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MM / Erotic Romance Trenton Leos has always been known to many as the Dominus, the man to go to for the perfect D/s match. However, Trenton and his brothers are about to find out that he and their lifestyle has become the target of a political cleansing. A shady operation with very deep pockets comes to the surface when Trenton is asked to investigate a dark secret that thMM / Erotic Romance Trenton Leos has always been known to many as the Dominus, the man to go to for the perfect D/s match. However, Trenton and his brothers are about to find out that he and their lifestyle has become the target of a political cleansing. A shady operation with very deep pockets comes to the surface when Trenton is asked to investigate a dark secret that threatens the future of Pyotr’s younger brother, Trofim Laszkovi and his lover, Shay Wilks. ~ * ~ Trofim Laszkovi would never forget how right it felt to be in Shay’s Wilks’ arms five years ago. But Shay’s father made it abundantly clear with threats hard to ignore, that Trofim’s family would pay the price if he didn’t stay away from Shay. So with the help of a friend, Trofim made a career move that put him an ocean away from his family— and his heart. Even now, having finally returned home only a year ago to the family he missed, Trofim hadn’t dared allow himself to look in Shay’s direction. ~ * ~ Shay Wilks has done everything he could to keep his father’s plans for him at arm’s length and protect his internship as a doctor from ruin by the same man. All in hopes that the only man Shay has ever loved will one day return to him. Now, five years later, Shay finally has another chance to be with Trofim. If only he can convince Trofim they are better together than apart as well as get out from under his father’s brutal hold in time before Shay loses Trofim again— for good. ...

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taking over trofim Reviews

  • JustJen
    2019-03-08 23:06

    A review by The Blogger Girls.I have pretty much fallen for all of the Laszkovi brothers at this point and was looking forward to Trofim’s story. It’s always nice to see the other characters involved, and with a family like this, that’s sure to happen.Shay and Trofim are reunited here, but there is a whole lot of back story that comes with that. They were initially separated when Shay’s evil father forced them apart by making life hell for Shay and Trofim, as well as Trofim’s family. His father basically stopped at nothing to make sure his point got across that he would not have a gay son. Fearing the safety of himself and his family, Trofim left and dove into his modeling career overseas. He eventually returned, but it was about a year before Shay was able to make his move again.Shay comes across as demanding and selfish at first, but it quickly becomes clear how much he loves Trofim, and vice versa. Shay has been interning at the hospital (underneath Trofim’s brother, Pavle) and with only a few months left before that ends, he feels he will be free and clear of his father and able to fully support himself, even though his father has been withholding money from him. Needless to say, Shay and Trofim decide their love is too strong to give up on, and so they carry on reigniting their passionate relationship as they bide their time.But things don’t go well for them, as you can imagine. Shay’s father doesn’t stay quiet for long before he starts causing problems again. This causes Trofim to seek other help in the form of Dominus Leos. Being back in the club and seeing the guys was one of my favorite parts of this story. Unfortunately, even though they end up playing a big role here, we only get glimpses of them. They end up being more involved in the master plan than expected, with Trenton in the crosshairs and Diesel having some mystery person looking out for him. We never really got closure or even very many details where these things were concerned, and I found I was longing for more of their story. I’ve wanted more of Diesel since day one, and the unsolved mystery surrounding him, as well as things that were hinted at in this story, only solidified that feeling.As for Trofim and Shay? Well, they are really sweet together. I was rooting for them the whole time, wanting to hug and cry over the details of Shay’s abuse from his father and then hug and cry in outrage over Trofim’s later issues. There are some things that were a bit hard to believe which took place in the hospital, but really, the love and caring of the Laszkovi brothers and of Trofim and Shay just shone through.As with the previous books, I really enjoyed this one and cannot wait for the next one. I’m really hoping for more Diesel and possibly Paris, but look forward to wherever this story might lead.

  • Jaycee
    2019-03-12 03:37

    Arc Copy provided by author for honest review; also purchased on Amazon.comThe blurb speaks beautifully to the background and setting of the storyline, so I won't repeat the details therein. Suffice it to say that time and forced distance did not dim the fire or passion of young love, nor did the malicious efforts of a twisted, odious failure of a man and father to one of the heroes.I am surprised, given the degree to which Shay seemed obsessed with regaining this relationship at some point, that Trofim managed to be back in town for almost a year before Shay tracked him down and precipitated a reunion. But a grand reunion it was and in addition to rekindling a relationship that would journey from renewal to maturity in so many ways and on so many levels, it dropped not just the two of them but the entire Laszkovi family into the midst of renewed intrigue and suspense.While the heart of the story was the relationship/romance with/of Shay and Trofim, I also enjoyed how the suspense aspect drew Pyotr back into the limelight as head of the Laszkovi family, but with a support of his own now in place with the presence of Cliff. Pavle, who was instrumental in keeping the lovers separated, became integral in keeping them together. Jovan seems to accept his place in the family through both the efforts of Trofim and the events that befall the family.But the piece de resistance for me, was Trenton Leos. Himself implicated in the deep-rooted and deep-pocketed plot to destroy individuals in the quest for an "ideal" society, Trenton reached deep into his past training and his present resources to protect the Laszkovis, purge the Wilks' and win the battle. But a war can't be won without getting to and cutting out the heart of the predator, and for now at least, that entity remains a mystery.Loved, loved, loved the mystery and suspense that accompanied the relationship in this tale, and hopefully opened the doors for future intrigue. I'm a sucker for a good romantic whodunit, especially one that is self-sustaining.In explanation of the lost star, I must confess to one twinge of personal discomfort with the course of events in the hospital sequence. I understand the dramatic effects of having both Shay and Pavle as intimately involved as they were, but being from the field, these details in books or movies or TV shows have the tendency to pull me right out of the story in those moments. I try to go with the story and the preservation of the level of drama, but the training in me always screams "Nooooo" unrelentingly.I will have another talk with my inner voice and get it to chill the h*** out!Loved this story otherwise, and highly recommend.

