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Thanks to a philandering father, ad exec Emily Rodgers knows happily ever after doesn’t exist. Relying on a man only leads to heartache. She takes care of herself, and work defines her life. But Emily soon finds herself in the hands of a real-life prince who defines the words charming and sexy. Not to mention reckless. If Prince Lucas doesn’t find a royal bride, Emily’s drThanks to a philandering father, ad exec Emily Rodgers knows happily ever after doesn’t exist. Relying on a man only leads to heartache. She takes care of herself, and work defines her life. But Emily soon finds herself in the hands of a real-life prince who defines the words charming and sexy. Not to mention reckless. If Prince Lucas doesn’t find a royal bride, Emily’s dream of being named a partner at the advertising firm will die.Luc’s fun-loving ways have made him a magnet for scandal. His father gives Luc an ultimatum—find a wife on a reality TV show or be disowned. Rules require him to marry nobility, but after he meets the uptight American sent to find him find a princess bride, his search for Cinderella might be over. Too bad Emily wants nothing to do with him. Perhaps he can show her that fairytale endings can happen in real life…...

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The Cinderella Princess Reviews

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    2019-03-02 06:47

    RATING 4.5 STARSThe Cinderella Princess by Melissa McClone is book one in the Royal Holiday series.Doesn’t every girl dream of meeting her prince charming, getting swept off her feet, having that glass slipper fit her perfectly? Well, not Emily Rodgers. Her father abandoned her and her mother when she was little for another woman. Work is Emily’s life. She is determined to never allow herself to depend on someone else for survival. If she can accomplish this one task for the ad agency she works for, she can get the promotion of partner she has been working towards and sacrificing for for seven years. His Royal Highness Lucas Alexander Leopold Casimic von Rexburg, or Prince Luc, is the youngest of the royal children of the King and Queen of Alvernia. He is known as the wild child. The one that can’t settle down, the one that is always in the tabloids. So his father has given him an ultimatum. He will participate in a reality show to find a wife, a wife who has a royal background, a wife fitting for a royal family. If he doesn’t choose a wife, he will be disowned and cut off. The show isn’t going well, though. There have been no suitable candidates. None of the princesses want a second date. So Emily Rodgers is sent in to save the show and find him a wife.“I have a feeling if anyone can find me a princess bride, it’ll be you, Emily Rodgers.”When Emily first met Prince Luc, he seemed to be everything she imagined him to be from the tabloids. But she should know more than anyone else not to believe everything you read. She soon discovered that Prince Luc was not who she thought he was at all. There was so much more to him. She couldn’t let herself be attracted to him, she has a job to do, find him a princess wife, get her promotion, end of story. But maybe that’s not the way this story is supposed to end.“He’d been searching for a princess, but Cinderella was right here in his arms.”Prince Luc is immediately smitten with Emily. But he is required to marry someone with a royal background. Otherwise he will lose everything. But the attraction is something he can’t ignore. And all it takes is one kiss to know that walking away from Emily Rodgers might not be so easy.“What am I going to do about you?”This was a lovely, sweet story of finding Mr. Right when you least expect it, when you think what you want and need is within your grasp, only to find out that isn’t what you need at all. It’s a story that keeps our dreams alive of finding our own prince charming and fairy tales coming true.

  • Wendy'sThoughts
    2019-03-06 05:47

    3.5 Figuring Out Your Path Stars * * * 1/2This is the first of a combined series of laypeople becoming involved one way or another with Royals. Each is written by different each has a distinctly different flavor. As the first, we have a very ambitious Ad executive stuck working for a company which keeps promising her a partnership... but never delivers. She is now stuck fixing a mess... a Reality TV show of a Prince finding his Royal wife...yup.. like that is actually going to happen.What does happen is a connection between this woman and the Royal... it is at first banter and pushing him to straighten up and fly right... then it blossoms into a real friendship with attraction. She sees the real him... not the persona his family has maintains... that he is a playboy, party boy who has no cares in the world...She sees a man who has a mission to help others and he keeps it hidden for the good of the ones he helps. There are Princesses, dates and possible marriage material...although the real interest is between these two...And what to do when life dictates one thing and the heart wants something unattainableThis was a read which had some very lovely moments and was enjoyed as an escape during my workday... and it took me exactly where I wanted to go.I am off to the next Royal Holiday book... and have a feeling I may start looking around the corner for my own Prince Charming :DDDD My Reviews for this series:The Cinderella Princess Royal Holiday #1 Secret Prince Royal Holiday #2 Defiant Princess - Royal Holiday #3 A gifted copy was provided by Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways

  • Muse-ic ♬
    2019-03-09 07:46

    That was adorable!What a short and sweet perfect Valentine's day read!This is more of a short story than a book. It was literally very fast paced because the author had to squeeze the entire story into 150 pages.Some people complained about the instalove, and it was a bit intsa-lovey, but again, everything had to develop so quickly, so I didn't mind it. It was cute :DI'm a sucker for gentlemen!! Prince Luc may not seem like a gentleman, but it's because he has to hide that part of him. He needs to appear as the reckless partying prince because his family needs him to for some reason, when in reality, his greatest passion is his Dream Big Alvernia foundation. He helps children in need.Seriously, how could you not fall for that??Sexy, gorgeous, and thoughtful? Sign me up!I really would have preferred that this book was a full on longer book. It could have been so much better. But as it was, everything flashed by.This is like a mini Selection and the Bachelor. Prince Luc's parents have given him a two week ultimatum to find a wife, and it was decided it would be done as a reality TV show, run by Emily Rodgers. One problem, though. Emily's job is to find a wife for the man who she seems to be falling for (surprise). And vice versa.I really liked Prince Luc's choice of wife because she was kind-hearted and genuinely caring. (view spoiler)[But I liked his wife even better: Emily! Woohoo! It was a little too convenient that Marie-Therese fell for his widowed brother Leo who has two children, but I was okay because she wanted to have children but couldn't due to her hysterectomy. It was all very fluffy and I was in a fluffy mood so I don't really care that much ^_^(hide spoiler)]Also can we take a moment to appreciate that cover? It's not much, but I love that hairstyle!

  • Didi
    2019-03-06 02:29

    3.5 STARSA sweet story about going after what you truly want, this book was good and of course I liked it because I seem to have a thing for royal romance! It's a short read and easily devoured within a couple hours. I loved seeing how the supposed 'playboy' Prince was actually a kind-hearted man who did just about anything for his family. This is the first in a series with each book completely self contained and written by different authors. If you like royal romance then check this out. I've got the rest of the series on my kindle and can't wait to read them.

  • Alia Ros
    2019-02-28 05:47

    “But since you’re offering, could I please have the other shoe?”AwwwwwwwOMG I am way impressed by this book. I definitely loved how everything turned out, it was a nice short read. I wasn't expecting it to be this good tbh. Love love Luc <3 WHY DO U HVE TO BE SO PERFECT

  • Brittain *The Baddest Female*
    2019-02-21 01:51

    Cute, fluffy, adorable.There's really no need for a full review here. This was a freebie (I think) and kept me entertained for an hour or so. It was a quick read with a fun little plot. There was definitely some insta-love and the prince was a bit ridiculous. Think of this like a Hallmark movie.

  • Dirty Dayna
    2019-02-28 00:57

    4 the shoe fits stars**edit** 4.5 the shoe fits starsI am a sucker for a Cinderella story!!! I don’t know if anyone else is aware but this series (Royal Holiday) is so different. Because each book in the series has a different author! So you never know what you are going to get as far as style (unless you’ve read the individual authors) I rarely ever change my reviews but this book inspired me to collect the next two in the line (of 4) therefore it cant possibly be just a 4. This book is a Cinderella meets the bachelor! Emily is in line for a promotion and if her TV show about Prince Lucas finding a princess and getting married takes off she is going to get promoted. But the Prince makes it difficult dragging his feet and not trying to swoon the princesses/countesses etc . Emily’s goal is to find Prince Luc’s best qualities and make everyone fall in love with him. But Luc has lived as the familys bad child for so long he looks like he wont be the best catch amongst social gossip circles. Emily sets Luc up on many dates but they appear awkward, quiet and not at all romantic. When she asks Luc about them he has such a way with words and her making her dance amongst the garden and kissing her shattering her whole world. Emily learns that Luc has a foundation for children and my heart swelled seeing the kindness and humility that Luc shows the children and even has a little princess. As Emily falls for Luc she realizes she has no chance in marrying Luc because he is royalty and she is the total opposite of royalty.And Emily finds Luc the perfect wife in every way. Princess MariaTherese was what he needed in a wife, what is country needed in a queen and what the people needed. Emily ends up broken hearted, jobless and the last thing that she hears isWould you like a happily ever after with that kiss?

