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Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye, is having a hard time getting over a gunshot wound from her last case-especially because she didn't see the shots coming. Out of work and second-guessing her abilities, she tries to get back in the saddle by helping her boyfriend Dutch with some of his FBI cases. And soon enough, her intuition returns-with a vengeance....

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Crime Seen Reviews

  • Beth
    2019-04-30 14:54

    The two stars are for Candice, since it was nice to see that character filled out a bit. But if this had been the first book of this series I'd read, it would have been the last. She did neither of her main characters Abby (represented in this book as a flighty selfish self absorbed adloescent bimbette) or Dutch (Can't wait to see what he does if they have kids and she doesn't like one? put it in a car trunk and ditch it in a lake? or maybe foist it on his mother?) any favors in this book. I'm glad I read this series out of sequence because I HATE this book. You know VL, this book could give psychics a bad name. That is if I didn't know several who happen to be well balanced, financial savvy, personally fine individuals. Oh and My dog says, if it isn't at least 20 pounds, it might be a perfectly fine animal, but it sure as hell isn't a dog. She does have some friends who are less than 20 lbs that yap, some poms and a dachsy, but she is firmly convinced they are not dogs AND she loves her cat friends too. :P

  • D.C. Menard
    2019-04-24 19:49

    In this installment of the psychic eye series Abby finds herself in the middle of another murder investigation. Two, actually, and neither of them very recent. When Dutch asks her to look into some cases for him, she accidentally gets a hit on one that's already been solved. The only problem is, the wrong guy is doing time. Now Abby's gone undercover in a crooked loan business and it might be more dangerous than a bullet to the chest.I thoroughly enjoy this series. I haven't rated it very high because, quite frankly, the characters never really change, and sometimes the dialogue is pretty terrible. But I love the plot. I look forward to reading every book in this series.Dutch, as always, annoyed me in this book. I find too high handed. He almost never trusts Abby's instincts, which are always dead on ( this book he got a bit better. But just a bit!) Plus he's way overprotective. I really hate that Abby has to lie and avoid telling him anything just so that she can get done what she needs to get done. Granted, it's generally dangerous, but this is Abby we're talking about! She's always made it out far anyway. And besides that, he's the in the bloody FBI! His job is just as dangerous, so he needs to back off.Anyway, despite my misgivings of the love interest in these books, they are pretty awesome, and I definitely plan on reading the rest of the series (in fact, I already own them.)

  • Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)
    2019-05-11 16:56

    Reviewed by [email protected]ting Stars ReviewsCrime Seen begins with Abby living with her boyfriend Dutch while she gets better. Things have been crazy with her for a while now, and she's afraid to get back to her job. However, when a friend of hers moves to town she decides that she may have a new partner now, and go undercover to help solve a case that Dutch asked her to. And one he didn't ask her to do, but she felt compelled to do it anyway. This book was really good. And I think it had a lot of progress between Dutch and Abby. I really enjoyed getting to see them in a different setting, and how they were handling things. I thought this overall plot line was very good, and other than getting annoyed with Abby for some of her issues throughout this one, I think it was a very good addition to the series.

  • Kristine Hansen
    2019-05-13 17:05

    Abby seems to be having trust issues with Dutch in this new adventure which has her scrambling to investigate a cop killer without confiding in anyone except her PI friend and partner. I did like how the author manage to weave together the strands of more than one case, even if it seems awfully lucky that some people were in the right place at the right time. The problem was, this book felt a little bit flat - and Dutch a little too good to be true by the end though it was still fun to read. I guess I'll keep going a bit longer...

  • Steph
    2019-05-15 19:54

    In Crime Seen Abby is staying with Dutch while she recovers from her injuries. He gives her a few case files to look at to see if her "guides" offer any tips or leads he can follow. He and Milo are preparing for the parole hearing for a man who confessed to killing a cop. These two cases become mingled when Abby searches for clues. Not sure if her psychic mojo has been lost or not, she's uneasy about starting back with her clientele. So, to save some money, she offers to share space with her friend, and sometimes client, Candice who is interested in starting up her own PI business. Together they work on the case while trying not to get themselves killed in the process. This series continues to offer interesting mysteries, however the relationship between Dutch and Abby is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I don't want it to happen. I can see the collision course even if they cannot. There's nothing I can do to stop it, but I cannot stop looking. When these two first met, I was equally smitten. However, Abby continues to keep Dutch at arms length, even as he continues to be overly supportive and appreciative of her abilities. So far, there has been no acceptable explanation for her commitment phobia. She says she loves him, but then in the very next breath treats him terribly. I hope, after the events at the end of this installment, they are finally able to become the strong couple I know they can be. She has an FBI guy at her beck and call, yet she continues to venture on her own after killers. This makes no sense to me, especially considering the costs she's paid for doing so. Candice is tough and can teach Abby a lot about self-defense. Abby will need it if she's going to continue hunting killers on her own.

