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Scarlet remembers. Everything. Her past lives, Tristan, Gabriel, Nate: she remembers it all--including how to get to the Fountain of Youth. But time is running out. Heather and Gabriel have been kidnapped by Raven, while the curse that has plagued Scarlet and Tristan for centuries has shifted, putting the star-crossed lovers in more danger than ever before. Water from theScarlet remembers. Everything. Her past lives, Tristan, Gabriel, Nate: she remembers it all--including how to get to the Fountain of Youth. But time is running out. Heather and Gabriel have been kidnapped by Raven, while the curse that has plagued Scarlet and Tristan for centuries has shifted, putting the star-crossed lovers in more danger than ever before. Water from the Fountain of Youth is the only thing that can save Scarlet and her loved ones. But the water comes at a price.With lives--and hearts--at stake, Scarlet leads her friends on a dangerous journey to the Fountain of Youth. Where eternal life is possible, but death is certain....

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  • Bri •Books and Bri•
    2019-03-15 09:16

    It appears that I have an addiction similar to that of the Eternal Water addiction. However, instead of needing Eternal Water, I need some more Tristan. That's right, I need more of him:*stares* *stares some more* Yep, definitely addicted. (I like your tattoo, sir! :D)Also, as a request to Ms. Fine, could there be more steamy moments between Tristan and Scarlet? Please, please, please? I think I enjoyed the ones in the last book a little too much... ><

  • Stormy
    2019-02-28 13:16

    So sad to see this series end. Everyone got their HEA. I'm going to miss Tristan the most. The best part of this series was Scarlet's and Tristan's relationship.-------------------------------------------------Tristan, I am waiting for you. With your piercing intense green eyes and all your immortal hotness (Don't you just love saying that? Immortal hotness) there is no way I'm forgetting you and I will be seeing you again in December, you lovely hunter, you. Oh, and I'm hoping you will be shirtless on this cover. Please and thank you.Well, I didn't get my shiftless Tristan wish but I love the cover anyway. :)

  • Melissa (Ever So Mela)
    2019-03-23 15:03

    I'm just going to be lazy and link a couple of reviews from friends who I think would do a much better job at explaining in great detail why this series is worth a try. Anna's reviewChelsea's reviewP.S. My rating is lower. It's just that what slightly irritated them, irked me at a greater level.

  • Jess
    2019-03-22 15:25

    *UPDATE 12/15/2012 Review to come! Need time to let it all sink in!!I need this book now!! If not soon I might die!! I need more of TEAM AWESOME!! December is so far away!! *****UPDATE***** It has a release date!! December 11th!! I am about to explode!!:

  • Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤
    2019-03-10 16:10

    He leaned into her and his expression became very sincere. "And as far as where you belong..." He put a hand over his heart. "Right here. Always. In life and death and everything in-between." He paused. "Never question it."Aaaaaah...and here we are. The final book!! This book pulled so much from me. The prior two installments had their fair share of angst, but nothing compared to a lifetime of missed chances, lost loves, misunderstandings, and waiting. Waiting and waiting and waiting for the one you irrevocably love and can't/won't replace. It's heartbreaking. It's tormenting. It's angsty. It's messy. It's....beautiful.She glanced at him under the yellow glow of the streetlamps above, running her eyes along his profile as he stared forward with a clenched jaw. He was fierce. He was patient. He was everything she loved.And he was dying.This is the part where I'll either lose you or hook you-this book was predominately set in the past-The first 30% was set in the present, the middle was set in the past, and then at about 62% or something, it came back to present day. I really really love the flashbacks for these books, I really do. But it was a shock to me that so much was set in the past because I wasn't used to it. In the last book, where the flashbacks started, it was every other chapter or every two chapters. But in this final one, it was one solid chunk in the middle so as to portray the heartbreak and turmoil the boys went through, and I think Fine succeeded in this feat. There were no present day interruptions and no breaks from the devastation these three went touched me on a visceral level."How can we bring her back?" His palms were sweaty and his heart on fire but, God help him, he would do anything, kill anyone, and break any rule to bring her back. Nathaniel said, "Her return is dependent on the magic in her veins. It could take decades-""I can wait decades," Tristan said."Or it could take a hundred years," Nathaniel said."I can wait a thousand years."The wizard cocked his head at Tristan. "I'm confused. Did you know Scarlet? Because I was under the impression you were gone when she first came to the castle. You seem to care deeply for Gabriel's wife-""She wasn't his wife."Fine was very clever with this one-she knew there wasn't a whole book worth of a story so she used the flashbacks to show everyone different POVs about what happened in their past lives. Not everyone will love, but the angst, determination, and heart-break spoke to me and touched me more than I ever thought it heart was in my throat for the entirety of the novel and I even lost sleep because it was so deeply rooted within me. I don't much care for past lives, but I was clouded and overwhelmed with emotion-I couldn't ask for more than that. My heart cracked alongside Scarlet and Tristan's, I felt their annoyance and willingness for the inevitable to come and for a change to occur. I was there beside them every step of the way, and I loved it."Everything about you is my concern. You cannot just keep yourself in pain," she said, filling up with all the fear and love she felt for him as she stepped forward again. "You are a foolish man."He stood still. "And you are a reckless woman."She smiled. "We are quite the messy pair.""That we are." He searched her face then softened his voice. "You know you cannot stay here.""Then tell me to leave." She stepped closer."Leave.""No.""Curse you woman," he said. "You are a terrible pain."Even with all of Scarlet's memories back, I think this was the strongest one with romance, yet-we still get forbidden, but for once they were on the same page and couldn't do anything about it...this made for the sweetest and best sexual tension thus far, and I could hardly contain my sighs and stop biting my lips out of giddiness. If it was possible to burn someone into your soul, Tristan was ablaze in hers, and had been for centuries. Seared into her flesh and permanently marked on her heart.I am going to miss Scarlet and Tristan-that much is a fact. Tristan went through many lifetimes 100% loyal to Scarlet. He never looked at another girl, he never doubted his love for her, he only did what he had to do to keep her alive (even if it hurt him far more than dying ever could), and he lived with torment that no man should ever feel each and every time she would pass away because of his close proximity or the lack of finding a cure that would keep Scarlet out of her recurring cycle of painful deaths. I loved all these characters so much, but I'll never forget Tristan-his clenched jaw, his need to do anything and everything to take care of Scarlet, and his selfless persona that almost cost him his life time after time. He was perfection to a stubborn nth degree, and I won't be forgetting him soon. They stared at each other for a moment. Because of her connection to him, Scarlet could feel the hurt and fear pulsing through his veins at the memory of her last life. But she could also feel the love heating his core as his eyes traced over her in the darkness. And it was the love-that undying fire that blazed in him and burned through her-that had her lost for words as she looked at him.I have to mention that I actually liked Gabriel's voice in this one. It was funny, relatable, and he and Tristan's banter ricocheted off of one another making for laughter every five minutes. In the first twenty percent I giggled more than I did in the first two combined-and I had giggled a lot for those as well. To hell with happily ever after.So, with a heavy heart I say goodbye to them all. I do think every once in a while there was some repetitiveness, but overall the story was so good and pulled me in so quickly that it didn't matter. What matters is what I felt-and what I felt was happy. So, read them, don't read them, but know this-this was truly a star-crossed love, and I am so grateful to have been asked to read them. Otherwise, these would have sat on my shelf untouched forever. I'd have never read them. So, thanks, guys for a wonderful buddy read-it was so fun!!!For more of my reviews, please visit:

  • AJ
    2019-03-14 12:15

    OH HELL YEAH!! What an ending! I absolutely loved it!I have really enjoyed this trilogy, and must confess I was worried about how it would all end, but Chelsea Fine has outdone herself and given me everything I wanted in the final book, and then some! I read it in a day. Again, it’s tricky to write a review without giving away spoilers, and I’m going to be vague so that I don’t give anything away. The series is a very original take on the paranormal theme, with the three main characters – Scarlet, Tristan and Gabriel, each under a curse. Their lives have been tied together for over 500 years, and the action in this book focusses on them trying to find a way to finally break the curse. There is a gorgeously strong romantic storyline that drives the story, and the plot is fast moving and very cleverly put together. It’s a very intricate and involved world, and this final instalment sees it all come together and tie up beautifully. The book picks up immediately after the ending of the last book – Awry, and I was instantly drawn back into the world. We get a quick chance to catch up with everybody, remember where they are all at, and then the book moves to flashback and we finally get the ENTIRE story of the history of these characters. Yep, all of it. And I loved every minute of it! With their complicated history, around half of the book is told in flashback, but having the entire background gives you so much more insight, and sometimes a different perspective on the characters and events unfolding in present day. (view spoiler)[ My opinion of Gabriel, in particular, shifted hugely with reading all that went on between him, Tristan and Scarlet. He is a very misunderstood character, and his suffering was awful! I really love the way that the author was able to show the different side to him, and the animosity I felt towards him just disappear.(hide spoiler)]And when the action switches back to the present, you feel everything so much deeper than before, now that you finally know all that the characters have been through – OMG, soooo much trauma and heartbreak! I was in tears a couple of times. But there are also some beautifully swoony moments.“As far as where you belong…” He put a hand over his heart. “Right here. Always. In life and death and everything in between.” He paused. “Never question it.”Revisiting the past also ties up a lot of the questions that were left by the previous two books as you figure out the hows and whys of the mystery and secrets that have been hinted at along the way. And things slowly click into place as the story fits together just beautifully!The love triangle element is gone, but there is still the forbidden love aspect which is utterly heartbreaking (but swoony at the same time), although with a shift in the curse there is a new twist which I really loved (view spoiler)[ the power between Scarlet and Tristan has shifted, meaning that she can now feel him, and with Tristan no longer having the power to kill her, he is one happy little guy-in-love(hide spoiler)].Team Awesome are back in action, and I’ve gotta say I LOVE these characters. Scarlet (view spoiler)[ with all of her memories back(hide spoiler)] is much more badass in this book, and I loved seeing that side of her come out. A whole new side of Gabriel is revealed, Heather is freaking hilarious and Tristan is sigh-inducingly perfect as the tortured (yet totally badass) romantic hero. “I couldn’t stop loving you even if I tried. And I’ve tried … God, how I’ve tried. But I am completely lost to you. I am lost and empty and broken-”“My heart is broken, too-”“My heart is not broken… My heart is dead.”*sniff*. God, I love that man!And then there is Nate. God, he is so AWESOME! (with shouty caps and all). What a sensational character, such a dry sense of humour, he says it like it is and steals every scene he is in. Cannot gush enough about him.“I totally kicked Ashman ass over there! I was all like hi-yah and you wanna piece of me? I was a super slayer! Buffy’s got nothing on me.” …“It was life and death out there, guys. Life and death. They just kept coming at me and I just kept putting them down … I mean, sure, I screamed like a girl a few times and accidentally stabbed myself at the beginning, but still” With laughter, tears, action, and a gorgeously swoon-inducing, sometimes heartbreaking romance (with hotness... but YA hotness), this book - the whole series - has it all. Including a kickass ending that was a little bit Goonies and a little bit Indiana Jones in its utter awesomeness. There is a HEA, but it's not a HEA for everybody. I sort of predicted it though and thought it was fitting, and even though I swore loudly and shed a few tears, it works for the story. 5 Team Awesome stars!

  • Amina
    2019-03-25 15:05

    The quest for the Fountain of Youth continues....Really!? that's all you're gonna give us?! *sighs*Cover coming soon, eh?! I wonder what itll be....Hopefully it'll have Tristan on the cover again. Preferably topless this time ;D *crosses fingers*

  • Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘
    2019-02-27 09:18

    ✭✭✭✭✭ 4 Team Awesome stars ✭✭✭✭✭I'll never see them again. *sigh* This was awesome. Buuuut look at my rating. Hum hum. Four stars. Only four stars for a book which have Mr Awesomeness yes he's totally perfect in it. Yep. So here's the thing : I'm totally in the mood for rambling and gushing about Tristan and all these amazing characters, so this is what we will do : Let's rid ourselves once and for all of the parts I struggled with before I begin to explain why I'm so a sucker for this trilogy. ৩৩৩৩ Warning : Spoilers for Anew and Awry ahead. ৩৩৩৩Okay? Ready? Let's go!♕ The flashbacks. Funny how something I loved in Awry could become the very part of the story I disliked. Wow, I'm worried, because I have to ask myself - Am I a fickle person? Meeee?Guess that would suck, huh? Fortunately, I don't think so. Not that I am perfect, blabla, but these flashbacks can't be compared to those ones in Awry. Why?First because of the organization of the chapters themselves : in Awry, the alternation between the telling of the events which happened in 1500s and the story taking place our days let us be interested in both stories. While in Avow, the flashbacks are built all in one piece, so, translation : we have to go through half of the book written in f*cking italics, and excuse me, but I found it very annoying. Am I weird? But my eyes!This hurt! Seriously. Moreover, those flashbacks, if necessary and still interesting, appear to be a bit repetitive and Oh. my. god. I just couldn't wait to return in the present days because Hey! We let our characters in a very important and someway critical situation dammit!! Actually, I felt like the author stole me the story. I mean, hey, I have waited two books to see Scarlet with her memories back and it seemed to be as I was cheated :hello, are you happy? Very truly happy? You want to know what will happen next?. You have to wait 200 pages or so. Damn. Of course I completely sulked! (I'm not perfect, remember?)▲ While I'm complaining, here's my second : Was I supposed to not guess the exact way the book would end? Yes? No? Maybe? Hum?㋡ The characters.Obviously, let's begin with the real star of this book, the sunshine - hum, the broody sunshine - of this book... Drum roll... Tristan Archer!I know I have gushing - a lot - about him in my reviews of Anew and Awry, but if I can say : We discover here another aspects of his personality and you know - how to say that? He's so freakin' perfect that's a shame. I kind of think Chelsea Fine tried - and totally succeeded, by the way - to create the perfect male lead. I mean, after the smart-ass but funny ninja - hottie - we met in Anew, the flashbacks in the 1500s gave us insights of his very true personality, giving us the opportunity to discover a man who loves so completely, selflessly, adorably, we just can't help but adore him. Do you know what I prefer about him? ✗ Nooo, not his tattoo (even if, well. Hum. Whatever.)No, what makes me fall completely is the fact that he loves Scarlet for who she truly is. Stubborn. Strong-minded. A thief. He's always proud of her and never tries to overtake her decisions, never tries to choose for her - well, except in order to save her because hey, she has some difficulties to resist him and that's totally normal^^. But I'm rambling, sorry. So, where was I? Oh, yes, the new aspects of his personality we discover in Avow. I won't lie to you, the flashbacks were painful for my fluffy heart. So damn painful. As I said earlier, while these chapters are sometimes a bit too long, on the other hand they lead us to understand fully why Tristan behaved like he did in Anew. In a word : Watch out! My feelings!My heart ached and broke and - ached and broke over and over again. Learning all the decisions and awful choices he made for the sake of Scarlet was heartbreaking. I must admit, sometimes I wanted him to be more selfish. Dammit! He deserved it! But don't worry too much though, because you know what? There was moments where my wounds healed a bit, I smiled so big it hurt - That was wonderful. *swoon*❝ Tristan stopped at the stairs and stared down at her, still smiling. "You coming, or what?"This wasn't the dark, tormented Tristan from her previous lives looking at her with his little boy grin.This was Hunter.Which was wonderful and terrible at the same time.Bossy, dark Tristan Scarlet could avoid.But charming, sweet Tristan? ❞To conclude with Tristan - before I spend all my review talking about him. I totally could. - I'll say just one thing : Obviously I'm often moved by characters, but it's rare I fall so much for them, especially in paranormal. While here, Tristan won me from the beginning and never, ever disappointed me. I loved absolutely all the aspects of him, all his complexity. From his love for weapons to the playful sides of him, including the strength he shows in the harsh choices he makes and the heartbreaking way he loves Scarlet. Hum. Guess I just adore him, that's all.❝ Another tear fell and Tristan was completely lost. He'd never seen her fall apart like this and his heart didn't know what to do with hers.He wrapped her back against his chest. Speechless. Terrified.He loved Scarlet. More than anything.And she was scaring the hell out of him. ❞Let's talk about Scarlet now. As I said in my review of Anew, she's an enjoyable and strong-minded female lead and I must say : as Tristan, Scarlet, I'm proud of you. Yes she's stubborn, and yes she's wrong sometimes but she always follows her way without throwing up her hands. She's courageous. Oh well, and she makes me laugh. ❝ Yeah. I know it seems weird," she said. "And I'd really love to explain myself, but honestly, you came up out of nowhere and I haven't had time to put together a good lie. ❞Moreover, I truly enjoyed the fact that her memories were brought back to her. Because this Scarlet who knows how to fight and has centuries of battles before her? She's a complete badass. And I. love. it. ❝ Agh. Spare me your sacrificial agenda." Another memory hit her and her veins heated. "And you let me wander around with amnesia for two years?" He opened his mouth, but Scarlet cut him off. "And then you let me date Gabriel? What the hell, Tristan? ❞But do you want to know who surprised me the most? Gabriel. He and I don't really share a great history : I found him boring and dumb in Anew, hated him then just stand him in Awry, and here, the trilogy is finished and... I kind of like him. I know, I know, he was horrible to Tristan and all that stuff sometimes, but I ended to understand him you know? This Archer boy becomes so much more that we could expect in the beginning. Of course I didn't always agree with him - that's quite the opposite - but while he appears to be incredibly selfish in Anew and Awry, he redeems himself in Avow : he's funny, trustworthy, courageous, (view spoiler)[and the moments he became aware of his feelings for Heather were part of my favorites. (hide spoiler)]❝ Wha- What was that?" Heather lifted a brow. "What was that hey bro, make sure the blond chick doesn't cut any body parts off look? Because I'll have you know, I'm an expert with butcher knives."Tristan pointed at the weapon in Heather's hand."That's a machete. ❞As for Heather and Nate, they confirm their role as super awesome and funny friends. I really appreciated the fact that they bring light to the story, especially Heather - I missed her so much in the flashbacks of this one! Beyond her love for fashion and all the "O-M-G" she let out, she turns out to be incredibly loyal, and yes, brave someway. ❝ I'm so confused." Nate shook his head. "What's happening here?" He waved his spoon around at Tristan. "Why are you whistling and making breakfast? Why are you doing happy person things? This is very unsettling." Tristan shrugged. ❞✶A word about the plot : I don't want to spoil you, so I'll be fast : except from the fact that I guessed the end waaay before, the author offers us some wonderful twists which made me feel so much emotions that I can't be disappointed. ♡ ♡ This journey in Avalon was amazing and unforgettable : I followed the characters, and someway, they became artifacts of myself - I fell in love with them, I suffered, I cried, I hoped, I worried, I laughed, I was pissed, mad, left without breath sometimes - I loved. ♡ ♡What else could I want?→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→Hunter!!! ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ Yeah, I'm totally singing right now - You'd better hide or something ㋡["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Booknut
    2019-03-09 09:25

    When your ex-fiance's supposed-to-be-dead (and apparently not dead) psycho ex-girlfriend appears on the know it's not gonna be pretty.Raven's back. Why? She's bent on finding the Fountain of Youth. The same fountain that Scarlet, with her newly-recovered memories, knows the exact whereabouts of...a fountain that Scarlet doesn't want found, because of the deadly fate that awaits. The rules applying to the Fountain of Youth are stricter and more heartbreaking than Gabriel, Tristan and Nate ever imagined. There's no happy ending for any of them there.But Scarlet may not have a choice.Raven's got ammo - both Gabriel and Heather are abducted and if Scarlet wants to ever see them again, alive, she'll have hand over the map of the fountain's whereabouts. Meanwhile, readers delve into memories of a past Scarlet remembers with new-found clarity as well as select memories from Tristan and Gabriel. These memories fill in the gaps of our knowledge of the trio, the lives Scarlet didn't remember and the torturous relationship between her and Tristan.Scarlet must make a choice, drawing on all of her lives and her experiences. Does she share the secret of the fountain?Or does she sacrifice her happily ever after for the boys she loves?Excerpt:'Tristan followed so close behind her she could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck. Again.“Ten foot rule,” called Nate. “Bite me!” Tristan hollered back, more hot breath caressing her skin with his words. A wonderful shiver ran through her body. Damn him and his beautiful mouth and hot breath and his leather-smelling shirt. She assumed he was headed to his own room in the basement, but when she walked into the guest bedroom, he followed her inside. She turned around to tell him to leave her alone, but his bright green eyes derailed her words. He was so pretty… No! No. He was not pretty. He was in danger of dying. Focus on the danger, Scarlet. She glared at him. “What are you doing?” “I’m sleeping with you.” Was he insane? She lifted a brow. “I thought you were mad at me.” “I’m concerned. Not mad.” “Huh. Well either way you’re not sleeping with me.” “Yes, I am.” He was insane. “No,” Scarlet repeated. “You’re not. You could die, Tristan. We can’t touch and we certainly can’t…sleep together.” She felt her face flush. A look of amusement crossed his face. “I meant sleep, Scar.” “Oh. Well.” She cleared her throat. “I don’t want to wake up next to a corpse, so, like…scram.”'My thoughts:Note to God: Every girl needs a Tristan. Note to Guys: If any of you are a Tristan, please let me know.Note to Santa: Can I have a Tristan for Christmas?!SO MANY EMOTIONS - I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M FINISHED!!! What a series!!So beautiful *sniffles and swipes at eyes* Ah! I'm teary and so, so happy! I think I need to go cry about the fact I don't have a Tristan :/I was a rollercoaster whilst reading this book - an emotional wreck. All thanks to Chelsea, who does a wonderful of job of including 100 million Tristan + Scarlet moments...the tension was swoon-worthy, let me tell you! And then when Raven comes in...and then Gabriel and Heather are hostages...and then the fountain...ah!

