it when the bad guy gets his butt kicked! - The dialouge was goodWhat I didn't like: - The back story about the "teacher" wasn't clear. I felt like the story should have started out with him and how Nate escaped him because I was a bit confused. - The back story regarding Joe's ex wasn't developed enough either - I didn't understand why he was after Joe when they apparently had only gone out casually. - The book I felt could have easily been twice as long, which in my opinion would have made it twice as good.Having said that it was a really good read - I love Ms Glenn's books they are always a great read with a really good story line.

  • Grandmat
    2019-03-04 11:24

    2.5, actually. Sexy, yes, but the frequency started to overwhelm the plot. A couple of reviews mentioned "chick with a dick" and never having heard the term, found it immediately described Nate. This is not a happy description, though. There is a lot I liked, the really decent premise, and a plot that works, for example. However, the story moved along too fast and elements that could have been developed more thoroughly, weren't. This is somewhat fluffy, and way more sentimental than I like in a story, rather purple in flavor. But that is more my personal tastes than a criticism. The editing errors are more objectionable and jarring.

  • Kiki
    2019-02-22 11:23

    Gay werewolf smut!I was hoping for a gay werewolf bromance, but got a burly bear and his chick-with-a-dick. Semi-unreadable, I had to quit about half-way through. Still, I'm glad that gay romance actually exists as a genre, and maybe someday my bromance ship will come in.

  • Allybaba
    2019-02-20 11:25

    I couldn't finish it...

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-04 15:23

    I love Stormy Glenn books. This was a good start to a new series, although if she would get a better beta reader to catch the continuity mistakes it would be so much better.

  • Nessa
    2019-03-17 10:47

    I really love books by Stormy Glenn, and I've read many of them. This was a nicely paced romance that was beautifully written. The only part that annoyed me............. Could be a Spoiler........... (which I see was mentioned by some reviewers already) was when Roger broke into Joe's house. That whole situation resulted in Nate being physically punished. I prefer reading about packs who don't abuse their members or mates in that way. Joe was fine, except once when he wouldn't allow Nate to explain himself about the Roger situation (not appreciating how Joe spoke to Nate while sending him to his room) Other than that I enjoyed the story, and the plot was different with Nate having special abilities, which kept me interested,especially with the sweet ending. Still a fun and enticing read. :)