  • June Ahern
    2019-05-03 12:52

    This was my first read of Victoria Laurie's Abby Cooper mysteries and it was entertaining, cute, fun and had a good crime theme going on. I, like some others, don't read romance novels, but I liked the slip in for Abby's relationship with her boyfriend although he does put up with a lot of her "stuff". She is quirky. She does seem a rather spacey woman to get herself involved with such dangerous villains. Lucky she stays alive during it all. A light spoofy kinda read, I think. Being a psychic myself, I found it interesting to read how she picks up her info and so fast, strong hits right away. I'm sure, and although the author is also a psychic, Ms. Cooper gives artist liberty with psychic impressions that Abby receives. All in all, good characters, good story and will definitely read more of Ms. Laurie's books. I enjoy this series, this installment was definitely not the best one in the series. The Timeless Counselor/A Complete Consumer's Guide to a Psychic Reading

  • Sho
    2019-05-10 16:41

    One of the things I enjoy about this series is that the characters have to live with the consequences. Abby got shot in the last book, so she is still having some problems. Candice her client/friend has moved to town and now she has a professional partner in investigating crimes. There was more mystery/detecting than the previous book. I enjoyed reading about Abby trying out to be a real sleuth going undercover for the first time. I also really liked that Candice is a kickass no-nonsense type gal who takes the more reluctant Abby on adventures. Some parts I felt she was being too pushy, but I think their relationship makes a good contrast. The regular surrounding characters including her sister, Milo and Dave makes appearances, too. I think this series is getting better as it progresses. Good thing there is more to read!

  • Wendy
    2019-04-28 14:52

    Another great Psychic Eye book. In this book Abby is recovering from the gunshot wound that she received in her last book. She is staying with Dutch and is having a hard time trusting her intuitive powers since she feels that they let her down when she got shot. In steps Candice, her PI friend with an offer that Abby just can not refuse, and which helps to get Abby right back into the thick of things. She helps Dutch with a couple of FBI cases while at the same time works behind Dutch's back with Candice on a cold case that both Dutch and Milo are personally involved in, putting herself once more in the middle of some dangerous situations. A great mystery in this book as well Dutch and Abby working on their relationship. As a whole a great read!

  • Tori Centanni
    2019-05-06 17:56

    I have a pet peeve where one half of a couple hates the other's pet and are seen as justified in doing so. So while I love this series of psychic mysteries, and will keep reading, I am 100% annoyed that Dutch gave away his cat(!!!) and got a dog, because Abby hated the cat. Not okay. Sure, he gave the cat to his mom, whom the cat knew, so he didn't just drop it off at a shelter, but seriously. Rennovate your house to build her a closet, man, that's cool. But giving away your cat and swapping him for a puppy? Bah. BAH! Sorry, Virgil. You got shafted, buddy. #TeamVirgil #TeamWayTooOverProtectiveOfFictionalCatsOtherwise, this was a good installment and I'll keep reading. But I will always side-eye that puppy so hard.

  • CupcakeBlonde
    2019-05-21 16:58

    While the storyline of this book was not as good as previous ones, the dynamic between Abby and Dutch and Abby and Candace makes up for any lacking direction. I love Abby and Candace together, working to solve a case. Abby's radar skills and Candace's PI skills work so well together and they manage to solve two old cases in one book! And Abby and Dutch together is so awesome. While they both frustrate each other they definitely love each other and want to be together which is so sweet and fun to read. The ending of this book will lead nicely into the next story where we can discover the next level their relationship takes.

  • Gigi
    2019-05-14 13:59

    This is the 3rd or 4th book of Victoria Laurie's that I've read. I love the fact that the main character is psychic. I love the story lines. And I especially love the character of her boyfriend Dutch. But the main character of Abby Cooper, the psychic, is disgusting. She has such a horrible personality. She is such a whiny bitch it's hard to understand what Dutch sees in her. She's so immature and offensive I just can't read any more of this series. It's really too bad. I don't know why anyone would create such an unlikable lead character. It's a real turn off for me.