  • Sammy
    2019-03-07 13:29

    Woahhhh - Scarlet looks BADASS on that cover! O_OI cannot WAIT to read this book, especially now that Scar remembers everything - and LOVES Tristan!!! :D ^~^ While Gabriel spent his days drinking and gambling, Tristan devoted most of his time to helping townsfolk. Providing food to the orphans, giving money to the churches, letting whoever and whatever find shelter in his large home for indefinite periods of time.(view spoiler)[I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE FACT THAT NATE DIED!I think we became more attached to Nate... than Heather or Gabriel in the series! Wayyyy more attached, Nate was quirky, funny, strange, sensitive... and just AWESOME!ughhh... not fair! anywayyyyy(hide spoiler)] Tristan and Gabriel's relationship! damn.... all those different centuries just magnified the beautiful brotherly affection they have for one another - as well as Tristan's relationship with Scar. And his relationship with Nate... it's so strange how the two TOTALLY different personalities became best friends who had a mutual understanding with each other - they didn't exactly pour their hearts out to each other - but they were honest with each other and truly cared for one another.... in more ways than one, I think Tristan's relationship with Nate was better than Heather and Scarlet's.. and Gabriel and Tristan. Cos Tristan's friendship with Nate was subtle but sincere. ohhh and Gabriel and Heather? :/ It seemed forced to me, I didn't see how they developed feelings for each other - I actually thought Heather was going to go with Nate at the beginning, they had more teasing fights and chemistry... Gabriel and Heather? yehh not so much.

  • Jen ♥Star-Crossed Book Blog♥
    2019-03-16 12:03

    He cocked his head. “Have I mentioned how badass you look with a dagger in your hand?”She smirked. “Not for a few hundred years.”From the very first page, this series enraptured me. I have found a heroine I respect, a book boyfriend that I can obsess over, and a storyline that left me enchanted. After finishing this series, I still can’t stop thinking about every moment that made my breath catch and then had me smiling. I am completely obsessed with The Archers of Avalon and Avow was the happily addicting, heart-wrenching ending that I was hoping yet so very nervous for.“This,” he moved his hand to her mouth and ran his thumb across her lower lip, “doesn’t hurt you.” He spoke softly and every fiber in Scarlet’s body tightened with desire. “My touch isn’t dangerous anymore.”Oh, his touch was dangerous. Very, very dangerous.He could die.Scarlet has her memories back. She remembers where the fountain of youth is and the hurdle that goes with. On top of that, the curse has shifted. Scarlet’s touch can kill Tristan and Tristan is hell bent on trying to touch Scarlet as much as humanly possible. That boy is glutton for punishment! And if those two issues don’t complicate the situation enough, Gabriel and Heather have been kidnapped by the wicked witch Raven. What entails is an entertaining journey of our favorite friends trying to keep one another alive and find the fountain of youth. He leaned into her and his expression became very sincere. “And as far as where you belong…: He put a hand over his heart. “Right here. Always. In life and death and everything in-between.” He paused. “Never question it.”Thankfully we get to go back in time, and watch Scarlet and Tristan evolve over the years, so we understand their relationship inside and out. Watching the rest of their past unfold was gut-wrenching. The horrors of watching Scarlet die again and again and Tristan falling further into depression and desperately seeking for a way to kill himself made me understand each of them on an entirely new level. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, prepared me for the heart ache that was inevitable. I cried my eyes out for Tristan’s plight and through it all I somehow loved him even more.She stroked her fingers up and down the lines, pulling his waistband down so she could see more of the drawing. Her heart swelled knowing Tristan had been wandering the world for over a hundred years with a memory of her inked into his side.I know I’ve gushed about Tristan in my two previous reviews BUT you have to know about this! I love dark moody Tristan. That will never change. But in Awry, we got to see the side of Tristan we first saw when he was warming his way into Scarlet’s heart. That sweet side of Tristan is BACK! He doesn’t have the stress of the curse on him. His touch can’t kill Scarlet anymore. So, sweet, charming, sexy Tristan is here to reclaim his love with Scarlet. Heaven help me, but he was so intoxicating that he had me squealing with joy. Dark moody Tristan and sweet, charming Tristan will and forever be utter perfection.She let him run his fingers across her cheekbone and down to her lips. He cupped her face and looked into her eyes as his thumb ran along her lower lip. “I will love you forever,” he said, desperate to chase the sadness from her eyes. “Don’t every question that.”The dialogue was funny and witty. The characters were lovable and unique. The story-line was fast paced and entertaining. The three together? It made an epic ending to a wonderful series! This is a must-read! I look forward to re-reading this series in the future again and again. And now I can't wait to read the rest of Chelsea Fine's books! But let me say lastly - that epilogue? Oh. My. Gosh. What in the world was that?! I don’t know if I’m giddy or scared. Actually, I’m probably both! But rest assured, I will be stalking Chelsea Fine’s blog to see what will happen in the future!PS I loved every moment that Heather and Nate where in the book. They were hilarious, loveable and are in my top 5 favorite side characters!PPS The whip scene with Nate is hilarious! I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe and I’ve already gone back to re-read it 5 times!For more of my reviews, please visit:

  • CJ
    2019-03-21 15:22

    I adored both Anew and Awry, both five star reads, loved the characters, loved the romance, (loved Tristan), loved the mystery, loved the surprises, loved that it was not predictable. And I was very eager to read Avow, I got it the day it came out. It pains me to only give this book 3.5 stars, but so much of what I loved about Anew and Awry is missing from Avow. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it, but it is missing that magic of the first two.Like Awry was, Avow is told both in the present and the past. You get to find out what happened in all of the past lives that Scarlet has lived. But whereas in Awry, where it was woven into the present, with flipping back and forth, the past is told in one big section in Avow. And the past is actually half the book. Yes, it was interesting. I loved finding out the changes that Tristan goes through. I loved Tristan's anguish. Yes I wanted to know all this, and my heart broke even more for Tristan (sigh), and there are a number of truly beautiful moments and comments made by Tristan about Scarlet. But it felt a little repetitive reading about Scarlet coming back, Tristan pushing her away, over and over again. I would have liked the present to be mixed through the past. It would have broken up the pattern. In addition to this my mind kept on going, "I want to know what is happening in the present".As for the section on the present, there is all the nice things you would expect from this series, the great romance between Scarlet and Tristan (which is even better as Scarlet can feel Tristan this time around), the witty comments from Heather and Nate, and Gabriel being Gabriel. Of course the present story is `will they find the fountain before evil Raven, and what will happen along the way'. Without giving anything away, what happened was a little too predictable, especially at the fountain, and the previous two books were anything but predictable. Of course everyone wants a happy ending, but the other stuff was just obvious, and I was not shocked or surprised by any outcome. Anew and Awry both shocked and surprised me and I missed that in this book. In addition, there were a lot of battle scenes with `Ashmen', and I found these a bit repetitive and boring.You will want to read the final of this series, it is a nice book, I am sure you will like it, I liked it. It raps the series up nicely, you get that nice ending, but for me it was missing the magic that the previous two had, because it was predictable and a little repetitive.Will I read it again? Maybe

  • Jodie
    2019-03-25 08:11

    I want it. I have to have it. I need it...Stupid December. Announcement: December & I are no longer friends. December is too far away and it's slow. December is off the Christmas card list.Ps. I believe this is your fault Ms Fine?

  • Jenelle
    2019-02-26 13:15

    Seriously, any author that can put out a good, 3 book series in a year, is pretty much awesomeness incarnate. Thank you for letting me anticipate the next book instead of dreading the long wait!

  • Maria (highinthebooksky)
    2019-03-12 13:04

    a beautiful conclusion!I really liked the third book but I have to be honest and say that the flashbacks at the first half of the book were a little bit too much... I almost forgot what happened in the real storyline ... at awww Tristan and Scarlet .... they were actually the most tragic star- Crossed couple ever! their story really touched my heart!!!! and Tristan just proved once again how perfect he is!!! and Heather & Gabriel!!!!Aaaahhh sooo cute!!! I'm so happy for both of them and yeah the epilogue ... eeem I'm gonna ignore that part bc didn't get it at all!!! Chelsea what are you trying to say!!!!! all in all I loved this trilogy!!!! awesome characters and such an interesting curse!!!! I'm kinda sad it all ended...

  • Mariana
    2019-02-23 11:04

    Can't wait!!! #Tristannnnnn<3December!!!THIS WAITING IS MAKING ME ANXIOUS!! Ahhh 11/19Wow! Love that cover!!!!

  • Lucy
    2019-02-24 11:17

    Three Books. 196 Chapters. 1287Pages. All of this in seven days. The facts speak for themselves, right? Right. So, needless to say I absolutely enjoyed this series and maybe this last book even more than the previous. So much that now I’ve finished it my head and my heart seem empty. No more cursing-drama. No more arrows. No more Tristan. Oh God, I feel sad when I think I’ll never ever read about my precious hunter…“Avow” was a perfect conclusion for this beautiful and heartbreaking series. I wasn’t afraid, I knew Chelsea Fine would know how to conclude Scarlet’s story but I didn’t know she could break my heart even more than she already did. She did. In so many ways that sometimes it was almost unbearable to witness of so much pain and injustice. Being honest, Chelsea Fine’s series is one of the most beautiful romance I’ve ever read about. Actually, I feel that all the paranormal things, as good as they are, were only an excuse to frame a powerful and moving love story. In this last book, Chelsea Fine surprises me by her writing choice. I must admit, when I realized I would be stuck in the past with only flashbacks for a while I was worried this will annoy me. Now that I checked a few reviews of this third book, I know some blogger have criticized that. Let me tell you here I can understand this point but personally I found all this first part absolutely wonderful and really interesting. It was the only way to finally truly understand the characters and their relationship.No surprisingly, the one which moved me the most was Tristan. To use the expression of my friend Aliénor, “the guy is awesomeness in a bottle” (sorry girl, I have to quote you because I couldn’t say it better…). In fact, I didn’t think I could love Tristan more but I did. You know, BEFORE in my life, there was Daemon (from Lux Series by JLA for those who don’t live on earth…) BUT NOW? There is Daemon and Tristan. See how much I love my tattooed-hunter? Seriously, the guy had suffered all his life. Physically and emotionally. However, all these years, he keeps faith in True Love. Without thinking of himself and always devoted to one person: Scarlet. How heartbreaking! Everyone necessarily dreams of this kind of love… Tristan make me dream. (being honest I don’t think a guy truly can wait for one girl during 500 years…). But it’s great to dream. That is what the books are for and Chelsea Fine totally got that!But the author also knew she needed a girl worthy of so much love to make her story feels real. I already talk a lot about Scarlet in my review of “Awry” and I don’t have much to add except she confirms here her amazingly personality. With all her memories, Scarlet is totally badass: ready for every battle with her bow and her tenacity. I could say a lot more about this fiery heroin but all you need to know that she totally won my heart in this last book and she truly deserved so much love…So, since the beginning, both Scarlet and Tristan are the core of the story and I must confess I didn’t pay much attention to Gabriel. He often annoyed me with what I thought was a selfish behavior. Actually, I learned to understand him in that third book to the point to almost love him. The bond he shares with his brother is real, selfless and very touching. Chelsea Fine did a good job with Gabe since she manages to change a “No-Way-I-Could-Stand-Him-One-Day” character to a kind, trust-worthy and appealing guy who deeply earns to be loved.So as you see, with all the feelings this first part provided me, I can’t regret it. However, I’m not going to lie to you, I was eager to get back in the present time and see how our characters were going to get out the awful situation they were. Besides, I really missed Heather. Without her, things are obviously much less fun. And here again, the pink-shoes girl worth the trip. She’s merely amazing. I adored her with all my heart and I already missed her totally out-of-the-way repartees!To my greatest pleasure, I enjoyed the second part as much as the first. Chelsea Fine put a magnificent face-paced ending to her trilogy. I couldn’t dream better. If you didn’t already understand it: this final book was absolutely flawless. And I say that with a totally unbiased opinion. Obviously when it comes to Tristan’s story, I am totally fair, right? Okay who am I trying to fool? Nobody, I’m sure… but still…Finally and before I forget, I truly need to say few words about Nate, you know the nerdy and third immortal guy. I didn’t talk about him in my last reviews though it was a character I loved very much. A character who enlightened this heartbreaking story, who made me laugh out loud before his repartees, who made my heart clench before his lack of selfishness. A true friend. The kind of friend everybody should have.To conclude. Really, do I need to conclude? Anew, Awry and Avow are MUST-READS and you have to read them. NOW. Me? I re-read them for sure!