  • Kathy
    2019-03-09 08:49

    <3 Such a fun Cinderella story. Content: no sex, mild language, innuendo & a sketchy scene at the beginning but nothing happens (hungover naked prince).

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-02-24 05:34

    Kitty's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI wasn’t sure how my psyche was going to take reading a true romance story. I have been reading so much paranormal and heavy romances, that I didn’t know how I was going to react to true, unadulterated romance. Well, my heart swelled and I shed a few tears but I made it through this amazing book about true love and Cinderella finding her Prince Charming.First impressions are just wonderful things. And Emily’s first impression of Prince Luc is a hysterical. Hung over, naked and a woman’s voice making its way through his fog filled brain has him wondering just what he did last night and why there was a woman demanding he get up and get dressed. As he rolls over, as he sees the vision in front of him and as he goads this uptight, straight-laced demanding woman, he can’t but wonder what it would take to get her to relax and have fun.Emily is a woman on a mission. It’s up to her to get the Reality TV show back on line after its star, Prince Luc, just disappeared. With no Princesses lined up to date the playboy, bad-assed Prince, she has her work cut out for her. The last thing that she needs is a stubborn, hung-over Prince being defiant and ignorant. Her job is on the line, her promotion is on the line and she will not allow this arrogant man to throw her off course.As the story unfolds and you see just what kind of a man Prince Luc really is and you watch Emily fall in love with him, your heart breaks and a tear slips your eye. She’s not a Princess, she’s not royalty. He will lose his inheritance, his title; he will be disowned by the King if he doesn’t bring home a Princess Bride. She has to find him the perfect woman to stand by his side or he could lose everything that he worked so hard for. All this at the expense of breaking her own heart.OMG, what an ending to this story. So much is revealed about who Emily and Luc really are and why they do what they do. And, I absolutely love strong, empowered woman that stand up for what they want and move forward in life with a purpose. Emily was that and so much more. The book actually took me by surprise with how much I enjoyed it and how entertained it kept me. There were humorous times, loving times and heart-breaking times. The story flowed from one scene to another without any breaks or hiccups. Lake Como and Alvernia were brilliantly described and the characters were brought to life. With references to The Bachelor, a reluctant Prince, an adamant woman and a family that demands obedience, The Cinderella Princess had the perfect recipe for a true to life romance. Review copy provided for an honest review.

  • Christina
    2019-03-16 08:31

    I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Emily doesn't believe in happily ever afters. Not after her mother wasted her life sticking around her cheating father. All she knows is that she can only count on herself to get what she wants in life and what she wants is to become a Partner at her advertising agency. The trip to Alvernia to find a bride for Prince Lucas Alexander Leopold Casimir von Rexburg for a Reality Show will achieve just that. But it's not that simple when her heart is involved! I liked The Cinderella Princess a lot! This was such a sweet, cute and light hearted read. Luc was portrayed as a reckless playboy prince who loved to party and even got himself checked into rehab (according to the media). I liked how all assumptions of Luc were thrown out the window as Emily got to know him better. Dream Big Alvernia was endearing and it made Luc even harder to fall in love with. Emily and Luc were the perfect modern day representation of Cinderella and Prince Charming. I was lost in the Patio scene. It was so romantic! Luc certainly didn't need any of Emily's help to woo a woman. This book would be best enjoyed with chocolates and delicious pastries.