  • Crystal Anderson
    2019-05-09 17:05

    2.5. I'm getting tired of Dutch's "sweethot" and a bit tired of the main character's constant lying. She's always like a young kid afraid to tell the truth as she will "get into trouble" with Dutch. Very immature and frustrating. Also, how many times can she land herself in "near-death" situations?! She's like a cat with nine lives. Not feeling this plot so much.

  • Lyndsey
    2019-04-26 14:38

    ***Re-read: January 9, 2016******Re-read: April 9, 2014***

  • Sandra Bašić
    2019-05-12 18:38

    Baš mi je draga ova vidovnjakinja :)

  • Kim Griffin
    2019-05-19 14:59

    This installment of the Psychic Eye mysteries didn't have as much action in it, and I thought the storyline was a little boring. I still enjoyed it, but I liked all of the others better. Maybe I was expecting too much, since I absolutely loved the last book. Overall though, it was still fun and entertaining. I would still heavily recommend this series to anyone who likes cozies. I did really like the ending, and I'm looking forward to what's in store for the next book. Unfortunately, I don't have that one yet, and it will be at least a month down the road before I'm able to get my hands on it, so I guess I'll just have to be patient. 3.5 stars.

  • Chana
    2019-05-01 14:46

    Hottie FBI agent's girlfriend is a psychic. He asks for her impressions on a couple of files, she ends up getting impressions from a file he didn't ask her to look at. Soon she and her PI girlfriend are on the trail of a killer from that file. They end up in dangerous and ludicrous situations, and of course she tells her FBI lover nothing and tries to avoid him but he almost always knows where she is and what she is doing anyway. She acts like an idiot, he is forgiving. She manages to solve the case in a slapstick sort of way. I wanted to like it but it was lame. The only value to reading it would have been entertainment and it wasn't very entertaining.

  • EmmaMay
    2019-05-19 19:37

    And I'm out - whilst I found this series light and kind of frothy. I considered it mostly harmless and mildly amusing. But more as the series progresses I find myself disliking the h, Abby. She can get a bit whiney, overly-obsessive, and for that matter possessive. Her bouts of insecurity when it comes to Dutch, her man, have become tiresome. And there are often major stumbling blocks in the rules of these books that just don't make sense to me - or make me want to scream when the h doesn't see the 'obvious' answer.Was cute, now, has worn out its welcome mat.

  • Christine
    2019-05-01 15:47

    This is a standout book in the Abby Cooper series. I really enjoyed the story and the action. Even the love story between Dutch and Abby was great and believable and reflects the reality of trying to maintain a committed relationship between 2 real world people. Abby is a great character and her newest investigation is so perfectly crafted and exciting.

  • Marvin Smith
    2019-05-05 13:45

    Very good read.I borrowed this book from the library and forgot about it until the library said I had only three days left on the loan. So I started reading it and couldn't put it down until I finished it in two days. That's how much I liked it.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-23 20:07

    Super quick beach read - you won't be smarter for reading this series, but you will know Detroit suburb geography better.

  • Donna Tarver
    2019-05-07 14:55

    This series is a fun, quick read. I really like the characters so I can't wait to see what happens next.

  • Teri
    2019-04-24 15:59

    Soon goodHooked on the psychic eye mysteries. Love each book so ar. I am off to read book 6 in the series....

  • Sherrie
    2019-05-03 20:38

    Abby is an interesting character and so are her psychic friends and she is an enjoyable character. There are some twits but this iis a great read.

