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I showed up in backwater little Yazoo City Mississippi expecting to find solitude and a fresh start. I just left my wealthy, neglectful husband--with a couple million dollars belonging to him, I might add. When I got to Yazoo, though, I didn't find any solitude, that's for sure. I ended up in the arms of an oh so sexy man named Tre McNabb. The problem? Tre is the preacher'I showed up in backwater little Yazoo City Mississippi expecting to find solitude and a fresh start. I just left my wealthy, neglectful husband--with a couple million dollars belonging to him, I might add. When I got to Yazoo, though, I didn't find any solitude, that's for sure. I ended up in the arms of an oh so sexy man named Tre McNabb. The problem? Tre is the preacher's son. Don't miss the next parts of The Preacher's Son story: The Preacher's Son 2: Unleashed and The Preacher's Son 3: Unbroken (Now available).**This is an explicit, erotic novella for adults only! Contains super hot, one on one sex between two great characters.**...

Title : unbound
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ISBN : 20872059
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unbound Reviews

  • Juls
    2019-03-11 05:36

    Oh wow, kinda ick. I know the guy was around 20 but the way this chick describes him made it seem like he was younger and Shea just plain sounded like a pervy pedo :(And the sex, i just could get into it. TRE is a virgin and its very obvious. The word cock and fuck surprises him. Which kinda made it hard to believe. Doesnt matter that you are a preachers kid, there is just too much info out there to taint you. Anyhoo not my cup o tea.

  • Tikishia
    2019-02-25 03:54

    She seduced & stole da pastor's son and virginity. She's so going to hell with gasoline panties on. Da little "harlot", as da pastor called her.

  • Lise *friends don't flag*
    2019-03-03 03:49

    Hot little number... Will review when finished all 3 volumes.

  • Lucinda - I JUST LOVE TO READ
    2019-03-14 02:54


  • Lelyana
    2019-03-08 02:34

    He's Preacher's son, only 21 years old and a VirginOne day at the church, a sexy "much" older womancame to seduce him, I mean...really, she came, and saw him him, and "invite" him...for...well, you know.....She took his virginity....It's not so common, but make sense since they're from small town, and he's a preacher's son......But this woman, she's STILL married., ran away from her cheating husband.....but still, NOT DIVORCED yet !Then after one fling, they have relationship, suddenly it's not a fling any longer....

  • Lee Anne - OMG! It's TOOOOO Cold!
    2019-02-22 02:51

    This is a very short story about a woman who moves to the south after taking several million from her cheating husband. Once in the south she met a sexy young man and they have sex. End of story.I realize this is one small part of a larger series and not everything will be revealed in this story. However, I was confused as to why it was important to note she took money from her estranged husband.I was also disappointed in Tre. I grew up in small town south USA. I ran around with preacher's kids. NONE of them were that innocent! He knew NOTHING about sex. I find that VERY hard to buy into in this day and age that a 21 or 22 year old man would not have kissed or jacked off at some point in his life. I can buy being a virgin, but not the no kissing or no jerking off.At times I felt like I was reading an instruction book on sex. She had to tell him everything to do, he wouldn't explore on his own.I had such high hopes for this novella only to be disappointed.

  • Pianisuparse
    2019-02-25 05:57

    Short little first part of 'Preacher's Son' Trilogy.Basically the whole 20+ pages is like one very long sex scene, and a hot one at that!Well written and definitely steamy I'm just conflicted as to whether or not morally I accept Shea and her tempting the young and innocent Tre. I'm unsure though, will have to see how things pan out in the remaining parts.Funny how we all have our lines and I thought mine were pretty out there but for some reason this isn't sitting completely right, we'll see though :)

  • Paulien
    2019-03-20 01:50

    I like guys who are inexperienced , I don't know why , I do... and this guy was too sweet for his own good, I think that he was even more hot brcause of that, he seemed so lovable! she noticed to, his parents probably won't... I had been looking forward to reading this book. I've already started reading to other one! that review will probably up tomorrow!

  • Honey Warren
    2019-02-21 21:51

    I was saving this book from Jasinda for my 2015 book challenge - A book that takes place in your hometown. I like the idea of a virgin preachers son! The only thing I can complain about is it was too short! I have a hard time getting into characters so quickly. It was def hot!

  • Tatiana
    2019-03-10 21:40

    Я просто в шоке от того , как девка обокрала мужика, переехала в глушь, зашла в церковь, увидела мальчика и совратила его XDDDD Хардкор, товарищи!

