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They're friends, Greg Brooks and his sexy sister-in-law, Cara. Always have been. Since his brother's death, they've grown even closer, dealing with their grief together, as strong families do. These days though, Greg feels he's in an alternate universe, where Cara is the sun, and he's attracted to her in a gravitational pull he can't escape. And like the sun, she's becomeThey're friends, Greg Brooks and his sexy sister-in-law, Cara. Always have been. Since his brother's death, they've grown even closer, dealing with their grief together, as strong families do. These days though, Greg feels he's in an alternate universe, where Cara is the sun, and he's attracted to her in a gravitational pull he can't escape. And like the sun, she's become something he can't seem to do without. He's done denying he's attracted to Cara. There is no denying it. He doesn't understand how you can be a part of someone's life in one capacity for twenty years and suddenly find yourself looking at them differently one day. But there it is. Right in his face. He wants her. Since her husband died eighteen months ago, Cara's handsome brother-in-law, Greg has been her go-to-guy for advice, help with her teenagers, handyman repairs, and just about anything else she needs. His broad shoulders are more than able to carry the load. Lately, Cara's been feeling drawn to him in an altogether new way and she can't deny the sparks between them anymore. Greg Brooks is a dynamic and successful forty-year-old man who just happens to be really fit and damn good looking. No, there is nothing wrong with Greg Brooks. Except one thing. He's her brother-in-law, and that is a deal-breaker. *This book has strong adult themes and sexual content and is not appropriate for young readers....

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the other brooks boy Reviews

  • Pam
    2019-03-09 19:46

    3.5 stars"You were my friend, my handy man, my children's surrogate daddy. You fixed my faucet, my fears, my self-image. When I'd decided I wasn't worth loving any more, you turned into a man who could love me and desire me. You made me love you ... and you made me whole again."You ever hear the saying love may not be enough, well this is one of those books that takes that puts it to the test. There was nothing rushed or spontaneous about this every decision weighed and measured. Cara lost her husband almost two years ago and she would never made it without the help of her brother-in-law Greg, he has been their rock being there for her and especially her teenage kids. Her marriage was nothing near perfect, her husband emotionally checked out of their marriage long before he died, but refuses to tarnish the memory of her kids and their family. Greg can’t think of nothing better than spending time with his niece and nephew and his sister-in-law, they always had a playful relationship, nothing of course they ever acted on, it was all good fun, until one day, where a switch seems to have been turned on and nothing seems right.He didn't understand how you could be a part of someone's life in one capacity for twenty years and suddenly find yourself looking at them differently one day. But there it was. Right in his face. He wanted her.I suppose reading this, it all felt so real, like this is what would really happen if you were in their position, utterly confused with no idea how to put things back to the way it was. "I am still confused , Greg. I feel so guilty for spending the night with you, and yet, you're the one I want to comfort me. It's your arms I want around me," she said, pressing her cheek to his bare chest.I enjoyed this read, the MC's were a bit older, not to say 40 is old, but compared to what I’ve been reading lately it was fun to get into a rational head for once. Of course they had their own mistakes and misconceptions but it was refreshing. The realness of this is what I think I liked most, I found myself thinking that is how my kids would react or myself for that matter. I’ll be checking out to see what else the author has to offer. No cliff hanger, just thought I'd throw that out there since it looks like there is more to this series.

  • Michele
    2019-02-17 12:48

    A Pleasant surprise!After seeing this book was free on Amazon and reading the blurb, I picked it up. Wow! Was I very pleasantly surprised! I absolutely loved it! It was romantic, sexy, sweet and most appealingly, REAL. Real thirty-something people, living real lives, with real problems and feelings. And the characters were fantastic; strong, likeable and people you’d really want to know. I loved both Cara and Greg. Cara was totally relatable as a widowed mom trying to come to grips with her feelings for a man that she feels she shouldn’t be having feelings for. And Greg Brooks was H-O-T! He was sexy, smart, caring, and respectful and loved Cara’s children like they were his own. The chemistry between Greg and Cara was on off the charts and the love scenes were sizzling. I will never look at a Harley Davidson Motorcycle again without thinking of Greg and Cara! It was only after finishing this book that I discovered it was book one of a series by Diane Roth called The Texas Wildfire Series. This made me very happy because I am really looking forward to reading more by this author! I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone looking for a well-written, relatable, sexy contemporary romance.

