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Spending a quiet Christmas housesitting and reading novels about hot cowboys sounds perfect to Caitlin Butler. Until a stray kitten brings her face-to-face with Noah, her crush from college. Watching the handsome vet in action melts Caitlin's heart and brings back long forgotten emotions. She would be safer back at the house lost in the pages of a book. But a toe-curling mSpending a quiet Christmas housesitting and reading novels about hot cowboys sounds perfect to Caitlin Butler. Until a stray kitten brings her face-to-face with Noah, her crush from college. Watching the handsome vet in action melts Caitlin's heart and brings back long forgotten emotions. She would be safer back at the house lost in the pages of a book. But a toe-curling mistletoe kiss tempts her to stay. Maybe she won't be spending this Christmas... alone.Veterinarian Noah Sullivan isn't a Scrooge, but the Christmas Eve tradition of hanging mistletoe in the clinic's waiting room annoys him. Kissing doesn't belong at the Copper Mountain Animal Hospital. Noah rethinks his position when Caitlin arrives with a stray kitten she found freezing in the snow. All he wants now is to maneuver the pretty preschool teacher under the mistletoe. If he's not careful, he'll wind up on Santa's naughty list.Mistletoe Magic is a short story companion to the Copper Mountain Christmas series....

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mistletoe magic bar v5 dude ranch 2 copper mountain christmas 3 Reviews

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    2019-02-23 14:23

    This has got to be one of the sweetest little books I have ever read. And just look at the cover. How can you resist?! "Life takes you to unexpected places. Love brings you home."Seven years ago Caitlin was a freshman in college and had fallen in love with a senior, Noah. But Noah had his sights set on Vet school and thought he was doing the right thing in ending the relationship before he moved away. He didn't think a long distance relationship would work. But he never forgot Caitlin and always regretted his decision. Now Caitlin is a preschool teacher in the small town she lives in and he is the new vet in town, not realizing she is there, until she rushes in on Christmas Eve with a tiny kitten she found almost frozen to death. "Caitlin." His arm reached forward, as if touching her would assure him this-she-was real. That of all the vet clinics in Montana, she'd walked into this one. "I can't believe it."Noah thought hanging mistletoe in the vet's clinic was inappropriate until Caitlin walked in. But maybe that mistletoe will turn out to be the best thing ever if it will convince Caitlin to kiss him, and maybe to give him another chance."Santa already delivered my presents. You and Mistletoe-and maybe a second chance."If you're not in the Christmas spirit, you will most definitely be after you read this. It is a very short story but left me with a warm heart. I hope it does the same for you! Happy Holidays.

  • Sophia Triad
    2019-03-13 08:46

    Mistletoe is a cute, fluffy, stray kitten who was almost frozen to death.Caitlin finds the kitten and takes her to the new vet in town.You can imagine her surprise, when she finds out that the new vet is actually her first love, Noah.They broke up seven years ago, when they could not keep a long distance relationship. Noah's fault!This Christmas Eve, neither of them will be alone.A book about second chances, convenient coincidences and Christmas magic.This book is part of a series, but I had no problem reading it as a standalone.(I got the book for free from

  • Crystal~BIG book addict~
    2019-03-16 09:45

    I was in the mood for a little holiday read. Caitlin and Noah had dated in college, he was a senior and she was a freshman. He breaks it off with her just before graduation to go to veterinary school and he didn't think a long distance relationship would work out. He always regretted never giving it a shot with her. She was the only woman he could ever see himself being with long term. Fate played them a good hand when Caitlin shows up at his veterinary clinic with an almost frozen stray kitten that she found in the snow. She is shocked to see him again but she still has feelings for him even if he did leave her once. Things spark between them when they kiss under the mistletoe and create a little Christmas magic.This was a sweet story, a little corny, but still good nonetheless :O)

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    2019-03-05 13:41

    Extremely fluffy meet-cute short story about a couple that runs into each other again several years after they broke up in college. Add a kitten, and some mistletoe. No surprises here. No deep thinking. It's okay for a freebie, if you like this kind of story.