  • Kim Bishop
    2019-05-10 13:57

    Abby's story picks up three months after her terrifying ordeal in Colorado. The last case blindsided her when her "guides" didn't warn her about about the impending horrific outcome she was about to face. Healing was a process she never thought would include psychological well-being as well. After three months of living it up with Dutch, her caretaker and lover, she avoids calls like the plague! She finally accepts a call from a long time client and private investigator, only after Dutch refuses to lie to Candace about Abby not "being available."As it turns out, Candace wanted to talk to Abby about sub-leasing her office space because Abby didn't appear to be returning to work any time soon. Boy, was Abby relieved! She wasn't sure if her "intuition" was working or not and was scared to find out just yet. Candace's timing couldn't have been more perfect! To try and jump start Abby off the couch and back into the saddle, Dutch asks Abby if she is up for helping him on three cold cases he has been working on, as he has come to a dead end on all three. Well, hell ya, Abby jumps on it 'cause Dutch has never asked her for help before! Just when Abby has agreed to help, Milo, Dutch's ex-partner, comes by to discuss a parole hearing in which they will be testifying. Curiosity pulling Abby towards them, the men tell their story to her. Milo's old partner before Dutch was murdered 9 years earlier. Lutz, the man imprisoned for the crime, had confessed to the murder and had made a plea deal that made him eligible for parole early.In typical Abby fashion, when she goes to look through the case files Dutch has asked her help on, she is drawn to the ONE that is on Lutz, and not the ones from Dutch. Abby, "But that was the one screaming at me!". Uh huh, sure Abby...Abby gets herself in the middle of a pretty scary situation when she gets involved in the Lutz case which isn't even suppose to be a "case," and she drags Candace into it! Thank god Candace is a kick-ass, in-shape force to be reckoned with,who also carries a gun! Of course, Abby is keeping all this detective work on the Lutz case from Dutch and Milo, but watching her lie, very badly at that, about what she's doing and where she is all the time to Dutch is hilarious! Abby is such a bad liar, and everyone knows it, but she does it anyway which makes it even funnier! The fact that Dutch is putting up with her shenanigans is pretty surprising, but also knowing how Abby is, he should be terrified.I totally related to Abby's story in this book on a personal level. For one, Dutch's cat Virgil. Ugh, I just don't do cats, and they know it. The pure irritation that Abby was experiencing with Virgil was understanding, but Dutch kept smirking and making it sound unintentional and harmless which made him come across as an ASS. I mean, do you think it's funny to have your purse shit on by a cat, or your side of the bed covered in cat piss, or your clothes vomited on? Ok, maybe if you haven't had such experiences with cats, and it is just a book, then ya, BUT, if you HAVE had awful experiences with someone else's cat(s), and you know what I'm talking about, then the answer is NO. Dogs rule cats drool.... na na nana na! Two; her hesitation to go back to work because she thought her gift failed her. Another real life experience for me that had me feeling deep empathy for Abby, and in this case Milo as well. Milo is such a teddy bear, and I love him :) The new work relationship that was introduced with Candace was pretty awesome! They worked well together, almost like Abby and Theresa had before Theresa moved to California. I hope we continue to see more of Candace working with Abby because I absolutely loved them as partners! You will not believe, or maybe you will, the trouble Abby winds up in this time, and it will keep you on your toes 'til the end.Narrator Review: Elizabeth Michaels continues to do a great job reading Abby's story. As each book goes by, she seems very in-tune with the characters and never misses a beat with the right punctuations. Keep up the good work!

  • Sandie Herron
    2019-05-09 20:50

    Psychic Abby Cooper is having a hard time recovering from a point blank gunshot to her chest. First she must recover from the actual wound, for which her doctor prescribes rest with lots of sleeping for at least a month. Then slowly she can resume normal activities such as dressing herself, cooking, walking the dog, etc. The couch is too comfy and the dog too easy to cuddle and Abby just doesn’t feel like getting all the way better because that would be resuming her work schedule doing psychic readings for clients. After three months without a single reading, Abby is fearful that she can even do the job any more, let alone for a client list that’s gone cold.For her recovery period, Abby moved into her boyfriend Dutch’s home. He works for the FBI and begins bringing home a few files, telling Abby he sure could use her kind of help. He’s respectful when he says that; he is a true believer in Abby’s abilities, not everyone’s reaction to the knowledge of those psychic abilities. “Dutch” has begun calling Abby “Edgar” after the man who “invented” psychic abilities, or perhaps I really should say he’s the man who put psychic abilities on the map. It’s an affectionate nickname. Dutch is using it more and more to prod Abby off the couch and because he is constantly amazed at her true abilities.While Dutch is working one day, Abby picks up one of those files he’s casually brought home. She’s drawn into the case since it involves Dutch’s partner Milo and the death of his former partner. In addition, Abby’s best girlfriend, her “BFF” who is a private eye, decides to move to an office. Since they get along so well and work behind the scenes so well, they decide to share office space. Abby has her office, her reading room, and Candace has her own office. Now Abby has a new place to go to spend her days, all the more reason to recover from that gunshot.Each of the characters grows in this book. Abby returns to a healthier life, Dutch has shared his work with Abby, Milo is finally getting justice on behalf of his former partner, Candace has found a home for her daily grind, and even the dogs are making friends. All this doesn’t mean there aren’t perils to face. Put Abby and Candace together and you’ve got trouble. Candace believes that Milo’s former partner is innocent, and now the man caught is up for parole, a situation that brings everyone’s working eyes to the same places.Abby takes this opportunity to describe her intuitive process, how she connects to her spirit guides, how her “crew” assist her, what she does to prepare for a reading, and fascinating information that helps the reader understand her process, especially as doubts plague her while she recovers. I thought the audio version of this book was an excellent addition to the Psychic Eye series. The narration was well done, and her descriptions felt so much more personal and one-on-one. Don’t miss this turning point for Abby’s living crew of friends.

