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A royal wedding. A meddlesome mother. An unexpected union.A European getaway during the Christmas holiday is exactly what veterinarian Katrina “Kat” Parsons needs. She can’t wait to be a bridesmaid in her childhood friend’s royal wedding, but she hopes to steer clear of the bride’s arrogant older brother.Crown Prince Guillaume wants his younger sister’s wedding day to be pA royal wedding. A meddlesome mother. An unexpected union.A European getaway during the Christmas holiday is exactly what veterinarian Katrina “Kat” Parsons needs. She can’t wait to be a bridesmaid in her childhood friend’s royal wedding, but she hopes to steer clear of the bride’s arrogant older brother.Crown Prince Guillaume wants his younger sister’s wedding day to be perfect, but he’s suspicious of Kat. He and his mother on are on high alert, afraid Kat is not just there for the wedding, but also to find a prince of her own.But when Kat’s kindness and generosity prove them wrong, the prince realizes there’s more to her than he ever imagined. Can he trust his heart or will he lose the one woman he can’t live without?...

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  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    2019-02-19 14:22

    Christmas at the Castle is book three in the Ever After series by Melissa McClone.Katrina “Kat” Parsons grew up knowing that she was not important to her parents. They dumped her off at her Grandparents house when she was a little girl in order to pursue their research in Africa where they eventually died. Her Grandparents loved her and provided her with a wonderful home but they still couldn’t fill the void left by her parents.Kat first met her best friend, Sophie when they were just little girls at summer camp. They were fast friends and inseparable. She couldn’t say the same for Sophie’s older brother Gill. He seemed to dislike her from the start. As the years past, Kat and Sophie’s friendship grew stronger and it seemed Gill’s feelings towards her did the same. It took Sophie a very long time to finally admit to Kat that she and her brother were royalty. They lived in a country called Alistonia. Their parents were the King and Queen of Alistonia.Now, fifteen years later, Kat has finally achieved her dream of becoming a veterinarian. She has mountains of student loans but loves what she is doing. Her grandparents have passed away and she is alone. Her best friend, Sophie, is getting married, and Kat is to be her bridesmaid. So she is traveling abroad for the first time to be the perfect bridesmaid to her friend. Crown Prince Guillaume or Gill, always thought Kat was a bad influence on his sister. He can’t believe she will be here in the castle for two long weeks. He wonders what Kat’s end game really is. Maybe she is looking to snag herself a royal husband to pay off all those student loans. Well, it certainly wouldn’t be him. Gill is next in line to the throne. When he chooses a wife, his mother will retire and he will take the throne. His mother would have to approve his choice of a wife.“Maybe there was more to Prince Annoying than she was giving him credit for. Dare she find out?”As Gill and Kat spend time together, they finally begin to see each other as they really are and bonds begin to form. I small kiss under the mistletoe changes everything. But Gill’s mother is determined to keep these two apart. To say she is a meddling mother/queen would definitely be an understatement. Gill and Kat do still manage to find time to spend together, though, and feelings of respect and maybe even love develop.I admit, I love a good royal romance. That girly girl in me that dreamed of prince charming and poufy ball gowns wakes up and smiles. This book definitely filled all those fantasies. This is just one of those books that takes you to your happy place and leaves you with a smile. Kat might have had a stethoscope instead of glass slippers but she got her Cinderella moment. You’ll have to read the book to see if she gets her prince charming.

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    2019-03-07 11:20

    Kindle freebie romance time again: Here we have a slightly Cinderella-ish plot about a female veterinarian, Kat Parsons, who is the longtime American BFF of Sophie, a princess of a small (made-up) European country. Princess Sophie has a hot older brother, the crown prince, who views Kat with deep suspicion, because she must be trying to get her claws into some hapless royal guy. And a mother, the queen of their country, who does NOT want her children marrying anyone but the bluest of bluebloods. Which Kat definitely is not, but she is a dedicated friend and great vet.Plus Christmas!! *throws tinsel in air* There's lots of silliness here that I may or may not decide to probably won't take the time to pick apart (like lots of completely baseless suspicion of Kat's motives on the prince's side, purely to increase the drama factor), and an improbable plot that will require a rock-hard commitment to suspending disbelief. But if this type of fluffy romance is your brain candy of choice, grab it while it's free! It's cute and fun and delivers fairly well on the romantic feelz. This is one of those series where there are some secondary characters milling around who have been in the prior books, but it works fine as a stand-alone read.