  • Ramonelle Hiteroza
    2019-02-24 12:28

    Avow is the last installment in the enchanting series, The Archers of Avalon. And on that note, let me cry like a baby and freak the hell out. I am a HUGE fan of this series and I am in love with AVOW. Chelsea Fine, you have just become one of my favorite authors ever. Words cannot express how dearly I love this story, okay they can, I was just being dramatic. But really, I can't believe I have to say goodbye to Team Awesome. Sniff sniff. And what an end to a wonderful journey to the Fountain of Youth. I feel like crying happy tears.The Archers of Avalon is definitely a beautiful read filled with a great romance between century-long star-crossed lovers, mystery, brotherly love, true friendship, magic and curses, heart-breaking sacrifices, moments that will squeeze your heart to pieces, and banters that will make you laugh out loud.In AVOW, Scarlet finally got her memories back and the transition was completed. Meaning, the connection she and Tristan had was reversed. This time, it's Scarlet's touch that might kill Tristan and she's the one who suffers in pain when they're apart. Color me and them FRUSTRATED! Raven, the crazy witch, kidnapped Heather and Gabriel in exchange for the map of the fountain. You know what I love the most in this series? FLASHBACKS! And this book is full of them. WOOT. There we see how Tristan and Scarlet suffered through their fatal connection, how Tristan heart shattered to pieces, how Gabriel suffered life without love, and how Nate really got addicted to the video game. I can't believe it was Tristan's fault. Chuckles.I can absolutely tell you that I will really miss the characters. They're all amazing and I really loved the bond these crazy group have.SCARLET JACOBS. Oh, I am so amazed by this girl. In the first book, we were introduced to a Scarlet with amnesia, who woke up in forest with no memories of who she was. Then from being the lost girl, torn between her feelings for two brothers, we met the Scarlet in the flashbacks and, OH MAN, was she buckets full of awesome! She's way badass. And by badass, I mean she's the hunter who threatened Tristan's life to steal his hunt, same girl who stole ( or "borrowed" as she would say) Tristan's weapons and vials of blood in the middle of the night like a creep to go on a suicidal mission, and the girl who will go the great lengths to protect the ones she love without thinking twice. See what I mean? She's hilarious, brave, and oh so stubborn. She's damn perfect.TRISTAN ARCHER. Oh my freaking wow! Just gimme a second to pause and swoon, okay? This guy, you guys! Green-eyed hottie? Check. Dangerously sexy and intense? Double check! Will do any crazy-ass stunt to save his girl like hiring people to mutilate him and trying every goddamn weapon to literally break his immortal heart? CHECK! Yeah, this is the guy! Talk about true effin' love. I guess watching the girl you love die over and over and over again definitely push a guy off the deep end. But Tristan hadn't always been the brooding, suicidal mess that he was. In fact, he was the responsible, kind-hearted Archer who hunted his father's forest to provide food for the poor.The guy who captured Scarlet's heart and owned it since. Scarlet's Hunter. Same guy who broke his own heart and asked his brother to marry his girl so she'd be kept safe. Who can beat that, huh? Swoooooonnnn.....GABRIEL ARCHER. This Archer I did not like at first. I thought he did not deserve being with Scarlet. He's good-looking like Tristan. Duh, twins. Charming and nice but him and Scarlet together was not right. At all. I felt like he only loved her because of the curse, He couldn't find love without Scarlet so he had to settle for her. And that's just terrible for them both. But somewhere along the way, Gabriel won a place in my heart. I was actually crossing my fingers that he eventually finds his happiness. And then in AVOW, I realized he really did love Scarlet in his own ways and that he's willing to let Tristan make peace with her even after he'd broken her heart to stop Scarlet from hurting. Just proved that he's not selfish and he wanted his brother and Scarlet to be happy even if it hurt him, too. Then he was so protective of Heather and the two of them were amazing and I just want them to be in love. Screw the curse and all. I've been hoping for this since book two and thank you, Chelsea Fine for granting my wish. You're the best.HEATHER BAXTER. OMG! This perky girl I heart so much. She's the best girlfriend Scarlet has ever had. She's super hilarious and cute. I was super mad at that lunatic witch-bitch when she got Heather addicted to the fountain water and almost sending her to the nut-house. And she's brave and smart. Butcher knife and all. Oh, and the fact that she made Gabriel feel something for her and not empty at all , curse and all, that earned her huge points. Go, Tomb Raider! With pink boots.NATE I DUNNO HIS LAST NAME. This geeky immortal is definitely my favorite. He's crazy hilarious and though he sucked at being a witch, he made up for being an awesome friend. He was a great help to finding a cure for Scarlet. He's the bestfriend who stood by Tristan during his darkest, broodiest times. He's become like a brother to the Archers and Scarlet. And most importantly, his Comic-Con purchased thingies that Gabriel underestimates? Totally life-saving! OMG, love the whip! And trust him to recognize an awkward moments when he's in one. He's the best.MOST HEART-BREAKING MOMENT: Nate's sacrifice. I can't even. Sob.Overall, this series is on the TOP of the best I've read. Can't you tell? It’s a bittersweet story of sacrifice, loss and love. Definitely a page-turner and if you're a sucker for happily ever after, pick up this series. Like now.

  • Sun
    2019-03-14 09:19

    It’s finally here! I downloaded this as soon as I got home and started reading it and I don’t think I got up from my bed for six hours and then another hour because I was reminiscing how amazing this series were and how far the characters came. There’s more information about there previous lives in this book which helps you understand why Tristan is always wary around Scarlet even when all they want to do is jump each others bones haha. But seriously in all the other books I was just like cant you guys just kiss for a couple minutes. In this book it explains how they have to search for Scarlet each time she dies and every time she does Tristan always blames himself and takes to drinking, fighting and just generally disliking himself. Anyway the ending is bittersweet but it’s amazing nonetheless. Highly recommend this series to any YA book reader.

  • Natasha
    2019-02-26 09:16

    Update:Please read full review here: I've been looking forward to this book forever.. and I must say it was fairly disappointing.Definitely not as good as the first two, and I could not STAND reading ANYTHING in regards to Heather in this book. She was the epitome of annoying.December 11th:TODAY IS THE DAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

  • Laura
    2019-02-25 13:28

    O-M-G! What an epic and bittersweet ending! I have laughed (lots - seriously, I love Chelsea Fine's humor; The dialogue between the characters is so funny! They cracked me up!) and cried (especially in the end) while reading this and simply couldn't put it down. What an awesome story with amazing characters. I loved every single page of this. Definitely one of my favorite paranormal series!! But... what is with the epilogue? I mean... I can't even... I just don't get it. Was that supposed to make me go insane? Well, if that's the case, well done Miss Fine. Anywayy, I'm in love with this series. And Tristan. And Scarlet. And Nate. And Heather. And Gabriel. Sigh.

  • Elena
    2019-03-24 08:25

    4.5Whaaat? That epilogue.... I'm confused as hell..It has come to an end :( Noooo! I don't want to leave Tristan! Yes I will miss the story and the characters, but Tristan gets all my love here. I loved the flashbacks in the second installment, but in this one I felt like they dominated the story, so I didn't enjoy it quite as much... but still an amazing series! I am not completely ready to let these characters go....