  • ♥Rachel♥
    2019-02-28 14:42

    Mistletoe, kisses and second chance romance. *sigh* Such a sweet little story! "I'm not a kid, but I wish it were already morning."He laughed. "Me too, but Santa already delivered my presents.""What?"Tenderness filled Noah's eyes, a look she could get used to seeing. "You and Mistletoe--and maybe a second chance."It's free on Amazon!

  • Jen
    2019-03-03 15:36

    So cute and just in time for the holidays, Freebie on Amazon.

  • Jo-Anne
    2019-02-20 10:39

    Caitlin is a very kind, caring woman. While house-sitting for friends at Christmastime, she finds a kitten in the snow. It's in bad shape so she takes it to the veterinary clinic. What a surprise when she sees the Vet is her love from college, Noah. After breaking up with her when he graduated so that he could focus fully on his studies and career, they never thought they would see each other again. Now that he is older, Noah realizes what a fool he was to let her go back then. But all may not be lost. Being encouraged by one of the staff to take advantage of the mistletoe in the clinic waiting room, makes them aware of the attraction that they still have for each other.While Noah was caring for the kitten, he kept Caitlin posted on its progress. He did this for two reasons. Keeping the client's owner informed was professional and, also, he wanted an excuse to talk to Caitlin. She appreciated the updates. But she found that seeing Noah with the sick kitten made him even more attractive to her.This is written in dual POVs, letting us get to know Caitlin and Noah and a bit of their history. A lot was packed into this short story but it never felt rushed.If you are looking for a nice, quick Christmas romance, you should read Mistletoe Magic.

  • Brenda
    2019-02-23 07:46

    As Caitlin Butler readied herself for her week of relaxing, reading and enjoying the housesitting she was doing for her best friend and her family, she relished the thought of not being in her cramped apartment above the garage with her grumpy landlord for a whole week. Caitlin was a pre-school teacher and her apartment was within easy walking distance to the school, but she’d lived in better accommodation. With the holidays upon them, and Christmas Day the next day, she was all set.That was until she discovered a kitten in the snow just outside the house, almost dead from the cold. Rushing to the vet clinic with the kitten she christened “Mistletoe”, wrapped snuggly in a warm blanket, Caitlin got the shock of her life when confronted by the new vet – it was Noah, her boyfriend from college who had broken her heart – and oh, hadn’t he grown into a handsome devil! All the memories from those years ago swung into action as if they’d been together just yesterday!What a wonderfully, sweet Christmas novella. A very quick read, it was completely delightful and I’m happy to recommend it to those who enjoy a sweet (but not sappy) romance:)

  • Home Is Where the Wine Is Book Blog
    2019-03-17 11:46

    5 cute and fuzzy stars! If you need a chapter break during the holidays like most people do. Then this is the perfect book! Such a sweet little read. Well done Melissa!

  • Bethany
    2019-02-28 07:40

    Sigh....Mistletoe Magic was a sweet and cute holiday story. I think Catlin had about the best Christmas! She found a baby kitty and reconnected with an old boyfriend. Win, win!! Thanks Rachel for recommending Mistletoe Magic. It was a sweet story.

  • Sue
    2019-02-26 07:37

    In Mistletoe Magic by Melissa McClone, the last person Caitlin expects to ever see again is just who she does see when she rescues a hypothermic kitten and rushes her to the vet. The vet is no other than her college sweetheart Noah...the man she gave her heart to and who devastated her when he decided that he couldn't have a relationship with Caitlin and focus on his it would be best for Caitlin if they broke things off.Caitlin eventually go over Noah...or so she thought until all the old feelings come rushing back and she finds herself standing under the mistletoe with him. Both Caitlin and Noah are alone for the holidays...and so is a cute little kitten now named Mistletoe. Caitlin and Noah are both different but in some ways the same as they were years ago...and they both still have feelings for the other. Can Caitlin trust what she's feeling? Can Noah convince Caitlin to give him another chance?Will the magic of Christmas and love bring them together again at last?Mistletoe Magic is a fun, fast paced, sweet novella that is a perfect read when you want to feel good! Melissa gives us just enough background on Caitlin and Noah to understand them, love them, and hope they both believe in second chances. I could feel the magic in Mistletoe Magic between the vivid descriptions of decorations, the snow, the mistletoe and the animals! I loved the animal element in Mistletoe Magic as much as I loved Noah and Caitlin! As soon as I saw the cover of Mistletoe Magic I knew I had to read it!I'd recommend Mistletoe Magic to any romance reader looking for a fast paced novella to put you in the Christmas spirit! Although Mistletoe Magic is part of the Cooper Mountain Christmas series, it can definitely be read as a stand alone.