  • Cait • A Page with a View
    2019-02-23 09:39

    This felt kind of like a Hallmark movie, except a bit cheesier (and not in the good way). The romance also flipped from hate to love super abruptly and I wasn't that into it. Buuuut it was still fun because:1) CHRISTMAS2) a prince3) a fictional European country + American girl who busts in there with her tacky ways. Sometimes I love cliche plots. The book definitely could have used some editing, but the writing was still easy to get through. Basically, it's just a light, fluffy holiday read if you need something to do for a couple hours!

  • Melindam
    2019-02-18 12:42

    A solid 3 stars for this modern Cinderella-story Of course, you have to suspend your disbelief entirely for the story to work - don't even give it a go otherwise! -but overall it is a pleasant, clean, entertaining Christmas romance with all the necessary tropes of a Cinderella-goes-to-the-ball-at-Christmas story. So if you like fluffy love-stories with a royal prince, a commoner Cinderella, castles, Christmas, jealous future-mother-in-law and love-conquers-all-in-the-end, go for it!

  • Elaine
    2019-02-22 10:32

    Doctor Katrina Parsons grew up on her grandparents ranch, spending her summers at camp. It was at camp that she made friends with Sophia, initially not realising that Sophia's parents were the sovereigns and rulers of a small European country and Sophia is a princess! The two became firm friends, keeping in touch over the years with Sophia coming to stay with Kat and her grandparents sometimes, too. Kat, however, has always declined invitations to visit Sophia - until now.The big change now is that Sophia is getting married and wants her BFF to be one of her bridesmaids. The main drawback is the Sophia's family believe that Kat has been a disruptive and bad influence on Sophia, even though she hasn't really - Sophia just blamed her when she wanted to go against her family's wishes. Sophia's older brother, Gill, is now the Crown Prince and he's never really forgiven Kat for injuring him - accidentally - and for being so friendly with Sophia. With the Queen and her royal mother in law to be at loggerheads over the wedding,Sophia is really anticipating Kat being a calming influence on the stubborn women. However, she's also planning on trying to act as matchmaker,, bringing together Kat and her brother in law to be, Jamie, since she's given up on trying to get Kat and Gill to be friends. There a some great characters, including Max, and some drama that may bring a tear to your eye - it did mine! As the Queen and Gill both think Kat is out to ensnare some rich Royal to marry her and Kat has no such pans, get ready for a right Royal romance and Christmas wedding is this delightful read that I have no hesitation in recommending!I was gifted a copy of this via NetGalley.

