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Life is a game of chess and we have been programming our computers to play it for generations; each time honing the programs to work smarter, faster, with more efficiency and higher accuracy than ever before.A stroke of fate saw two memory cards being swapped. In a military laboratory, the most powerful game of chess ever written was accidentally loaded in to an experimentLife is a game of chess and we have been programming our computers to play it for generations; each time honing the programs to work smarter, faster, with more efficiency and higher accuracy than ever before.A stroke of fate saw two memory cards being swapped. In a military laboratory, the most powerful game of chess ever written was accidentally loaded in to an experimental, highly agile, weaponised robot. From the moment they hit the run command, that robot had only one purpose ... to win the game......

Title : check mate
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ISBN : 26096336
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  • Cass
    2019-03-01 01:51

    My review :In the near future, a chess game is accidentally loaded into an armed military robot. The creation of the story is a little too full of explanations, but after the beginning of the novel, there is action at a steady pace until the very good final.There are quite a number of characters that we can follow very well throughout the story because they are well developed, even the secondary characters. I'm attached to one of them enough to pour my little tear at the time of a turnaround that I did not see it coming at all.Robots, military, action... If you like this, you will enjoy this book.Mon avis :Dans un futur proche, un jeu d’échec est accidentellement chargé dans un robot militaire armé. La mise en place de l’histoire est un peu trop chargée d’explications, mais après ce début de roman, il y a de l’action à un rythme régulier jusqu’au très bon final.Il y a un nombre assez important de personnages que l’on arrive très bien à suivre tout au long de l’histoire car ils sont bien développés, même les personnages secondaires. Je me suis assez attachée pour verser ma petite larme au moment d’un retournement de situation que je n’avais pas vu venir du tout.Robots, militaires, de l’action... Si vous appréciez cela, vous apprécierez ce livre.

  • Michael Reed
    2019-03-16 07:57

    Disclaimer first: I know Michelle through social networking sites, and she was one of the first people to review my book. In the case of Checkmate, I even looked over the first chapter and made some suggestions, and I'm listed in the acknowledgements.Having already read a bit of it, I was keen to see how things panned out, and I can report that it's a fun ride! An accidental swap of memory cards sends a nearly indestructible military combat robot on the loose and the story follows the various attempts by our heroes to destroy it. I happen to know that the author has worked in the technology field, so it's not much of surprise that much of the story involves the world of hi-tech. Rather than going for something profound, this one is a straight techo adventure with comical elements, and it's a quick read. It seems to be equally influenced by films like Short Circuit and 80s-style action movies. Recommended if you like your science fiction action-packed with a few laughs along the way.

  • Jessica
    2019-03-01 03:49

    The company AMARS (American Materials and Robotic Systems) has just introduced it's latest in military robotic warfare, the H.Y.D.R.A. This robot has been built to be the perfect war robot. It is not affected by EMPs, the battery life has a time life of too many years, it's packed with short and long distance missiles, armour piercing rounds, a capture net, gas canisters, tracking beacons, and more. What would happen if this robot some how had a chess program installed in it and the program is controlling it's every move? A game of chess is a battle between two opposing armies. As in a real battle, each side must have a plan and that plan must include the ultimate goal of checkmate. Along the path to that goal there will be many short term plans to reach intermediate goals.This Michelle Knight tells a brilliant story set in the near future. She has created well developed characters, there are quite a lot of them but it is not overwhelming. Lingo used by military personnel is correctly termed, this is hard to find. The robot actions are spot on for the situation and written perfectly. This is a complex story written in a way that makes this easy to follow and understand. The story is packed full of action maintains a steady throughout the entire book. There are humorous parts that made me laugh, shocking parts that made my jaw drop, and some parts even had an emotional impact. I had no idea what so ever how this was going to play out in the end until I got to that point in the book and read it. This is the author's first book in the genre of science fiction. I hope she continues to write more as I would, love to read more. Just thinking about how much research obviously had to be done during the writing of this novel makes me tired. No part of this book could have been written without being extremely thought out. The author really nailed it with this novel, it is an amazing story that keeps you turning the page well past your bedtime.I would easily recommend this to everyone. If you like about science fiction, the military, robotics, war.“In order to improve your game, you must study the endgame before everything else, for whereas the endings can be studied and mastered by themselves, the middle game and the opening must be studied in relation to the endgame”(Jose Raul Capablanca)

  • Maida
    2019-03-20 01:56

    "...his bright white underpants becoming a mushy mixture of brown and yellow, as abject terror gripped his body."Check Mate is a rather short comedy science fiction novel. It is about a military robot. One of the best of the kind in the existence at the time. The story is a chess game, but it is basically a rescue mission. The crew is trying to retrieve the robot who accidentally got a chess program as his main algorithm, so they tried to figure out what it could do, what it would not do. Its armour was supposedly impregnable and it is heavily weaponised. I thought Andy and Gary would be the main characters of the story, but they were just introductory characters, I would say. Still, I think I liked those two the most. The first few chapters were the funniest, definitely. Gary is hazubendo! I could relate to him the most and I wish there was more of him in the novel. Though, the true main characters were probably The Fearless Five and Smith. Smith was responsible for the humour in the after-Andy-and-Gary era.A certain event near the end of the book really shocked me and I hoped it would be proven to be just a misunderstanding or something--unfortunately it was not. I did not expect something like that at all in a book like this.The first few chapters reminded me of The Martian in a way. They had the comedy and the plot structure in common. An unfortunate event happens. Problem needs solved. Problem solved. In a scientific kind of way.I think I enjoyed this quite a bit because I am really interested in computing, robotics and the like, but I would recommend it to all sorts of people, because I do not think the lingo used is too advanced for someone to miss any important story parts. However, I expected more things related to chess and I expected the armour to be truly unaffected by explosives. Then again, once weakened it could not possibly have the identical defensive potency it once had. I guess the turn of events did make sense.

  • Maeghan
    2019-03-07 03:51

    I won this book in a goodreads giveaway (which is the only time I'll actually do a full review) and although I was so happy and excited the book fell short for me. This has nothing to do with the writing or the book in itself it's simply that I'm more of a historical fiction type of reader so the sci-fi robots theme was a little confusing for me and I had a really tough time getting through it. I wish I could give a higher star but it just wasn't my kind of book is all. Also, thanks to Michelle for signing the book! That in itself gets and extra star☺️