  • Dianne
    2019-03-13 13:33

    Was it fate? A reward for an act of kindness? Or the magic of the Holiday Season that brought two former college sweethearts back together on Christmas Eve? Mistletoe Magic by Melissa McClone is just sweetly warm enough to melt even the cold heart of the Grinch! Two people, destined to spend another Christmas alone are reunited, all because of a lost little kitten named Mistletoe.Do you like Holiday Romance novellas? Do you like warm and fuzzy little kittens who need a home and love? If those aren't enough reasons to grab your heart, the kiss under the Mistletoe might and the kiss OVER Mistletoe will get you for sure!! Cute, warm and fuzzy, both the story and the kitten! I admit it, I'm a sucker for a good Holiday Romance!Publication Date: November 21, 2013Publisher: Tule Publishing GroupGenre: Contemporary Holiday RomanceNumber of Pages: 41Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

  • Marlene
    2019-03-11 10:37

    Caitlin was excited about spending her Christmas housesitting for the Patterson Family. Their house was so cozy and felt like “home” … unlike her above-the-garage apartment that she rents on the wrong side of the tracks. Although she doesn’t have anyone to spend the holidays with, she’s excited to be able to relax and enjoy some time off. But when she finds a kitten laying in the snow, she doesn’t realize how much it will change her life. Concerned about its health, she brings it to the local vet. But, to her surprise, her ex-boyfriend and the man who broke her heart, is the veterinarian there. Although it’s been seven years since they’d last seen each other, old feelings start resurfacing for both of them. Believing in the magic of Christmas, Caitlin wonders if all of this could be fate. Realizing that neither of them have plans for Christmas or family in town, they decide to spend Christmas day together. Can this be the second chance that they both had hoped for? Santa may not have brought gifts to put under the tree, but having the opportunity to reconnect may prove to be the best present yet!Mistletoe Magic is such a fun, romantic book. There’s nothing like the magic of Christmas, a cute kitten and the potential for a rekindled romance to put you in the holiday spirit. Grab a mug of hot cocoa, a warm blanket and cuddle up with this amazing story! This book is a must read for the holidays!

  • Melinda Garza
    2019-03-10 10:45

    Mistletoe Magic is the cutest holiday read. Caitlin, the Patterson housesitter, was more than excited to housesit so she could enjoy the "homey" feel of their home at Christmastime. She then finds a hurt kitten and takes it to the local Vet to try to save its life when she realizes the Vet is an old colege flame. This college boyfriend once broke her heart. As soon as they both realized who the other was, the feelings they both had started to ignite.When a coworker points out they are standing under a mistletoe, they kiss and both begin to believe in the magic of Christmas. They decide to spend Christmas together as neither has anyone to spend it with. Could this be their 2nd chance of love?This is a fun and romantic book and gives readers a feeling of warmth.