  • Deniz Atakan
    2019-03-23 11:01

    Az önce Farkettim ki güncelleme yapmama rekoru kırmışım. Halbuki seriyi aylar önce bitirmiştim. Hatırladığım kadarıyla güzel, mutlu bir sondu. Gerçi yazar hiç olmayacak bir fedakarlık yaratıp çok sevdiğim bir karakterin başını yaksa da Tristan okunmaya değerdi. Son kısımlar biraz zorlamaya gelmiş gibi gelse de bana yine de tatlı bir sondu diyelim ;) Herkese iyi okumalar :)

  • Jennifer Creador
    2019-03-06 11:16

    Heartache. Pain. Love. Happiness. Friendship. Sacrifice. And of course a whole lot of immortal hotness. Loved this. A great ending for the series.

  • Andreea Pop
    2019-03-21 15:11

    4.5 Stars!“Because you love me. And I love you. And it’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever felt.”Guys, you have to read these books! The Archers of Avalon is an amazing series, full of action, romance, humor and loyalty. I’m positive you’ll love it as much as I do. So let’s see what makes this book a lovely, yet bittersweet conclusion to this wonderful series, shall we?We have Scarlet, Tristan and Gabriel, cursed for the past five hundred years, trapped in a ridiculously well written love triangle, complex and gut-wrenching. Those two guys, those two twins, are utterly swoon-worthy. I kept switching places between Team Gabriel and Team Tristan since the first book, because they both deserve love and a normal existence. But in the end I realized that Scarlet belongs with Tristan and Gabriel has to right to choose a love of his own.“Tristan was with her first, but he asked me to marry her when he was sent off to war,” he said casually.Like this wasn’t a giant bombshell that changed everything in the whole freaking world.”Scarlet’s stubbornness cracked me up. She literally takes the whole notion of “stubborn” to a different degree. Secretive, caring and realistic. I respected the fact that she wanted to sacrifice herself in order to save the ones she loves.And the boys, oh those two guys and how they trust each other… just… amazing! They go on with their life no matter the price, but they always do it together. Okay, sometimes they’re really pissed off at each other, but adorable nonetheless.“He was known to his audiences as Archer. He was known to Gabriel as dumbass.”We have Heather, Scarlet’s best friend, a human trapped in this complicated story who manages to make the readers laugh and cheer them up, no matter where she ends up. She fights for her life, she fights for her friends, she fights for the things she didn’t experience yet. “Wha—what was that?” Heather lifted a brow. “What was that hey bro, make sure the blond chick doesn’t cut any body parts off look? Because I’ll have you know, I’m an expert with butcher knives.”In this book we see her connecting with Garbriel and I’ve gotta say, boy, I think you’ve found your match ;) Love is in the air…“I think my biggest health concern with you is your mood. It is dreadful.”“Is it?” she asked dryly.He nodded. “Yes. And you look awful.”“You flatter me.”We have Nate – aka Indiana Jones of the 21st Century – who was my favorite character in the whole series. His geeky personality is easy to love and he managed to make me laugh out loud all the time. “Why on earth do you own a whip?”“Why don’t you?”Oh dear God.”I loved his friendship with the Archer brothers, his sarcastic replies, his optimistic way of living and his restless tests to discover a cure for Scarlet’s curse. To sum it up, I loved him. “The great door opened. “I would say this is a pleasant surprise,” Nathaniel said, “but since you’ve been in an awful mood for fifty years I’m assuming you are not here to sing or dance or anything jolly like that.”“I’m afraid not.”“Well, then by all means,” he gestured him inside, “come in and depress me.”We have the villain vixen aka Raven, a witch from their past. Now she is what I like to call a real weirdo, the one that makes you gasp in disgust, bite your nails and wide your eyes. Creepy, selfish, psychotic, crazy woman. Yep. Definitely a weirdo.And finally we have what makes this story different. A mesmerizing touch of magic, just to put you on the edge, with its curses and twists and unpredictable outcomes. It triggers adventure, action and a wonderful emotional rollercoaster. Being focused on finding The Fountain of Youth, this story proves us originality and a complex world-building. The ending is sad, bittersweet, because it represents a great sacrifice, but at the same time you will be satisfied about how things ended.Avow was a perfect combination of past and present, with flashbacks in Scarlet’s and the Archers’ past lives. Chelsea Fine created a wonderful world, beautiful relationships and a gorgeous adventure. Read it, bookworms everywhere! You won’t regret it. :)ENJOY!*This review can also be found here: http://raftul-cartilor-vampiresti.blo...

  • Rachmi
    2019-03-25 12:10

    Update February 16th, 2014Ms. Fine told me that there will be a new story from The Archers of Avalon series next year! March 16th, 2013Me: Hey…I know you've read Anew, what do you think?My BFF: O-M-G Rachmi, I'm glad you talked about it non-stop till I read it. I finished the whole series, I hate to say this, but you are absolutely right. It was awesome. The series was awesome!Me: I've told youMy BFF: I know you will say it. Thanks though for making me didn't leave behind, at least I'm one of 4846 readers now :DMe: I've gave you my opinion now what do you think about it, aside of awesomeness? :PMy BFF: I agree with your opinion, even the part about Tristan who always keep his words, though I still love my vampire ;) so I guess I don't have anything to say except it was awesome.Me: are speechless, huh?My BFF: Yeah...I am. With many flashbacks in the beginning and middle of the story, I cannot guess what will happen with the characters in the end, can you?Me: Hmm.....actually I love those flashback scenes. I never thought that Chelsea Fine will write many lives of Tristan, Gabriel, Nathaniel and Scarlet. So when she did I kind of surprised because it made the story fromAnew andAwry clearer. I get a whole of their life story, not only a glimpse of their past and present life. It was like Chelsea Fine put the last puzzle for the story, every part that unclear, potholes from the prequels became clear here. Yet, I feel like their journey to Fountain of Youth too easy. I mean they spend centuries to find it and when Scarlet remembered basically it is just in front of their eyes. I also can guess what will happen to the characters in the ending. I guess I'm pretty good guessing the story or maybe it was because the author actually wrote clues along the story.My BFF: What do you mean?Me: Let say...(view spoiler)[ part about Nate who sacrificed his life instead of Scarlet. Along the story it was obvious that he don't want to be immortal anymore, his life end when Molly died, though he still have a purpose. I think you can guess that in the end Nate the one who will sacrifice if you pay more attention to it(hide spoiler)].My BFF: Well...I think I'll never pay more attention like you do. I let you be the one who do that because you are an observant reader, I guess. Oh, I have one thing to say that you haven't mentioned. You didn't say this series is hot, I mean I can feel the chemistry between Tristan and Scarlet. Their relationship though it was awry but so sweet, so unconditional but not in a cheesy way. I love it, I love reading their story, their banter and I can tell you that I can fell the sexual tension, their passion and their love to each other.Me: You are indeed a hopeless romantic :)My BFF: Hey, what can I say :D what your favorite scene from the series by the way? Mine is when Tristan and Scarlet spent their time in the cave, you know what I mean, right?Me: Yeah, I know it but I'm not quite fond of it.My BFF: Why? It was a very sweet romantic full of sexual tension kind of scene, you know.Me: I don't know I just feel that they are in the middle of their life and death journey and then there was that scene. I think they have to take their priority, which is their life is their top priority if I can say it.My BFF: Oh come on, they can have a break from their messy life for a while and enjoy each other company. They fall in love for centuries and have to stay away from each other, for goodness sake. They deserve it!Me: just my opinion.My BFF: So, we agree then The Archers of Avalon is an awesome series that I will read it again and again in the future. I will never get tire read this story.Me: Yup, I told you this is an awesome series.My BFF: don't have to remind me again but why you gave it 4 stars?Me: It’s because my questions from Anew and Awry still left unanswered, I still love it though. I won’t give it 4 stars if I didn’t love it.My BFF: Oh, I have a question too from Avow (view spoiler)[ what happen to Laura's body? I mean she was killed and they left her body just like that?(hide spoiler)]. I think those are not important questions because it didn't influence to the story. I mean without we questioning it, the story still awesome and Chelsea Fine didn't have to explain everything. Me: I guess it was just our curiosity. I understand that the author cannot describe all of the things in books. Well, maybe it is better to be left behind. It's like it kept that way for reader imagination but I feel I need to know the way the fountain of youth works to physical appearance of the immortal. I need to know about when or how the Archer brothers and Nate have their youth and gorgeous features.My BFF: It was just your curiosity because obviously I didn't mind of unanswered question. Just left it behind, will you?----That…my Goodreads friends, my journey with Archer brothers, Scarlet, Nathaniel and Heather and even with Laura, Raven, Clare and Ashmen. A wonderful journey from Chelsea Fine. I’ll surely read your other books, Ms. Fine. Oh, I've readSophie & Carter by the way so I'm waiting forward for your many books in the future. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Portia Lynn (itsportiasbooks)
    2019-03-13 10:29