  • Love Bytes Reviews
    2019-03-06 00:37

    5 Heart Review by KatAlmost every person I have ever discussed this series with says that “A Place for Cliff” was their hardest book to read so far. And while I agree, it was a gut-wrencher, Taking Over Trofim was the hardest on me personally. I’m going to say it right out…Shay Wilk’s father Benjamin Wilk’s is a monster of the worst kind and never, ever should have been allowed to raise a child! He is evil and should burn in hell! He is so disgusting that he had me choking up bile at times because I couldn’t stomach what a horrible “thing”, because he doesn’t deserve to be called a human being, he is! His actions were reprehensible!Now, that does not mean that this wasn’t a great book. On the contrary, it was one that brought so many emotions within me and that means it is an excellent book. An author that can get me so caught up and seething is really doing their job! I just get so emotional when I see people that were “suppose” to be good parents and pillars of the community be so heartless and depraved as this man. Maybe it was because I had to work so hard to finally get pregnant and carry my babies to term that I can never understand a person acting in such a way with their own flesh and blood. A child is your child no matter what sexual preference they were born to. And you are charged to love, nurture and care for this child that was “gifted” into your hands. Shay’s dad’s behavior toward not only his own son, but towards Trofim, was pure evil. But, money is a very powerful motivator and fame and status can be even more! I am just thankful that these two beautiful and loving men found each other!This book, along with Becoming His Slave, are imperative to be read before you continue on to Right One 4 Diesel. The whole series is actually, but you have to have the background from these two books to understand the back story. This is a book that will stick with you for quite awhile!This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes. Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways. Click below.

  • Angela Barrett
    2019-03-02 00:47

    Oh. My. God! The twins have done it again! How do you combat hate and greed? With love of course! This is the story of Taking over Trofim. Trofim walked away from the man he loved to save his family from the threats of a mad man. What Trofim didn't know is what his lover went through in the time he was gone. Shay, an aspiring heart doctor, never gave up on the love he had for Trofim no matter the time or distance.No matter what Trofim and Shay went through, and God did they endure some harsh treatment, the love they had for each other saw them through. With the backing of a strong family and the means of the Dominus himself, Trenton Leos, they show a hateful man what it is to truly be loved. I want to tell so much more but that would give away too much. What I will tell you is that this story is true to the Dominion of Brothers series. It will have you laughing, crying and cussing throughout the whole book.This is a series that I love and always look forward to the next book in the series. Once again I was not disappointed. Well done Talon and Princess, well done indeed! *Whispers -- Dane, please!*

  • Geneva Handleman
    2019-02-23 22:58

    My favorite brotherhood series. While not everyone in these books is literally related, they are all brothers in many ways. And the main character of this one is one of the Laszkovi brothers. A group of 11 children, only two of which, I believe are girls. The couple in this book face much danger and have been mentioned in other books of the series. Their story has been a long and tragic one. Will it end well? How much more tragedy can these two take before their love crumbles beneath the weight?As always, Talon delivers. Page after page of erotic scenes interspersed with real and touching moments. Realistic problems that can't be denied as true life issues no matter how badly we wish it didn't exist. But such love and tenderness peeking around the darkness keeps me hopeful the entire trip! And such an awesome roller coaster of a ride!!

  • Terri
    2019-03-16 00:56

    I love The Dominion of Brothers series and I couldn't wait for this one to be released. It was WELL worth the wait! The Twins do not disappoint. I loved the story of Shay and Trofim. I thought Shay came across too strong in the beginning until I found out what all he had to endure those 5 years to get back to Trofim...the love of his life. I HATED Shay's father and the horrible things Shay and Trofim have to go through to finally be free to love one another. I have to say, I already loved the Laszkovi brothers, The Dominus and Patronis from the previous books in this series but now...I love them even more. I can't wait for the next book which I believe is Diesels.

  • Deb B
    2019-03-02 22:06

    this was a really great story with beautiful characters ... lots going on in the main story arc as well. loved it

  • Tarian P.S.
    2019-03-20 04:36

  • Tarian P.S.
    2019-03-15 02:01