  • Maria
    2019-03-15 07:52

    When Caitlin Butler rescues a stray kitten from the cold winter of Montana, she does not imagine that the handsome vet is her first love, Noah Sullivan, who dumped her seven years before! Will she be able to resist him? Will the magic of Christmas bring them back together? Perhaps they just need to be under a mistletoe!This is a very delightful short story, perfect for Christmas. There is snow, Christmas decorations, holiday music and mistletoe, of course! The author created a special atmosphere that warmed my heart and made me smile all the time. This story is a combination of romance, hope, friendship and miracles that I really enjoyed. If you are looking for a nice, good Christmas book this one is for you!Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

  • Janine
    2019-03-18 13:25

    This was a very sweet and short Christmas story.Caitlin Butler is staying at her friend's house while her and her family are out of town for Christmas. She is bringing in the trash can when she sees a tiny lifeless kitten laying in the snow. She quickly brings the kitten to Copper Mountain Animal Hospital trying to save it's life. Little does Caitlin know, the new vet in town is none other then her first love, Noah Sullivan, who broke her heart when he broke up with her seven years ago. He had decided to pursue his dreams of going to college and becoming a veterinarian in a big city. But, what is he doing in Marietta, Montana, her home town? Can one tiny kitten, who has been given the name Mistletoe, brings them back together?

  • Branwen Sedai *of the White Ajah*
    2019-02-22 07:47

    Despite being a little lonely, Caitlin has happily resigned herself to spending Christmas alone while housesitting for her friends. But when she finds a tiny stray kitten out in the cold, she rushes it to the nearest vet clinic and comes face to face with her first love who broke her heart-veterinarian Noah Sullivan. This was a very short, sweet tale to brighten up your Christmas! It was super adorable and absolutely the perfect read for the holiday season! :)

  • Shannon Peterson
    2019-02-22 11:31

    What A wonderful sweet and short Christmas read! If your an Animal lover you will love this story! It's such a cute story about Caitlin who is house sitting for some friends on Christmas when she finds a kitten frozen outside and rushes it to the vet. When she gets there she finds out the vet is an old flame that still burns pretty hot!

  • Megan (ReadingRover)
    2019-03-04 09:24

    Cute holiday story. Quick on the rekindling of love but cute!

  • Nancy Kelley
    2019-03-07 14:45

    I'm an easy sell when it comes to Christmas themed romance. Add a cat to the mix, and it's pretty much an autobuy. However, a romance short story is hard to pull off without resorting to the dreaded insta-love. McClone avoids that trap handily by giving Caitlin and Noah backstory. They dated in college and then broke up; this Christmas Eve is the first time they've seen each other in seven years.This story had everything a nice Christmas short story should have: holiday music, cookies, Christmas trees, mistletoe, and a sweet romance that leaves you with the idea that things will work out just fine for the hero and heroine. Plus, a cute kitten!Side note: I actually discovered Melissa McClone through the work she does fostering cats. Since then, I've watched via Twitter as she's loved all the animals in her house, whether they belong to the family long term or on a foster basis. You can see that same love of animals in this story.

  • Denise Stout
    2019-02-22 09:27

    Caitlin's spending Christmas vacation housesitting for friends with only books to keep her company until she finds a kitten in the snow. Noah's a veterinarian working the holiday and thinking mistletoe is not an appropriate decoration in the office. In walks a woman asking for help, the voice sounds familiar--it couldn't be--a voice from the past. Caitlin and Noah come face-to-face after years apart. Fate steps in to help these former loves find happiness with help from an infirmed cat. As the night goes on, and they catch up on the years, one kiss under the mistletoe sparks a flame that still has life. And love. This little lost kitten, aptly named Mistletoe, has brought them back together. Noah will never doubt the power of Christmas tradition, and Caitlin will never feel alone, thanks to Mistletoe.This sweet, feel good, short story is just the cup of tea for Christmas romantics.

  • Anna Marie
    2019-03-01 09:22

    A *VERY* short e-book for the holidays... so short that page one is 4% of the book! But it's cute.They met in college. He had big dreams of the big city and a big-time veterinarian practice with specializations, and told her that it was bad timing. She'd been hurt, but moved on with her small town goals. Then came the day she found a kitten half frozen in the snow, hurried it to the vet... and bumped into him, doing his residency in her little town. No such thing as accidents - it was a second chance.I just wish it had been Miss Kitty she found (friend's lost cat) and not the tiny kitty. It would've been FAR better. And it would've been nicer to have had some character development - there wasn't enough book for it. And there were two phrases that were... weird? Still... I can't complain much - it was short but very, very sweet. And FREE - who could ask for anything more. :)