  • J. W. Garrett
    2019-03-20 08:35

    “Like most girls, I fantasized about being some sort of a princess.” Julie Andrews Book 1: The Honeymoon PrizeBook 2: The Cinderella PrincessBook 3: Christmas at the CastleBook 3 in the Ever After series: This was a free offering through Amazon and was a feel good, HEA, story that was clean and easy to read. It does well as a stand-a-lone. I had not read the other books and I did not even notice I was reading it out of sequence. The crossover with the characters from the previous stories was smooth and seamless. It was really well done.In the prologue, we have three children meeting for the first time at Summer Camp and forging what was to become a lifelong friendship. Well with the two girls anyway, as the older brother of one of them was too cool to be bothered with girls. The brother and sister, Gill and Sophia were visiting from Europe and Kat, short for Katrina, was an American.Fast forward several years and Dr. Kat Parsons is working at a veterinarian clinic as part of a work agreement toward student loan forgiveness. We also learn that Sophia and Gill are royalty and Sophia has asked Kat to be one of her bridesmaids. In a royal wedding, a Princess does not have a maid of honor. Her brother Gill is the Crown Prince and their mother Queen Louise is very much a part of their lives. Mother-of-the-bride and all, the Queen is driving her daughter to distraction. Gill and his mother are very suspicious of Kat and her American ways. They think she has too much influence over Sophia and attempt to keep her in her place. The Queen is horrid and treats Kat with arrogance and disdain. Poor Kat tries so hard to be good in their presence for Sophia’s sake. The story is predictable in that we have Mama’s interference, Gill’s suspicious mind, and fighting his attraction to Kat, while Kat does a bit of avoidance herself. The star of the show has to be Gill’s dog Max, and as the hero, adds the comedic relief. He was a sweetie and everyone loved Max. Well, nearly everyone. The following quote will make sense when you read the story. I could have left off the second sentence, but then it wouldn’t have made sense. “I feel like a princess with a knife. I’ve wanted to be an Iron Chef forever.” Alex Guarnaschelli

  • Kirsten
    2019-02-18 13:43

    I love a nice bit of romantic fluff at times, and this is that with the added benefit of it being at Christmastime. An anonymous European monarchy, an American veterinarian, a lovelorn dog, and a yuletide wedding of the hero's sister (who is also the heroine's BFF). Some lovely ingredients for a chilly December night with a dog at your feet and a cup of hot apple cider by your side.

  • Maria Dimitrova
    2019-02-18 08:35

    This reminded me strongly of The Princess Diaries. And once that happened I knew I'll end up liking it no matter what actually happens plot-wise. Besides I needed a HEA story :) The male lead is an ass during most of the book but I could understand why he would think the worst of people. I actually felt bad for the poor prince. Kat - the female lead - is adorable and easy to root for :) So if you're looking for a light, fluffy Christmas read don't hesitate to pick Christmas at the Castle.

  • Anna Kander
    2019-02-19 14:24

    Quick read. I enjoyed it! The heroine's a little older (late 20s) than she looks on the cover, which is lovely.

  • Carla
    2019-02-25 13:39

    **I received a free copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**Every summer, Katrina Parson would spend her days at summer camp, which is where she met her best friend Sophie and her annoying brother Gill. Since Sophie was from another country, the girls weren't able to see each other the rest of the year, but still kept in touch and shared everything about their lives with each other. And, after Sophie tells Kat her secret, she finds it really hard to believe it at first, since Sophie is a princess from a faraway land that Kat knows nothing about.But being a princess isn't really all rainbows and butterflies, Sophie has a hard time being able to live her life the way she wants to, so she and Kat made a deal: every time the princess wanted to go against her family's wishes, she could blame it all on her American friend, Kat.Now, several years after they met at summer camp, the princess is getting married and wishes for her best friend to be her bridesmaid, so Kat gets on a plane and leaves her country for the first time, to attend a royal wedding, nonetheless.Already there, Kat struggles trying to find a way to make Gill and his mother, the Queen, like her, and she finds it really hard to do so, since Sophie has always blamed her crazy ideas on her and nobody but them knew the truth.I really liked Sophie's and Kat's friendship, they were adorable and always stood up for each other, well, if we forget about the whole thing about Sophie blaming everything on Kat, that really got me all worried and made me want to slap Gill and the Queen, because they were incredibly rude. And I know, I know they didn't know the truth, but even so, being rude like that is not nice behavior, just saying.Something I loved about this book is that it tells the story from both Kat's and Gill's POV, that way we also get to know what's going on in Gill's head.And now let's just talk about this guy...I'm not sure how I feel about him, I mean, I already said I felt like smacking him at first for being so rude, but then all those times he mentions his American ex-girlfriend being awful and how he can't trust Kat, because she's obviously awful as well. Come on...It also made me worried to see him do every little thing his mother said. I know she's the Queen and all, but seriously, have some personality, Gill.Even so, things between him and Kat end up great and it's all really sweet, although I think it all happened way too fast, they should relax a little bit, it's the 21st century after all, no need to rush things and think about marriage just yet, even if he needs to get married to rule, it'll happen eventually, you know.And oh God, his dog was adorable! Definitely a great touch to it all, I loved reading about little Max.A very cute book to curl up with during Christmas time :)More reviews on my blog: Lipstick and Mocha