  • Phaney
    2019-03-16 08:26

    2014 Re-read:This is a bit of a mess.Perspectives come and go willy-nilly despite the apparent effort to use dividers. Joe is a jerk who has no respect for his partner, despite his claims of love and devotion (which may all be true but what’s that worth if he treats the guy like a child and refuses to listen to him in favour of assuming he knows it all?). Nate bounces back and forth between terrified doormat and a bundle of attitude. And sometimes touch hurts him, sometimes the author forgets and someone touches him without eliciting a reaction. The full moon mating that the book title refers to occurs every freaking month, no exceptions, yet somehow the guys manage to have their two-month anniversary before their full moon tryst happens for the first time. The writing itself is awkward and sentence patterns repetitive.I suppose this is an early work by the author and that explains some of it. Some things I can take in stride and some I can ignore if I try hard enough. But the deal breaker is Joe’s treatment of Nate.Sorry, you can claim it’s your wolf side demanding this, but the fact remains that you’re an utter jerk and control freak in the same way abusive boyfriends can be. Poor Nate. The fact that this is acknowledged on both sides (to an extent, such as Joe confessing to being a chauvinist and Nate wondering if he exchanged one prison guard for another) is a nice touch but does not make it all right – because it’s in that “oh well, nothing I can do about it” way. Basically Joe’s Joe and Nate has to change and bend and deny part of himself. Joe can be as gentle and sweet as he wants when they first get together, but the fact that later he flies in rages and ignores his mate’s needs nullifies his courting behaviour – even makes a lie of it.And by the way, when did Joe mention to Nate “oh, by the way, if you mate with me you can be whipped for misbehaviour”? Instead all I saw was how the pack would protect him. Kinda seems more of a vital information for the decision making process than the silly knotting issue.All in all this is shoddy work. I’m hoping the series will improve; I can’t remember much about that except that one of the books infuriated me and another depressed me. Not sure it was a good idea to pick this one up again.2011 Review:Uh. Prepare for intense ranting. I made so many notes, maybe I should just dump them as they are. Yeah. Might be a good idea. I don’t feel like going through this again, really.It started out nice enough, even interesting, considering the genre, but not only does Joe turn into an self-righteous asshole about halfway in and gets admired for it, while being anything but loving and caring towards his supposedly beloved mate, but continuity is completely up in the clouds.Just as an example, we are told they celebrate their “two month anniversary” and in the next paragraph it’s referred to as a “three-week anniversary”. Or first Nate has this whole dressing scene where he is thinking about how Joe hasn’t told him what to wear and a little later he thinks of how Joe told him to dress nicely. There is really a lot like that, a lot of it minor things, but jarring nonetheless.Methinks this is the result of shoddy editing. I mean, she must have written her first draft on a different timeline and filled some scenes in later or whatnot.And while we’re at it, this is a woman writing, right? How come it’s so completely chauvinistic and misogynistic? Oh well, goes to show that women can be the worst when it comes to that. Yeah, yeah, this is a gay romance and all, but Nate’s role as a female replacement is just plain out there.Damn, I hate it when something interesting turns annoying. Could have been worse, but still. I guess I expected as much from this author, though.And also, why are they all gay!! I mean from what is said it seems to not be that common but we have Joe, and Nate, and Roger and Joe’s brother Jim, and Chase, and Chase’s brother Donovan, and Nate’s friend Justin and Justin’s lover Taylor. So far we have only, like, two guys around who appear not to be gay? Which would be Joe’s father and the bad guy, but the jury’s still out on that one. Oh yeah, also a few bit players who might be gay too for all I know.Perspective is inconsistent too, despite clearly trying to be cleanly divided. Not happening.Really getting sick of all the contradictions, such as, only one mate, and later, oh well maybe two or three mates. And so on. Everything, and I do mean everything, is conveniently twisted for whatever the plot wants at the moment.Well, fuck it all. The two months that really are three weeks thing explains itself by the full moon crap (which actually turns out way less intense than predicted). I really resent this author. This is just lazy and annoying. Way too much sex and what now? A three-some setup for some of the other chars?I really hate her way of retconning everything. I remember this with a very important part of a previous book. But here it’s just everywhere. And it especially sucks because she has some interesting ideas and does not write too badly in general. Bleh.In closing, I don’t think I will read the next volume anytime soon, which is a pity.Uh. Actually? After giving the opening a look, maybe I will after all since it does not appear to be about that threesome. I dunno. We’ll see, I guess.But really, I wish these things were better. Even though probably sticking to not so great stuff is preferable for now.

  • Julie scott
    2019-03-15 12:26

    Full Moon Mating [Wolf Creek Pack 1]This was great i loved it and I can't wait to read the next one in the series and I will be reading next....

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-04 10:24

    2nd read: I was in the mood to reread this series today and I barely made it through the first book w/o wanting to throw my Kindle against the wall in frustration. I gave my first read (over 2 years ago) 4 stars but I'm now bumping it down to two as my criteria for a good, well-rounded, well-written book, with believable (intelligent-acting) characters, has gone up considerably after reading over 1,200 m/m stories to-date. I have no idea why I thought it was worth 4 stars the first time around. But it certainly doesn't warrant it now.Here is the main reason why it now gets a lower rating: my biggest pet peeve in reading romance of any kind, but especially m/m, is when the author dumbs down their character(s) in order to have a way to create drama in the story. The character in this story who was made to be a complete and utter imbecile is Joe, the Sheriff of the town and enforcer of the pack. We all know how law enforcement investigates a crime: they ask questions, take statements, look for evidence and for witnesses to try and get an idea of what the fuck happened BEFORE arresting someone with a crime. It's common fucking sense, right? Well not to Joe and not in this story's universe. (view spoiler)[ His mate, Nate, finds a stranger in their house going through Joe's files in his office. Nate hits him over the head and ties him up then calls Joe in a panic over what happened. Why Nate just didn't call Joe and hide until Joe got there (which is what Joe told him to do while on the phone), I have no idea, because that is what any person with any lick of sense would have done. During the phone call, they both think the stranger could have been sent by The Teacher, who is looking for Nate. He tells Joe the guy was going through his files in his office (this is important because later, Joe forgets error?). Joe then calls his dad, the alpha, and they both show up and when the body of the tied up stranger is flipped over, Joe gets angry and tells Nate to go to their room (with no explanation) and not come out until he is told. Nate is confused and when trying to talk to Joe about why he's been ordered to go to their room, the alpha, Joe's father, repeats Joe's order and tells Nate to obey. Nate is understandably upset, confused and hurt, but goes to said room and locks the door. Joe, the Sheriff, who is now showing no fucking common sense AND has completely forgotten how to investigate a crime, takes the side of the stranger that Nate, who weighs less than a sack of flour, hit him over the head outside, then dragged him into the office. Really Joe? The stranger turns out to be a pack member and is also a jealous ex of Joe's. Apparently Joe had sent him to his house to pick up a file off the front porch earlier, But for what? We don't know. But he didn't give him permission to go inside and snoop. Anyways, the pack member presses charges against Nate (without Nate knowing it) and wants him whipped as punishment. Joe decides to take the punishment himself which he deserves for being so completely inept at his job, IMO. Nate shows up before whipping occurs once he learns what happened (from Joe's mom) and demands to take his punishment instead of Joe. BUT instead of telling Joe & The Alpha WHAT THE FUCK REALLY HAPPENED before the whipping is done, he waits until afterwards BECAUSE he felt getting whipped (for something that wasn't his fault) would gain the respect of the pack. *face palm* SERIOUSLY???!!!! How is that logical? And it took the mom (who is supposed to keep her mouth shut because she's human and a female) speaking up for Nate by telling them what really happened. Now all this could have been avoided, if Joe would have done HIS FUCKING JOB as a Sheriff by doing an investigation....He would have eventually come to the logical conclusion that HIS MOM DID that the pack member was trespassing with mal-intent and lied the first time he was questioned (it took Joe's Mom coming over to talk and question Nate later to figure this out. So basically, Joe's mom did his job for him). So the impression this gives me as a reader is the mom is the smartest, most capable character in the book and should hold the title of Alpha and Sheriff. More happens with Joe, The Teacher & the ex bf later on that only further supports how stupid Joe is. At least SG is consistent in how she writes her characters.(hide spoiler)]So in conclusion, IMO, this was a really poorly executed plot with moronic, unlikeable characters (chicks with dicks - Nate) and (chauvinistic assholes - Joe & his father, The Alpha).