  • ɑƨħŵɑɡ ♥Team Magnus Damora FOREVER♥
    2019-03-12 03:48

    I got this copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI didn't expect to end up loving this book as much as I do now. The more I read about Lucas, the more I see he's actually a decent guy. And even though it was an insta-love thing, but this one was really handled right.I loved the conflict between Emily's promotion and Luc's title being on the line, such big losses for things they hold dearest, him her career and he his foundation. It was such an intricately critical situation they've been put into. And I'm glad they got to know each other before anything big happened.My favorite moment is when (view spoiler)[Emily gave Luc his engagement present which was the video for the people he helped. And I loved how that video made him realize how in love with her he was (hide spoiler)]. Talk about feels <33333This is definitely a very good romantic book with a touch of fairytales.

  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    2019-03-23 01:41

    I read through this book quickly. It was so easy to settle in with. I loved the banter and the sparks between the two MC's. Emily and Luc fall in love while she is trying to find him a royal wife. But she is not a princess and he would have to give up his title and money to marry her. Good stuff, that.While there are no actual sex scenes in this book, there is sexual innuendo, references to sex, and a completely sketchy scene in the beginning where the prince is hung over, naked and flaunting it. There is also mild swearing.

  • Nicole
    2019-02-23 01:30

    Cheesy/Corny, and Cute. I gave this book 4 stars for a few reasons. The writing was cheesy and corny which was cute at times but a little weird at other times. Also the writing seemed okay but in this Ikind of story case, I guess it works. In the beginning too, I found that it felt dragged but towards the end I didn't get that feeling anymore. But I think the reason I felt like it dragged was because I found another book to read while I was reading this book, and I really want to read that too. My head was distracted by that. I definitely would recommend this book to people who like cheesy love story or hallmark movies. I can't wait to read the third book and I hope I get to see this couple appear once in the next book.

  • Jen
    2019-03-10 07:56

    Note: This ARC was provided by Tule Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Emily Rodgers is an ad executive that's been sent to the small European nation of Alvernia for damage control on a reality show entitled The Search for Cinderella. This isn't exactly her field but her boss' wife is the head of the production company behind the show and what her boss' wife wants, she gets, even if that means having her husband's employees pulling double duty. Emily's main reason for agreeing is the dream of finally being made partner, something that's been long postponed by her boss. She's a team player and she'll do her best to fix whatever needs to be fixed...but then she meets Prince Luc.His Royal Highness Lucas Alexander Leopold Casimir von Rexburg is the youngest child in his family, making him neither the heir or the spare, and has been pressured by his father to find a wife. He's agreed to take part in this reality show that lines up royalty, a pre-requisite as far his father is concerned, deemed suitable to be his wife. If he isn't engaged in a few weeks, he'll be stripped of his title and his allowance, something he wouldn't really care about, but the money he receives goes to something far more important than the parties, dalliances, and vices he's been accused of engaging in for far too many years.When Emily first encounters Prince Luc, she's already made up her mind about what kind of person he is, but then realizes just how wrong she is when he shares with her a secret he's been keeping. She encourages him to use that secret to help bolster his reputation and to help bring in more good PR for the show. However, Luc refuses, and Emily complies with his wishes. As she does her job of finding better royalty for Luc to take on dates, they begin to develop feelings for one another. But Emily is a commoner and Luc has always put duty first. Are Emily and what they have worth sacrificing everything Luc has?The Cinderella Princess is the first novella in the Royal Holiday series by Melissa McClone and was a super quick read. It was a sweet read about a no-nonsense workaholic of an ad executive and a charming prince, but both are more than what they seem. The tale of a royal and a commoner is something that's been written about many times over and isn't as foreign as it used to be (i.e. Charles and Diana, William and Kate). The idea of an actual prince agreeing to take part in a search for his royal wife may seem far-fetched but Luc's reasons show him as a sensitive and self-sacrificing type of young man.The pacing was fast and while this wasn't a case of insta-love, the speed in which Luc and Emily fell in love does seem a bit far-fetched. But then, this is a novella and sometimes, things have to go much faster because of the limited number of pages. At least everything didn't develop in just a day or two and the fact that they were together all the time can be considered a factor as well. If you're looking for something short but sweet, The Cinderella Princess would be a good pick. It'll make you want your very own prince to sweep you off your feet, but then who's never wished for that before? ^.^ Four stars! ♥Release Date: 02 April 2015