  • Bette Hansen
    2019-02-25 10:40

    Katrina “Kat” Parsons and Sophie von Strausser have been best friends since meeting at summer camp years ago. Of course at the time Kat had no idea that Sophie was a real live princess. Now Sophie is getting married during the holiday season and Kat will be spending Christmas in Alistonia, in a castle of all places. This vacation would be wonderful if it weren't for Sophie's brother Crown Prince Guillaume. For some reason he doesn't like or trust Kat. He's convinced she is on the prowl for a rich husband while she's at the castle and he won't let any scandal ruin his sisters wedding. So he plans to keep a very close eye on her. The more time he spends with Kat, the more he likes her though and soon fears he may just lose his own heart to the lovely Kat.This is a fantastic story and a book I would recommend to everyone.

  • Christina
    2019-03-14 08:30

    I really enjoyed this modern day romance! Christmas time at a real castle with a real prince? What's not to love?! It was a sweet and fun romance, and if not for a little more suggested innuendo than I'm comfortable with I would have given it a 5 star rating.

  • Coco.V
    2019-02-19 09:20

    💝 FREE on Amazon today (11/26/2017)! 💝

  • Curly Carla Celebrity Readers
    2019-03-06 12:19 really liked this story. It was cute and xmassy. It had a slow simmer to the romance. If I’m being honest it was pretty vanilla as far as chemistry is concerned. Their attraction wasn’t physical so much as emotional and they became friends first. Which is fine except the length of time it took for their friendship to blossom took far longer than I wanted. It held my attention just enough for me to keep reading though.I loved Guillaume. He was broody yet compassionate. He was abrupt but held a softness for his sister that he didn’t hide. He was very family oriented and protective, a trait which is very attractive to me. He seemed to always be surprising me with his hardness and softness, I never really knew which side was coming out to play. I really liked that about him. And his growth was awesome! His edges smoothed out the more he felt for Kat until he realized that she was it.Kat was a nice character but she didn’t stand out as much as I thought she should have. Usually the female leads holds more of my attention but this time around she was kinda blah. But Guillaume made up for her lack of character-ness. 🙂

  • Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower)
    2019-02-22 14:43

    This is a sweet (and clean!) romance with a fairy-tale castle, a handsome prince, an evil queen (ok… not evil…just annoying), some mistletoe, and characters you’ll embrace as friends.Kat is delightful and relatable; her loyalty as a friend combined with the “realness” of her goals and dreams and her love for animals make her a great main character. And Gill … *blissful sigh*. While he is Prince Annoying early on, his Prince Charming alter ego more than makes up for it later on. Gill with his dog Max? I melt. Gill making use of the mistletoe? I love Sophie’s and Kat’s friendship. Its longevity (they met at summer camp as tweens), the way it’s survived distance and culture and status (Sophie is the princess of Alistonia, Kat is an American veterinarian), and the way they watch out for each other.Christmas at the Castle by Melissa McClone has it all – a charming holiday setting, delightful characters, toe-curling kisses, and of course its very own Prince Charming. A sweet story that entertains and uplifts, it’s the perfect choice for a cozy evening in with a fire and a cup of hot chocolate.(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.)See my full review at Reading is My SuperPower

  • Isha Coleman
    2019-03-08 11:26

    Christmas at the Castle is a fantasy come to life. Kat and Gill's story is a classic in the making. Ms. Mcclone presented these characters in a way that gave an almost ethereal quality to their romance. Kat was magic with her big heart and affinity for animals. Selflessness is an amazing quality to have and she exuded it perfectly. Gill was not a bad person but past hurts made him wary. He was a protector of those that mattered to him and he hid his heart behind mistrust and pain. Kat was his beacon in a storm. If only he would heed his heart and open his mind. Christmas at the Castle emits creativity in a way that allows the characters to come alive and welcome readers into a world of enchantment.