  • ♥Jamie
    2019-05-19 18:47

    Crime Seen is the fifth book in the Psychic Eye series, chronicling the life and times of professional psychic, Abby Cooper. I advise reading from the beginning of the series as each book's story line occurs after the events of the previous book. Note: review may contain spoilers from last book.Summary:Abby is having a difficult time recovering from a gunshot wound to the chest, gotten on her last case. After spending the last three months holed up with Dutch, Abby is getting physically stronger every day, but her mental health is still in question. Or at least it is by Abby. Abby can't seem to get over the fact that she didn't see the danger coming. Her abilities had never let her down until that dire moment, and she almost died when they did. Abby struggles with returning to her clients thinking that she will fail to connect to her spirit guides, so she plans to ease back. Unfortunately for Abby, everyone is extremely concerned about her and her delay at returning to work. With everyone breathing down her neck, Abby slowly starts working her way back into her old life. Dutch, her very sexy FBI boyfriend, decides to help her along by having her "tune in" on a few of the cases he's working. Not being able to say no, Abby agrees. As her intuition comes back with a bang, Abby is drawn to a case Dutch had no intention of her looking into. Before she can think, Abby finds herself undercover, running from Hummers-turned-battering rams, protecting vulnerable pregnant women, dodging her too perceptive boyfriend, and waging war against a feline. With her intuition working overtime, can Abby, with the help of a few others, unravel the twisted criminal trail before danger once again blindsides her?I adore Abby. She is funny, smart, a bit sassy, and uber talented. My favorite parts are when she's trying to get herself out of a situation with Dutch. I love the progression of their relationship, too. I'm a romance girl and with my second favorite, mystery, thrown in, I'm in heaven. I especially love them together after what happened in book 4. The story line was easily read, but not easily figured out. I was still trying to figure it out when Abby got her Eureka! moment. Lol. The paranormal aspect isn't so far fetched. I like that the author still makes Abby work for clues to make her visions clearer. Over all, a great addition to the series, but with a couple of unanswered questions about a couple of the cases Abby helped Dutch with. Can't wait to read on! <3

  • Drebbles
    2019-04-30 12:49

    Professional psychic Abby Cooper has been recovering from her near fatal shooting by staying at the house of her boyfriend, FBI agent Dutch Rivers. Abby's body is healing, but she is reluctant to go back to work as a psychic because she questions why she didn't foresee that she would be shot. To help Abby in her recovery, Dutch asks her to help him solve a couple of his cases using her psychic powers. Abby agrees and finds that it's just the medicine she needs. But she accidentally comes across a case involving a cop killer and her intuition tells her the wrong man is in jail. Abby realizes that even though Dutch won't like it, she has to clear the wronged man's name and find the real killer. But Abby's persistence will lead her into real danger, once again."Crime Seen" is another great entry in Victoria Laurie's Psychic Eye mystery series. Abby is a great character and Laurie (a psychic herself) does a good job of showing how the psychic mind works. I love the description of her spirit guides. Abby has grown as a character throughout the course of the books and her struggle to decide whether or not to go back to work as a psychic because she is afraid she'll fail is very realistically done. Laurie's decision to have Abby set up a partnership with PI Candice is a good one and will no doubt open up many plot lines in future books. It's also good to see Abby have a local female friend since her friend Theresa moved to California. Abby's relationship with Dutch is also well written and their living together adds another dimension to that relationship. Their relationship is very real, especially when Abby keeps secrets from Dutch because she knows he'll worry and her struggle to be in a relationship yet remaining independent is very realistic. There's also a good deal of humor in the relationship, especially when Abby gives Dutch a haircut. The mystery aspects of this book are a bit different, since Abby is trying to solve a case that happened in the past and is considered closed. Because of that, there's not a lot of suspects and the identity of the killer isn't really a surprise, although there is a neat little twist at the end of the book."Crime Seen" is another great mystery by Victoria Laurie.