  • Charly
    2019-02-27 08:37

    Feel-good story, but not the best writingWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 6/10PROS: - There’s a lot at the beginning of the story that I found intriguing: the avoidance early on of any direct references to “werewolves” or “mates,” Nate’s reactions toward various people touching him, and his muteness (see cons also). The little hints here and there pertaining to Nate’s background and what he’s running from are revealed slowly in a way that really piqued my curiosity.- Joe, typical werewolf that he is, is incredibly protective and possessive of Nate, and these are traits I respond to every time I read about them, especially if the recipient of the protectiveness has never been cherished before. I really liked the scene in which Joe takes the time and effort to educate Nate extensively on what werewolf mating entails. Nate has a decent idea of what he’s getting himself into before Joe claims him, even if Joe does conveniently forget a few things.- There’s a good deal of sex in the story (it’s light on plot, but it makes up for that with sex scenes), and for once there’s a story element that allowed me to believe that one character could really climax twice within the span of 5 minutes EVERY time.CONS:- The language throughout is simplistic. (There’s one page that contains the word “quickly” in 5 different sentences: quickly pulled, quickly lifted, quickly had them undone, quickly humped, quickly licked his finger…and there are 2 “slowly”s in there, too.) In addition, the writing contains mistakes that make it seem pretty amateurish at times: isolated POV switches within scenes; needless repetition; a lot of focus on mundane descriptions; too many “he”s without identifying which character they refer to (“He caught up with him just as he reached his motorbike”); etc.- A lot of the transitions in the book seemed rushed and/or poorly developed to me. The revelation of the men’s desire for each other, for example, occurs suddenly with almost no buildup in preceding scenes. And Nate’s transition from silent to chatty is the same way. He’s entirely mute for the first several chapters, and then when he does first speak, it’s not like he starts with one- and two-word answers and then gradually works his way up. He just launches into full-blown conversation mode.- Nate is basically just a stereotypical romance heroine with male anatomy. He’s timid and tiny (as in, Joe and Nate are eye-to-eye when Joe is kneeling) and is expected to stay home and cook and clean like the proverbial Little Woman. The author does include a few little indications that such treatment bothers Nate (“it still rankled a bit”), but the two men’s roles within the relationship seemed extreme to me.Overall comments: I didn’t find this story quite as melodramatic as other Stormy Glenn stories I’ve read (although this one does contain its fair share of epic misunderstandings--at one point, Joe does something that hurts Nate’s feelings and Nate thinks of 10 possible reasons for Joe’s reaction but never even considers the most obvious one). My main complaint with the book is that the writing is far from the best I’ve read: it’s plagued by sloppy phrasing and poor (if any) editing throughout. Writing issues aside, though, this is still a fun, frothy little story.