  • Kelsey
    2019-03-10 12:33

    I didn't know this was a series. I literally just found out. Oops. But, it can be read as a standalone. I had no problems with that. Guilty pleasure #5, books with a royal romance in it. I don't read romance books quite often, but this one was cute and fluffy. I really enjoyed it, and the characters even more. I do need to admit that there where quite some parts that could have been more written out. There is this one 'hateful girl' in the book, and she didn't do a lot. That could have been so much more. I was expecting a lot of drama, but there wasn't. Still a really good book!

  • Christa
    2019-03-11 09:31

    This reminded me of a Hallmark Christmas movie. It’s short, sugary sweet, and squeaky clean. The heroines am American who goes to her best friend (a princess) wedding in a small European country. The hero is the older brother and crown prince. It’s predictable but fun. I read it in hopes of getting some holiday spirit but I think I will have to keep searching. I’m just not feeling Christmas this year...

  • Taylor Metcalfe
    2019-03-15 12:40

    I picked this book up for free off of Amazon. It reads exactly like a Hallmark movie. I absolutely loved it. Even though I haven’t read the previous two books it didn’t hinder me. The sweet holiday romance was exactly what I was in the mood for!

  • HappilyEverChapter
    2019-03-18 09:17

    > > Judging a Book by it's Cover < < Breathtaking in its' simple elegance. Cover model could be Ms. McClone's oldest daughter's doppelganger. The synopsis sounds like a nice read and while I normally would not choose a book that is billed under the "Inspirational" category, I've found this author's books to be quite enjoyable in the past and hope to enjoy this one as well.> > Looking Deeper < < Third person POV.Kat initially met Sophie and Gill at summer camp as preteens. Kat and Sophie became instant best friends, while Gill kept a watchful and distrustful eye on his sister's new friend. It's later revealed that Sophie is a real-life princess and her brother, a prince. Fast-forward fifteen years to present day: Sophie's getting married and asked Kat to be in her wedding. Kat had fought hard to work her way through college and earn her veterinary degree, but now had a mountain of debt to pay off, which was negotiated into a contract with the vet clinic she currently worked at. Saving up for a European trip was not easy, but she could not let her best friend down. Ms. McClone painted such a fantastic picture of a small European country with a small, quaint, and charming town not far from the Royals' castle. The staff were heart-warming, the other secondaries ran the spectrum of lovable to deplorable, but it made for a richly diverse and full cast. Gill had his moments where he was not so likable, but his reasoning was fairly sound. Kat was completely enjoyable. I was thoroughly entertained by their interactions and slowly developing relationship. Max was a fun addition to the cast. There were a few conflicts along the way, but all was resolved in the end. Predictability was very low. Their story ended with an epilogue that was solid and satisfying enough, providing the reader with an implied HEA and the prospect of the story continuing on in the background of the next book in the series. This is a clean read and does not go beyond some kissing. It's billed as an "Inspirational" as well, but I found little to no faith-based subplot. I would consider this to be a Clean Holiday Contemporary. Though it is third in the series, I can say without hesitation that this CAN be read on it's own. I've not read the previous two (but now I want to!) and not once did I feel lost or like I was missing something of vital importance. .Rating: [PG-13] ~ Score: 4.3 ~ Stars: 4==========================⭐ ⭐ **** Disclosure of Material: I received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalley and the Author/Publisher with the hope that I will leave my Unbiased Opinion. I was not required to leave a review, positive or otherwise, and my opinions are just that... My Opinions. I am posting this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising". ***** ⭐ ⭐