  • Laura
    2019-04-24 15:41

    What Is It About:Considering it's the fifth book, I needn't introduce Abby so I'll just skip straight through to the plot. Milo's old partner was killed in the line of duty and his killer is going to be up for parole. Abby accidentally reads into the file and learns that the guy didn't actually do it. He's the fall guy for a big criminal that is known for the police but none of his crimes stick. Abby bring Candice on board so that they can investigate him without Dutch and Milo getting involved. The investigation expands to Abby going undercover, murder and a link to an old murder that Dutch asks Abby for help.What I Liked and Didn't:I'm beginning to feel as though Abby is just plain stupid, but stupid in a way that she thinks everyone else is stupid. She uses her own identity, doesn't lie but somehow manages to get away with being undercover. It's just become too easy because it happens in every single book and she doesn't get caught until she snoops a bit too much.Plot-wise, it was an okay plot. You know the majority of the plot as it is except for just how bad a guy the major criminal is (big shock) and who exactly pulled the trigger which was kind of a meh reveal. I wasn't expecting who is was but that's because there were no hints whatsoever that it was him, not even a minor hint. One thing that I hate is that Miss Laurie doesn't really get the hang of foreshadowing. She just puts at the end of each chapter a little "but I didn't know how wrong I'd be" and it really annoys me. I get it at the start of the book but it's annoying the full way through.Final Thoughts:It's just kind of meh right now. I've read the entire series and I remember that I like it considering that I've kept them but maybe my opinions have changed because I'm getting a bit more annoyed at certain areas of the book.Would I recommend this? If this was the first book in the series, I'd say no. But it does get better...maybe... from what I remember.Will I carrying on the series? Yeah but I'm becoming more and more sceptical about how much I'll enjoy it compared to what I remember.

  • Ana T.
    2019-05-18 12:40

    Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye, is having a hard time getting over a gunshot wound from her last case-especially because she didn't see the shots coming. Out of work and second-guessing her abilities, she tries to get back in the saddle by helping her boyfriend Dutch with some of his FBI cases. And soon enough, her intuition returns-with a vengeance. I didn't have Killer Insight so I decided to jump right to the next book Crime Seen thinking maybe it could be read as a stand alone. It was a mistake, I was throughly confused in the first few chapters trying to figure out what had happened to Abby as she is recuperating from some events from the previous book.I really enjoyed the fact that this time Dutch actually asks for Abby's help to solve a few cases. And she decides to lend him a hand but soon also her friend Candice is asking for her help in a murder case Dutch and his friend Milo have worked on so she spends part of the story trying to evade Dutch's suspicions. I think what I liked more is how Abby "tunes in" and receives information from her "crew" regarding the several cases she is involved in and the people she comes across with.There seems to be a lot of clues and leads appearing but in the end it does make sense and she does tie everything up. Maybe because she was a more sympathetic person I was more interested in Bree's mom's mystery (secondary case) than in Lutz (main case), and because of that it wasn't the page turner that these books usully are for me. I was also very curious about the 2 photos that are mentioned as being a part of a case Dutch is investigating but we don't an answer to that particular case. Besides the interaction between Abby and Dutch (and their respective pets) I also enjoyed the friendship between Abby and Candice and it seems to me there might be more cases fo these 2 in the future.It was nice and enjoyable but do read the series in order or you'll be as confused as I was.Grade: B-

  • Andrea
    2019-05-10 13:59

    So far I've really liked this series. The characters are relatable and the mysteries keep me guessing. This one has to be my least favorite. Previously, Laurie established Abby as a strong independent woman who can take care of herself. But in Crime Seen, Abby becomes a caricature. Abby must now answer to Dutch simply because he is her boyfriend. And it's really irritating me. She allows herself to be treated like a child and this whole Lucy-Ricky dynamic is very 1950s.[return][return]Abby is becoming more like a disobedient child getting chastised by her keeper. And she behaves as if he has a right to chastise her. Additionally, she keeps making really stupid decisions that she could avoid easily. Laurie has the ability to drive a plot forward without having to force Abby to be dumb, but she did not employ this ability in this installment of the series. Abby is bumbling. And infantile. I imagine she was aiming for endearing, but it strikes me more as ... irritating. [return][return]I guess I will continue the series with the hope that the next books will course correct and Abby will reclaim her power. I liked Dutch before Crime Seen and hopefully Laurie changes their relationship dynamic. We'll see.