    This series was a buddy read, and even though I would never have read these normally, I am so glad that I was introduced to them through the lovely ladies I read with!!! This finale was so very good. But because of a few things, I had to go with 4 stars! 1. I felt like too much time was spend in the past/back-story/flashbacks. I appreciate having more of the back story, but it felt a bit too drawn out.2. Some things were very, very obvious. I like more unknowns.3. I hit this point where I was just over Scarlet and Tristan. I cared about Heather, Nate and Gabriel more. (Which is weird, cause for a while I was super suspicious of Gabriel. lol)But aside from that, I really enjoyed this, and I may have just cried a bit at one point. Whenever something makes me cry, that's usually a good sign, because it meant I gave a shit. So lets skip past all the flashbacky stuff and get to the good part!I started feeling like there was going to be a Heather/Gabriel thing in the second book. For a minute, way back at the beginning, I thought Nate. But then I thought i was over thinking all of it. I have to say, the experience of them falling in love, and Gabriels heart filling up, was one of my favorite parts of this book. It was adorable and sweet and just.... yes. He stared at her tear stained face and something unfamiliar grew inside of him. It filled him up as he fell into blackness. Making him less empty.Oh.He wasn't empty anymore...I didn't realize earlier that I could feel so good about Gabriel, ad I was so happy for him in that moment. But the absolute best part of this book was Nate. He kicked off the ledge and swung himself across the abyss, sailing through the air.And then back."You have to jump off." Gabriel watched his friend swing back and forth in terror. "I know dude." He swung back. Its just so high and scary."Jump. Off."Nate jumped off and fell ungracefully to the ground. "Whoo-hoo! I totally didnt die just now! Score."I was laughing so hard as I pictured Nate and his adorableness in my head. And I love all the nerdy pop culture stufff that Nate brought to this story! I think that is why I connect with him so well. lol Speaking of adorable, Heather and her going-slightly-crazyness was sad and cute. That poor girl! And Gabriel just helped her through it all. Awwwwwwwww. But then sadness came, and sacrifices were made, and I lost one that I loved. Even though I get it, I totally understand the reasoning, it still just broke my heart. But now its all over, and I cant wait to go read Best Kind of Broken by the author, because now she has totally sucked me into her books. I highly encourage reading this series!!!

  • M.
    2019-03-25 10:18

    Review with SpoilersI'm a bit disappointed with the conclusion of the Archers of Avalon series. Not that Avow was bad but it wasn't nearly as good as the first two books in the series. It felt anti-climatic and that ending was so predictable.Half of the book was comprised of flashbacks. I didn't mind those flashbacks in the previous books because they were short and didn't distract the reader from what was going on in the present. In Avow it was overly done and a lot of the scenes just showed what we already knew. I think the last flashback would have sufficed to explain why Scarlet didn't want to reveal the truth about the Fountain of the Youth. The other flashbacks were just redundant and I didn't care for them at all.In the present I enjoyed way more the scenes with Gabriel and Heather. They were cute together and a novelty (I was tired of the whole My touch kills you/ I need to die so you can live whole shenanigan surrounding Scar and Tristan's relationship) and I wished Chelsea had shown a scene where they finally kissed or something. So bummed that she didn't. Tristan and Scarlet's relationship dynamic reversed. In Avow, Scarlet could feel Tristan's emotions and she had the killing touch. Also Scarlet was now the one on a suicidal mission so Tristan could live. It was such an hypocrite thing to do. She was mad at him for wanting to do the same before. I couldn't help but to think that Scarlet was choosing the easy way out and that the act of sacrifice was pretty selfish. She dies and she doesn't have to live missing her soulmate. How convenient. I liked amnesia Scarlet better.Another thing that bothered was the major plot whole. How in the world Scarlett's father and uncle got a hold of the magic water if it was so hard to get to it in the first place? I couldn't remember if they were the ones who actually found the fountain or if they purchased the water from someone else? And if the second option was the case, how in the world did they get a hold of the map? And if they had the map, how come they couldn't find the fountain? I'm not sure if Chelsea knew how to answer that question so it was never addressed.In conclusion, I really wanted to give more stars to Avow. Despite all my complaints, I enjoyed the writing and I was glad that Nate, Heather, and Gabriel were there to make me laugh. But unfortunately, it didn't really meet my expectations, so 3 stars it is.

  • Alexandra Harris
    2019-03-13 13:12

    This probably the worst series I've ever read.... seriously.... horrible.I want my money back.... someone should have paid me to read this series!!

  • Esra
    2019-02-25 15:19

    Bu ne saçma son.. Hani filmlerde her şey bitti sanırsın da jenerikten son bir sahne çıkar devamının geleceğini belli eden.. İşte aynı şey oldu.. Ama KOCAMAN bir sorun var... SERİ BİTTİ!!Sonunu da beğenemedim.. Üç kitap boyunca yazmış da yazmış yazmış da yazmış.. Son bölümde özet geçmiş sanki.. Ocakta yemek mi yanıyordu? Ne oldu?Bu son kitapta sevdiğim tek şey geçmiş kısımları oldu.. Gabriel konusunda da haklı çıktım.. Hiç hoşuma gitmedi tahmin ettiğim gibi.. Heather'dan taa en başından beri çok hoşlandığım söylenemez çünkü..En çok da Nate'i sevdim.. İyi güldürdü beni.. Ama yazık oldu.. Üzüldüm..