  • Marsha Spohn
    2019-02-20 09:26

    Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfCombine a fairy tale-ish country, a few wicked folks, a mistrustful, arrogant brother who just happens to be a prince add one innocent woman who is exactly as she appears and you have the makings of a modern day fairy tale.Kat hasn’t had an easy life, still she’s upbeat and devoted to the animals she cares for. Close to drowning in college debt and tied to a contract that ensures that she won’t get out from under that pile of owed money for the foreseeable future, Kat is determined to make the most of the joys she does have. One of those joys has been saving the money to be able to attend her childhood friend’s wedding. Sophie is a real life princess, and while Kat may feel like a fish out of water during this vacation, she’s also determined to enjoy every moment of it in spite of Sophie’s brother being an absolute arrogant jerk around her.Gill intends to watch his sister’s friend like a hawk. Nothing will spoil this day for Sophie, not even a “friend” who is obviously on the lookout for a rich husband among the wedding guests. After all, she is under a pile of debt, what other possible reason could there be for her to be so nice and adorable around everyone. She has to have a hidden agenda, and Gill is going to be right at her side to deny her any possible prize or potential scandal.But what if he’s wrong? What if Kat truly is a kind, caring woman who wants nothing from this trip but to help celebrate her friend’s wedding? What if he’s been putting roadblocks in his own happy ever after?Christmas At The Castle is a charming, Christmas fantasy come true. I enjoyed Kat and Gill’s romance very much, even when it was quite rocky because of one man’s past. Sometimes what you see on the surface goes all the way to a person’s core, and Gill had to discover that truth about Kat before he could allow himself to admit that she was the one for him. Delightful, entertaining with an implied happy ever after but one that I was convinced was happening – this is a fun, thoughtful love story that any Romance reader would enjoy.*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this novel. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this story.*

  • Janine
    2019-02-25 10:41

    Once upon a time there was a beautiful veterinarian who would travel to a faraway land to be in her best friend's wedding. While there, she will kiss a frog (aka Prince Annoying) and make him into her very own Prince Charming. A royal wedding. A meddlesome mother. And an unexpected union.Katrina "Kat" and Princess Sophie have been best friends since they met as children and met at camp. So when Sophie asks Kat to be in her wedding, she doesn't think twice even if it means traveling at Christmas time half way around the globe to Alistonia to be there. Crown Prince Guillaume "Gill" did not expect Kat to be there for Sophie's wedding. Sophie kept Kat's participation in the wedding a secret as she knew Gill would manage to intercept with her plans if he knew. Gill and his mother, the queen, are suspicious of Kat and keep a close eye on her. The queen thinks Kat is out to snag a royal. And Gill is her target. But as Gill gets to know who Kat really is, he starts to soften a bit around her. Will it be enough for Gill realize Kat really is a good person and possibly the right woman for him? Christmas is a time of magic and miracles and what you least expect can happen in the blink of an eye. From the beginning of the book you get the feel for Kat and how hard working she is when she is awakened by a co-worker after falling asleep in the barn. She doesn't take time off for much of anything, especially dating. She is down to earth and a good girl who will do anything for animals and her friends. I enjoyed the glitz and glamour, along with the drama, of the wedding planning and seeing Kat and Gill become friends and eventually have their first life changing kiss. I had a laugh when Jamie, Sophie's future brother-in-law, was making passes at Kat and Gill would start to get jealous. The scene at the museum and the way Kat handled them both was priceless. The puppy part of the story was a sweet addition too. I really enjoyed the festive feel of this book. I'm putting it down as my favorite Christmas book so far this year. It's a story that I could easily visualize while reading it. It would make a perfect Hallmark TV movie one day too if the Hallmark people ever got word of it.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  • Gina Cihacz
    2019-03-15 07:39

    I received this ARC book free for a voluntary honest review. Wonderful book full of the wonder and magic of the holiday season. Kat, and American meets her BFF Sophie and her BFF's Brother Gill at camp one summer later finding out that her BFF is a princess and her brother, a prince. Gill believing he was the backup prince had dreams, until his older brother stepped down and Gil was faced with his life now being shaped into being King. A Christmas wedding brings Gill and Kat together again. Will the magic of Christmas help bring the gift of love?