  • twelvejan [Alexandria]
    2019-03-22 00:59

    5 really, really bias stars!This was me last night...only less pretty.No one died. There was no cliffhanger that could have left me bereft. In fact, it was a HEA. And yet it left me with the waterworks, complete with a nose-full of mucous. Each time Prince Luc did something sweet, like tucking her in and kissing her forehead, or when he surprised her with chocolates, I had wanted to curl up and bawl. Like what the fuck was wrong with me? I'm the epitome of a person with serious mental and emotional issues. It's not even remotely sad, and yet I cried because it was so damn, bloody romantic. I need serious help, and if any of my GR friends a psychologist who could clue me in on this, please help me. In all honesty, this book was read when I'm at my most vulnerable. I didn't even realise I was in that zone, and hence, I attributed it to PMS: Post-Menstrual Syndrome. Having said that, I find that the book has its flaws. A prince at the end of the succession line is likely to be the black sheep of the family because, really, you're the baby of the house and have the very least obligations not bogged down with the responsibilities of one day ruling a nation. But Prince Luc turns out to be a philanthropist and was actually made a scapegoat by the king, his father, to cover up the crown prince who is the actual black sheep. How messed up is that? A king giving an ultimatum to his kindest son and not the freaking crown prince? THE FUCK. And I wish the part when Prince Luc demanded to claim his winnings for the bet he made with Emily could have been made even more romantic and sensual. I mean, a single kiss with no tongue-action that led to nowhere? Come on man! It's a gawddamn goodbye kiss! Oh well.So yeah. The Cinderella Princess is a simple, sweet, uncomplicated love story. I have read many other books that are twice as good as TCP. But this one got a fiver cos it made the otherwise stone-hearted, robotic me actually feel something. Do note that after coming down from yesterday's high, I realised I was being too generous with my ratings. But I can't be bothered to change it. Actual rating: 4.25 stars.Conclusion: The perfect filler book to be read under the covers on a rainy Saturday afternoon

  • Noella
    2019-02-23 07:50

    Emily is a workaholic advertisement executive posted on the job to help turn a reality TV show, The Bachelor-esque style show with the prince as the Bachelor, into a success. Her chance for a promotion to a partner requires having to help Prince Luc with his public image and arranging his dates with various princesses. As she is doing her job, she finds an unexpected side to him that the cameras and the world don't see. I loved how we were taken along for the journey in discovering that Prince Luc was different to what his reputation suggested. I liked Emily, who was a career-driven and goal-orientated woman, a modern Cinderella but with the challenge of status and the corporate ladder replacing the stepmother and stepsisters!The Cinderella Princess was a feel good romantic story complete with a fairytale ending (and I mean literally!).Note: I received a copy via NetGalley to review. This review is my honest opinion.

  • Blodeuedd Finland
    2019-03-02 04:50

    Quiiiiick!Setting: A reality show in a world where there seems to be HUNDREDS of kingdoms and principalities in Europe ;)Lovers. Luc, the playboy who has a heart of gold. Emily, the hard working career woman who will turn this show around.Background. Luc's father is an asshole for making him do that. Poor Luc. HELLO! Wouldn't love make everyone happy?Drama. Oh no, Luc must marry a princess. Will they ever be together.Answer. yes, this is romance.Cute

  • Jessica Alcazar
    2019-03-24 07:43

    Copy provided by the author and by Tule Publishing for an honest review.OH what fun this was to read! Lucas and Emily were absolutely perfect for each other!OK, so Emily has no 'Prince Charming' dreams what so ever in her head. Her father up and took off on her and her mom when she was just a little girl. She doesn't believe in happily ever afters. She has her work and that's all she cares about. It's her companion. It's the only thing she's driven for. She just needs this one promotion to solidify her future. Cue .... our very own Prince! :) Lucas is an actual Prince! But charming would not be the word I would use to describe him LOl He's the wild-child of the family. The troublemaker. The one who just won't settle down. So daddy has to give him an ultimatum! Find a wife of royal decent or lose everything! And HEY ... do it on a reality show! (ok, ya'll can start laughing now because the cuteness has begun!) You would think that every princess out there would be falling at Luc's feet, but no, not so much. None of them want to even contemplate a second date. SO here comes Emily to the rescue. This is the chance of a lifetime that will surely mark Emily's future. The job of all jobs! But I'm pretty sure that falling for Luc is NOT what she had in mind as the save the day campaign LOLThis was an incredibly sweet story. It's about not giving up on your dreams and knowing when your 'present' dreams are not your 'destiny' dreams at all! It's about believing in the power of love!!