  • Tam
    2019-02-26 14:32

    This is book 1 in a werewolf series. Joe is the local sheriff of a predominantly were-town. He is called to the scene of a shooting and finds apparently mute Nate bent over the body. He realizes Nate is not the shooter but after he has a seizure he decides to take him home and he realizes he’s his mate. Well, seems Nate isn’t mute except when he wants to be and he is on the run from someone called the Teacher who keeps various young men with paranormal abilities (Nate can read people’s emotions and tell if they are lying when he touches them which is painful except for Joe) captive so he can profit from their skills. Nate has been on the run for 2 years but is willing to take the chance with Joe. Of course down the road Teacher tracks him down and there is a showdown and a rescue of the other young men.It’s pretty typical Stormy Glenn and pretty typical werewolves. I do enjoy reading her work but it’s an easy read, it doesn’t take much brain power, you know where it’s going but the characters are likable. Yes, it’s insta-love but I can live with that in a werewolf story. However there was at least one glaring error. They are going out for their anniversary dinner and several times they mention 2 months. But much is also made of the fact that on the full moon the guy turns into a wolf/human hybrid and has wild sex with his mate. So I figured if it’s two months they’ve done this, but suddenly during dinner it says it’s their 3 week anniversary and they haven ‘t had full-moon sex. Umm. 2 months or 3 weeks, someone decide here. That really annoyed me and I even vented to my daughter. Lazy editing I think. But as I said, quick easy read, kind of like Doritos, not high class food but you enjoy them while scarfing them down.

  • Jeanne 'Divinae'
    2019-03-18 11:41

    So, I read this book couple weeks ago... just got around now to write a review. Sheriff Joe Nash meets his mate when he least expects it. Joe is called out to shooting and shows up to find a (handsome) man leaning over the victim. He is not sure if this person had saved the victim or is involved with the shooting. The person in question doesn't talk to Joe and fights him when is brought in. Joe realizes two things. That this other person(Nate) is his mate AND he doesn't like other people touching him(but Joe is okay).Joe ends up taking Nate back to his house and lets him meet his father(alpha) and mother. He takes care of Nate and eventually Nate starts talking to Joe. Joe finally explains to Nate about him being his mate and what it means. But just as they are settling down and adjusting to there new life together, trouble is on the horizon.Nate has run away from his "Teacher". Nate has lived with the "Teacher" has long as he can remember, along with others who have a special ability. How far will Joe and this pack go to protect Nate from the 'Teacher' and will they be able to save his friends in time also. I really enjoyed this book and looked forward to reading more from this series. I felt it was a good introduction to both Nate and Joe's lives and the people involved with them.

  • Candice
    2019-03-14 07:32

    I think I am going to leave this as a solid 3.It was good, but there were too many unanswered questions. For example, I wish we would have known more about the Teacher and his students. I guess that means I wanted more about Nate's life. I liked Nate, but I think he was too accepting to Joe's "demands". Is that what they were? Demands? I think so. Turning Nate into a housewife--wants him home when Joe gets home from work and doing all the cooking/cleaning. No thanks. Then THEN Joe treats him like a child when something happens at the house. He, no joke, sends Nate to his room. The after part with no apology, just breaking down doors, I would have been out of there. No thanks. See you later :) I may be in the minority, but I love the whole 'MINE' thing, but when it's done right. This wasn't, sadly.What I did like was the pack protection (view spoiler)[Even though Joe didn't even wait for it. Jackass! (hide spoiler)]. I liked how they could call on the pack for help, no questions asked.I also loved Maryann. One thing that I didn't understand was (view spoiler)[how did Roger know about the Teacher? How did he contact him?(hide spoiler)]Overall, not sure when I am going to jump into the rest of this series.

  • Jane
    2019-03-02 13:33

    It was alright, and in fact, I rather liked the whole premise and build up. It was done very well. What wasn't done well was the final battle, in my opinion. It just kinda happened... there was no umph! that makes final battles great. Now granted, it was better than a lot I've read- I mean at least this one had a final battle, but it wasn't great. I was expecting bigger. What i was hoping would happen:(view spoiler)[I wanted the Teacher to somehow kidnap Nate and bring him back to the compound. Joe would then have to go and get him right? but, when he got there he couldn't scent him or whatever (I'm guessing since where ever the Teacher put the kids could block their abilities, it could block off scents too). So the Teacher is being all asshole-like and playin' it up that Nate was his and whatnot. Well, plot twist- that would be the night of the full moon mating. I mean, at the beginning they played it up that a wolf would go through steel to get to his mate. So Joe kills the Teacher and begins ripping the place apart. He eventually finds Joe and they make love right there in the compound! Yay happy ending!~(hide spoiler)]But no. That's not what happened.