  • Jackie (Jackie's Book World)
    2019-02-24 11:39

    ***Review can also be found at Jackie's Book World.***Christmas at the Castle was such a great holiday read that will leave you wanting for more. From the beautiful cover to the intriguing synopsis, McClone delivers a perfect story just in time for Christmas. When Katrina “Kat” Parsons is sent to camp as a teen she never imagined just how her life was going to change after meeting two siblings who turned out to be royalty. Now years later, she is working as a veterinarian when she gets the call that her best friend (Sophie) is getting married and she wants Kat to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. After talking back and forth about the country where her friends are from, Kat is excited to finally get to see their home. But she knows that Sophie’s brother, Guillaume has never really liked her and staying away from him might just be good for the both of them. Kat wants to make sure that Sophie’s day does not get ruined and if she has to put up with people that do not like her she is going to do that for her best friend. After being ignored by her parents growing up, Kat has had a rough time connecting to a family even though she was loved by her grandparents, it never really felt the same. It is when she found a best friend in Sophie that she felt like she gain a sister as well. That can’t be said for Sophie’s older brother Gill, as from the moment they met he put a distance between them and never really cared to make a connection with her. Now years later, they meet again in his home of Alistonia, a little European country who happens to be ruled by a monarchy. With the wedding approaching, Kat is on a mission to make her friend happy no matter what but things quickly changed the minute Gill starts to show feelings for her.Crown Prince Guillaume has never really liked Kat or taken the time to get to know her. Her ways are too different from theirs and he thinks that she’ll be a bad influence on his sister. When he sees Kat entering his castle for the first time he immediately sees just how much she has changed and he is attracted to her. She still has the same attitude, but there is something about older Kat that he is drawn to and he doesn’t like it at all. He suddenly feels the need to put a distance between her and his sister, before she ruins the wedding. Yet, after spending time together that he starts to develop different feelings towards Kat that could be dangerous for both of them if he is not careful. I loved this story, it had me reading non stop until the very end! I think a lot by now love a good royal romance and this one starts different and that’s what I liked about it the most. It’s evident that Kat and Gill don’t have the best relationship at the beginning and he does everything he can to make sure Kat doesn’t ruin his sister’s wedding. We get to learn more about Kat’s parents and why they left as well as why Gill is so uptight when it comes to his role in the family. He has been through a lot as well and when they’re together everything makes sense and they somehow fit together really well. Their interactions were nothing but sweet and you can see that Gill can be kind and caring, the perfect prince charming. I would highly recommend reading this story, it’s a great holiday read that will leave you swooning for the perfect prince charming especially after reading the ending! :)

  • Carrie
    2019-02-25 15:44

    Katrina Parsons grew up attending a summer camp which is where she met her best friend in life, Sophie and Sophie's annoying brother Gill. Even though the girls led completely different lives away from the camp they kept in touch during the times they weren't together growing up and now as adults Sophie wants her best friend to attend her wedding. Kat never realized that Sophie and Gill actually came from real royalty in the country that they are from. Heading to what she thought would be a hotel Kat finds herself staying in the castle of Sophie's family and not exactly getting a warm welcome from Sophie's mother the queen or from Gill who is now the crown prince. They believe Kat has been the bad American influence on Sophie and has her own agenda for attending, to snag her own prince to wed. But as Gill gets to know Kat he finds himself falling for her after all the years of her just being his sister's annoying friend. Christmas at the Castle is the third book in the Ever After series but it can easily be read as a standalone novel. The story is a really nice fairy tale romance with a regular woman finding herself swept away by the handsome prince with all the obstacles for the couple to overcome as they find themselves falling for one another. This one is definitely a lovely romance story with characters that had a background to build upon. Kat was a strong female with all that she had gone through in her life which is always a favorite of mine. Gill while starting off suspicious grew into a very likable character as he grows into his own position of being the crown prince and dealing with finding his way with what that entailed. Great story with a great setting, would definitely recommend this lovely holiday romance. I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley. For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.wordpress....