  • Kimberly
    2019-03-13 10:52

    What a sweet short story.....this 9000 word story combined 2 of my favorite things, kittens and Christmas! I was in love with it before I even started reading it for the cover alone. Mistletoe Magic is a delightful addition to the Copper Mountain Christmas Collection. I loved Melissa McClone's Home for Christmas too. Mistletoe Magic is a reunion story, which is one of my favorites. This story is about Caitlin who is looking forward to house sitting for her friends and curling up to read the latest Cowboy romance book, but fate had other plans. She finds a kitten that was out in the snow and rushes the kitten to an emergency animal hospital and as luck would have it the Vet on duty is Noah, who had walked out of Caitlin's life when they were in college. Both Caitlin were such nice and genuine characters that you could feel the Christmas Magic working to bring them together.If you are looking for a sweet Christmas read, this is a good one.

  • Dee
    2019-03-16 12:33

    Wouldn't it be great if we all had that second chance with our first love. Hey it might not work out but the magic of Christmas and the joy of seeing them and add to that the soft, cuddly, cuteness and heart wrenching adorableness of a helpless kitten with just a touch of a mistletoe, you have the makings of the best Christmas present EVER! Very cute story line, strong and well defined. Cast of characters are so right for this story, I was even drooling over our hero. VERY cute and touching Christmas story, really enjoyable read.

  • Jean
    2019-03-14 11:52

    Caitlin is house sitting for friends over Christmas when she finds a kitten freezing in the snow. She takes the kitten to the vet to try and save it, and it turns out the vet, Noah, is her 'one that got away'. They dated their freshman year in college and then never saw each other again. What were the odds they would both end up in small town Marietta?This is a sweet short story about second chances. I loved both Caitlin and Noah and their obvious love for animals. I highly recommend reading this one, it will warm your heart.

  • Christyn
    2019-02-19 12:39

    Cute, sweet and short Mistletoe Magic will leave you feeling light and happy. It's a perfect lunch break pick-me-up with a holiday, and second chance theme (along with animals - mustn't forget the kitten that brought them together again). We get both Caitlin and Noah's perspectives (and enough background) that despite it's short length we can still like and understand them. My only complaint is it was over too soon! This could've been a full story but I think it also works well as a novella. A wonderful light holiday read that will lift your spirits and make you smile.

  • Rosemary K
    2019-03-04 14:49

    Caitlin Butler, a pre-school teacher, is spending Christmas alone, but a stray kitten changes those plans. She finds a kitten outside in the cold. Caitlin rushes him to the Copper Mountain Animal Hospital. Here she sees her first love, Noah Sullivan, the new veterinarian. They share a kiss under the mistletoe. Will it lead to a second chance at love? Melissa McClone has written a novella that makes you happy. A perfect story to refresh your spirit. I loved to visit Marietta Montana.

  • Valerie
    2019-03-08 15:44

    Planning on a quiet Christmas alone Caitlin goes out to bring the trashcan in and finds a kitten. Rushing to the vet's office she runs straight into her past. Her college crush come straight to Marietta. What will happen over this Christmas Eve? Will it be merry and bright? Melissa McClone delivers with this short story. A definite recommend to help get you into the Christmas mood.

  • Emily
    2019-03-18 08:30

    This is a very short story (under 30 pages), but it is very cute & really captures the holiday spirit (a vet, a preschool teacher & a kitten wrapped in a Christmas story- could it really get any cuter?). For the length the story was very well done, my only wish was that it would have been longer because I thought the story had potential for a lot more development.

  • Elisabeth
    2019-03-10 09:36

    Mistletoe Magic by Melissa McClone is a delightful sweet story written in an easy to read flow. It captures you from the first page.Such a sweet great short story with a lot of Christmas magic.It's situated in the fictional town of Marietta in Montana and I'm enjoying all the lovely stories from this fictional town.Short but great.