  • ILoveMyAudibleKindle
    2019-03-03 11:28

    What did you like best about Full Moon Mating? What did you like least?The concept of loyalty between partners. The narration.How would you have changed the story to make it more enjoyable?Changed narrators to pick up the pace and breathe some life into the narration.How could the performance have been better?The delivery was very monotone. At times, the narrators voice dropped low ( I believe they were shooting for sexy), during those instances the words were barely decipherable. It was almost as if he were lying down in bed reading. I think a different author OR possible more coaching for the current author would help.Do you think Full Moon Mating needs a follow-up book? Why or why not?I'ver read the entire series. I prefer audible versions to bring the stories to life.Any additional comments?I would enjoy the audible narrations for the rest of the series. This genre does not have the best track record as far as audio.I think it is tough to find quality narrators for reasonable rates, so that the pay off is worth it. I'm still a fan of Stormy's. She's a talented author.

  • Georgina Parkin
    2019-03-10 09:47

    So the plot and stuff was a little better than okay and I really loved it, but the writing wasn't spectacular in terms of it flowing... Sometimes I felt like it was explaining things too much, and I think that two supernatural elements that weren't the same as the norm (mainly the werewolf being different and then his ability being something not as commonly s en so it was explained lots) make things a little too much.At times the info dumps felt overly explained as every time someone new comes in Nate's ability is re explained again and again and it grew irritating. That being said, by the end of the book I was really digging everything enough not to care so much. So I just think if all the info wasn't there it would have probably been a 4-4.5 star read. This was my first m-m shifter romance, and I wasn't exactly turned off by it, more just not wowed. That being said, I think I may just continue this series before moving onto more of this authors works because hello, shifter threesome? Puh-lease, I need that now. So I'll have to keep reading until I get there I guess

  • Cori
    2019-03-03 14:38

    I just finished a re-read of this story and brought it down to 3 stars from 4. I really liked the story, but as with the majority of the Stormy Glenn books I've read, there are some major editing/story continuity issues that I have a major problem with, for example: there is one point where Joe is taking Nate out for their "two-month" anniversary, then skip down the page and Nate is thinking how sweet it is that Joe is taking him out for their "three-week" anniversary. This is something that could have easily been caught by an editor but is missed. Plus the fact that if it was the two-month anniversary, there wouldn't have been the later explanation for Nate's first full moon mating.Again - I do enjoy these stories. They are a quick break from reality. Just don't walk into them thinking you will have tight stories, decent editing, or strong continuity within them.

  • AyoDollFace
    2019-03-18 13:35

    Although I like this book alright, from what I can tell in the next 11 in this series is that not even half are about anyone mentioned in this book. I find it odd that the next book would be about two characters not only not mentioned in this book, but also not even a part if the wolf creek pack. Am I mistaking, or is this The Wolf Creek Pack Series !?!I'm not a huge fan of this author and I don't know why I continue to read anything by her. I never finish a series by her because I already know how it's going to end before I even start. I understand she's a fan of love at first sight and insta-love but two days and the MCs are already spouting the "L" word is a little too much for anyone. I always like to give an author the courtsey of not putting down their books, but here I am, 5 series in that I have read and not a one I can force myself to finish.

  • Carina Newworld
    2019-02-25 10:28

    In my opinion the author used none of the options she created in this book. (view spoiler)[ For example she doesn´t describe the mating ceremony, the fight against the teacher is what I consider a joke, the whole book as neither a loving athmosphere to it, nor a dark athomesphere, the couplings are nothing new or special and the caracters are giving in to everything easily.(hide spoiler)]I spend the time reading this book wating for something to come, that didn´t come at all. The ideas are nothing new and the implementation of old ideas hasn´t worked for me.Normally I have no troubles with possessiveness or the whole Alpha Thing, but this book annoyed me in many ways, therefor I am giving 2 stars for the effort of writing a book.

  • Gwengwel
    2019-03-08 09:25

    I knew it's was going to be cliche so I can't really complaint. But they have limits of making a personage a woman-with-cock cliche and this writer jump happily on it. I like it, generally, but if you try to analyse all the thing that are unbelievable or impossible or ridiculous or just plain there to make 'cute-but-inutile', this book fail in a lots of level. And who is the Morgan brother mentioned who was kidnapped and do not like to go outside of his room now because of that? Because, on the writer site and with this book and the other we only know about three Morgan's. Chase, Donovan and Devlin. The other brother's never mentioned again. It's commune of this writer to give information or to start a plot point but to never finish it.