  • Lenore Kosinski
    2019-02-24 13:31 received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.Oh dude, this was so refreshing after my last read! I was sucked right into this one, it was everything I wanted in a Christmas book! I honestly think it just hit all my Lenore buttons, you know? I do find “royal” stories to be a bit of a guilty pleasure, and this one was kind of perfect in that way. The thing that I appreciate in royal books is that often times they unglamourize being royalty…it honestly just seems like a pain with so many expectations and rules. And I felt that for both Gill and his little sister Sophie.I really enjoyed both of our characters…I felt like they had a lot of dimension. They were terribly flawed, but that made it satisfying to see them grow throughout the story. And the growth felt well paced and believable. Kat truly was a sweetheart, but you could see how the damage from her childhood pervaded her choices and reactions in adulthood. Her growth was a bit more subtle. Gill, on the other hand, had a pretty rough introduction to the reader. He was abrupt and rude…but you know what? Underneath it all, even at the beginning, I felt glimmers of “more than meets the eye” with him. I was so glad that he didn’t let me down. It was hard to watch him struggle with his upbringing, expectations, and the unavoidable feelings he develops.For the most part I really loved the secondary characters too. Sophie was an interesting BFF to Kat…I did love her, but she seemed a bit more oblivious to Kat’s needs/wants. It almost felt like a bit of an unbalanced friendship, though that was as much Kat’s fault as Sophie’s. I kept wondering if her matchmaking was really to get Gill off his butt and moving, and I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t. Bertrand seemed sweet, and Jamie amused the crap out of me. He was almost over the top, but he rode the line. And I LOVED the staff, particularly Claude, Liv, and Isaac. I would LOVE to see Isaac’s story, I can see there being more to him. I could see tie ins to other books as well with some of the characters, made me a bit curious about them. I might wishlist them.Gill and Sophie’s Mom, the Queen, was the only downside for me. She was downright mean and rude and we didn’t get to *see* the turnaround, so it was a bit unbelievable. She basically went slightly too far over the line to be redeemable enough…I needed more there. And how could she honestly want Gill to marry Rowena?? She was horrible! Surely there were nicer princesses out there.I loved the ending, it was very satisfying. I felt like the romance and developing feelings moved at a believable pace (unlike the previous book I read), and I really felt the chemistry between them. Again, just very satisfying. And in a sidenote, I had to look it up on YouTube, but I finally know how to pronounce Guillaume!

  • marin
    2019-02-26 12:35

    3.5/5 Stars. This was such a fun and cute read. I really enjoyed the Christmas setting and the royal aspect but it felt like the characters were lacking depth and I couldn’t connect with them. The writing was okay, nothing too great. It was just an adorable Christmas read, which was exactly what I wanted and definitely got.

  • Caro
    2019-02-24 11:37

    This was a really great book. I definitely enjoyed the characters. Written well, great personalities, good dialog, some emotions, laughing and huffing, fun, a little aggravation and a good HEA. Good to read during the holiday season. Enjoy

  • Kristen
    2019-03-04 10:28

    This was a cute little Christmas read. Gill really grew on me throughout the book even though at the beginning he was a bit of a beast. The queen was a bit much, but Sophie and Kat were fun characters.Moral Note: Some mild innuendos, but mostly clean.

  • Donna
    2019-03-10 07:40

    4.5Happily ever after... the hard way. Meddling moms, an over protective brother, a flirtatious Marquis, a disappearing dog and kisses in the dungeon. What more can you ask for?