  • Linda
    2019-03-02 03:43

    A very quick read, a cougar encounters the clueless preacher´s son, who can´t turn her down. Smut and fluff, cougar style. 3,5 Stars

  • Stefanie
    2019-03-01 21:41

    Very hot and steamy quick read....will review after I finish the series

  • Sharon Xuereb
    2019-02-28 23:38

    When I started reading this series the song Mrs Robinson by Lemonheads popped into my head and was stuck there the entire read. LOLIn a nutshell, a young and naive preachers son is seduced by an older woman.All 3 books are short and get straight to the point, and so the progression of this story is very fast. Books 2 and 3 continue on where the last one left off and therefore you need to read them in order.I didn't find myself swooning over the male character, Tre, but for me that was because he was young and naive when it came to women and sex. Shea came across as a total cougar and I was waiting for her to growl. :-D They were a likeable couple though.As it's an erotic novella series there are some seriously steamy loves scenes that are for adults eyes only. I'm happy to report that there isn't an insta-love aspect in this story but more so an insta-lust. Their love grows over the progression of the 3 stories.My only gripe is that I found it a little corny at the start, otherwise it isn't a bad read if you looking for a complete fantasy story or a good "quickie". ;-)A fun fast read 3 stars!

  • Melyssa Winchester
    2019-03-18 00:51

    The one thing that easily makes Jasinda Wilder one of my favorite writers, is her ability to go there, touch on subjects other writers or even readers may find taboo and write about them. This serial/novella is proof of that. Not only did she take a risk writing about intimacy with a “preacher’s son” but she also wrote a tale where there is a significant age difference and it was done surprisingly well. Okay wait, maybe not surprisingly considering who wrote it. It’s short and sweet, a wham-bam-thank ya ma’am kind of book. The sex scene was written well and even I found it hot and usually with me, I gotta be feeling something with the characters to believe in a scene like that. So bravo Jasinda, whether it’s novellas or full length novels, you’ve managed to pull me in again.

  • Lynn Matheson
    2019-02-19 23:59

    This review is from: The Preacher's Son #1: Unbound (Kindle Edition)I have never actually read one of these erotic kindle novellas before. I quite enjoyed it. The sex was graphically described and the whole book is really just one long sex scene. It was a little like a porn film written down. I think the author is a reasonably good writer but it was just way too short for me. There is no depth of characterisation which makes the whole thing too flimsy. I am intrigued to read more of them to see if they are all similar. I think I would prefer to read a full-length novel from this author. I did download it for free so can't complain about the price. I am not a prude but I just like a bit more romance with my sex. Just an old fashioned girl looking for an old fashioned millionaire.

  • A.J. Warner
    2019-03-15 21:43

    First off I must say I absolutely ADORE Jasinda Wilder! One of my all time favorite authors! This book in the beginning was so hot, well it stayed hot! My issue was with the adult male virgin, who seemed as clueless as a child. Even the most sheltered have some clue when it comes to anatomy, and sexual feeling. I need an Alpha male, and he just didn't do it for me. As for Shea, she knows what she wants and goes for it! I'm down for a strong woman, but sometimes that woman needs a man to take control!! Definitely going to read book #2.

  • Elena
    2019-03-21 22:40

    2.5*Hot sex but overall story - ew! She is a perverted "older" woman, praying on a virgin teenager boy... The way that the author described her teaching him how to do EVERYTHING was disturbing - does this guy live under a rock?!?!?!

  • Lenore Kosinski
    2019-03-10 22:40

    3.5 stars -- Had some great steamy moments and worked out that way.... It was a bit odd to read about such a sheltered 22 year old guy, but not totally unbelievable....he was just way more youthful and innocent in *everything* that I think I was expecting...

  • Becky Hedge
    2019-03-20 04:31

    The Preacher's Son #1The Preacher's Son #1Excellent story. Highly recommend this book to everyone. Excellent story line kept your interest and attention making it hard to put down

  • Marga
    2019-02-22 02:47

    UMM. NO.

  • Roxanne
    2019-02-18 21:34

    The writing was great. Totally steamy but just not my kind of story.

  • Annmarie
    2019-02-20 21:48

    If you like erotic love stories than this is one for you. It's very graphic and written well.

  • Sofia Galvez
    2019-02-28 23:39

    Very sexy but not much story. Still good.

  • ↜ƈɦǟռ☂ɛℓℓɛ↝
    2019-03-16 03:58

    Short and sweet. Hmmmm, a male virgin, different.

  • ❤DivaShah
    2019-02-25 22:30

    I think Shea was really selfish. Tre was obviously a virgin so for her to come on to him like that struck me as her being desperate. It was entertaining tho and very well written.

  • Kathy
    2019-02-28 01:54

    Short and oh so hot!

  • Lynne White
    2019-03-06 21:49

    A short, sexy, fun read.

  • SammiesBookBlog
    2019-03-02 21:53

    Amazing amazing book!! love how fast-paced this book was. It was well-written and left me wanting more.....onto the next book!Can not wait!!

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-20 01:40

    This is a good short story. It's a quick read and was well written.

  • NC Reader
    2019-03-06 23:33

    Wished it was longer!