  • Rachmi
    2019-03-03 01:45

    ARC was provided by the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for honest review.Let me warn you, this story is so cliché, predictable, so sweet should make my teeth ache (but in this case that didn't happen, thank goodness) and a bit unbelievable with an insta-love. But it worked for me. I was in the mood for sweet romance I think that was why I enjoyed it.Despite the unbelievable thing that usually doesn't work well for me in the first place, a royal family set-up a reality TV show for their youngest son in search for his wife, I really liked the writing and the characters. It flowed smoothly with nice pace. It wasn't too slow or too fast. I think the author did well in keeping her readers glue to the story. I especially liked how Luc and Emily situation reveal at nearly at the end of the page without me being frustrated, though it was so clear for me to guess what will happen with them and with other characters.The characters are lovable, all of them, the main characters and the supporting one. I actually enjoyed reading those princesses who have date with Luc. They are entertaining. As for the main characters, I liked that Luc isn't as people thought he would be. And yet at the same time he doesn't mind with it because he loves his country very much. I can see it in him, while Emily is more serious but also capable of having fun if she allows herself. I liked those personalities in her.All in all, it's a nice sweet predictable romance story. I think this book proved that is not all of predictable stories aren't enjoyable to read.

  • Jessica
    2019-02-23 02:48

    Received through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I have to admit - I am a sucker for sweet romantic stories, especially ones that involve Prince Charming & a happily ever after, so this Cinderella story met & exceeded all my expectations.Prince Luc & Emily were so right for each other all the way along. I especially liked how sweet Luc was with Emily & he broke down all her walls of 'no happily ever after exists'. The scenes with the eclairs, her stuffie & the romantic kiss were probably my favorites.An excellent read!

  • Grace Augustine
    2019-03-17 07:48

    The story of Luc the Prince is quite intriguing. In this delightful romance, Melissa McClone introduces us to the "royalty" way of doing things...only this certain Prince has the reputation of being quite the "bad boy." Emily is sent to his rescue, to find him a wife, to save his inheritance. What takes place next, is all a pure, wonderful fairy tale. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it!

  • Beyond the Pages
    2019-03-11 08:30

    The Cinderella Princess was a playful short that came with a prince, an American commoner, and glass slipper and dreamy carriage as well. This charming story told the tale of a man and woman who found love in the strangest of ways. Clean chemistry and sweet romance guarantee that this book will be a happily ever after hit for the true romantic.

  • Kristen
    2019-03-05 07:38

    Didn't get to far in this, not even a chapter before there was talk of strip clubs, naked women, a the prince in bed drunk telling the main girl character to join him, and her in turn making a lewd comment to him. Not for me.

  • Kayla/Michaela (mindcrazed)
    2019-03-01 08:51

    That was adorable, the ending anyways. Totally in love with Prince Luc!

  • Tiana
    2019-03-09 04:57

    Didn't finish because it wasn't clean enough for me - personal preference.

  • Marjolein Viel
    2019-03-02 00:58

    Very romantic and cute short read.

  • Jackie (Jackie's Book World)
    2019-03-11 03:54

    ***Review to come.*** :D

  • Meem
    2019-03-23 01:59

    I don't know why I read books I know I'm going to hate.

  • Pamellia
    2019-02-27 02:53

    Fun story4 stars is the perfect rating for this story. The h is smart and strong. I liked that the H figured out she was his love before he lost the her. I can't wait for the next story.

  • Carrie
    2019-03-18 06:38

    I really enjoyed this book.The only thing I didn't enjoy was when I would come up to a grammatical error and that would stop me from reading to try to figure out what the author was trying to say.