  • Donna Porter
    2019-03-09 17:44

    this was a good romance. Greg is the brother of Jason who is married to Cara. Jason is killed in a car crash with his girlfriend in the car. Two years later Greg is helping his sister in law and neice and nephew to heal. Somewhere along the way Greg's feelings for Cara are changing and he is very attracted to her. At the same time she is attracted to Greg. What to do about this and will the family understand. This book brought me to tears as I read it. I could feel Cara's pain. You will love this one. a good read

  • Ivy Deluca
    2019-03-07 15:52

    (freebie on amazon)The PremiseGreg and Cara, his sister-in-law, have always been friends and since his brother's death, they've grown even closer, dealing with their grief together. Their attraction to each other grows stronger each day, but they’re not sure how to handle it, and what their family, including her son and daughter, will say. There are secrets kept regarding the circumstances of Cara’s husband’s death and the fallout from that, as well as the “deification” of a deceased loved one that presents an obstacle to Greg and Cara’s romance.The GoodAn understated, pleasantly character-driven romance, the Other Brooks Boy relies on a slightly soapy (falling for your dead husband’s brother) plot point, but in a pretty realistic manner. There’s no big external angst, instead the focus is on their genuine confusion and concern about ruining what has been a great friendship. The reactions of her children and their friends and family are believable. Greg and Cara’s chemistry is strong and you can definitely picture their love scenes without a problem.The Just OKCara was frustrating, though completely in keeping with the character. My main issue with this romance, I suppose, was the lack of any real excitement. This is all about individual taste, as opposed to any real problematic writing. (view spoiler)[Even the secrets behind Cara and her dead husband’s relationship and the way he died are wrapped up in a nice bow so that all parties can move on to their HEA. In my opinion, the fact that Cara’s husband was clearly cheating on her and that their relationship was one-sided for a very long time, seemed very convenient and avoided the real messy emotional angst there could have been if Cara was truly happy with him til the end.(hide spoiler)]I tend to enjoy romances that are bit darker in tone, or that have a real angst factor. This was a very realistic, and kinda dull, story. It may be different for those who have had similar life experiences, or who enjoy a nice and simple romance, but I just felt it was “alright.”The Bottom LineThis is a story that I didn’t find huge fault with, but I didn’t connect with it. It was pleasant.

  • Debbie
    2019-03-06 11:35

    WOW! What a great book. After Cara's husband dies, his brother Greg has been Cara's rock. He's been there to help with the kids whenever needed, runs errands, fixes things, etc. The two have become very close and count on each other. All of a sudden, their feelings change. Greg notices it first and realizes his feelings for Cara are much more than being his sister-in-law. He's is however torn and doesn't want to ruin the close relationship they have. He loves Cara and the both her kids. Cara starts feeling drawn to Greg and looking at him in a way that she feels guilty of because he's her brother-in-law. Her marriage to her husband wasn't perfect, but a lot of this has been kept bottled up and not even confided to Greg about. After a couple of very intimate situations, Greg and Cara finally talk to each other about their feelings and realize they are mutual and decide to stop trying to fight them. Problem is, will the kids accept their mom and Uncle Greg's relationship as more? And how will Greg's mom feel about him dating his dead brother's widow? The chemistry between these two is hot! I LOVED Greg! He is just so perfect and PATIENT. It's obvious they care very deeply for each other. My only complaint is the way Cara allowed Ryan to act. I'm a mother and although I see part of her reasoning, I think it went on too long without her considering her own feelings. Loved Maddie - she had such a big heart. Etta the best friend is funny and dearly loves Cara. Barbara, the mother-in-law is also a great character. This is a great book of second chances and love. There is no cliffhanger and you get a sweet HEA.

  • Wendy Hines
    2019-03-14 16:39

    First, what a sizzling hot cover! Enough to whet the appetite and hope for that hotness in the book. Cara lost her husband eighteen months ago and now, she relies on her brother-in-law Greg to help her with advice, friendship and memories of her husband. They grieved together and now he helps her out with her kids and everyday other normal things.But, their relationship is changing. Now, Greg wants more from Cara and she finds herself looking at Greg differently, wanting more. But what would they tell the kids? And it is her brother-in-law... Talk about a hot story! I really liked the fact that the characters were older. It added more elements to the story and it was more realistic. The characters are what drives this story but it is a page-turning romance that has elements of family, loss and starting over. There are several romance scenes that almost set the pages on fire, so I hope you like your romance hot because this one is sizzling! The first in a new series, I can't wait to read the next one.

  • Amy
    2019-03-11 13:35

    Cara has been widowed for about 18 months; her husband's brother, Greg, has been helping her with things around the house and helping her with her two teenage kids. During the summer break, while both kids are away, Cara and Greg's feelings change from familial to attraction. They both have a hard time coming to grips with their feelings, but eventually explore it. Cara is hesitant to reveal their relationship, as she thinks the kids aren't ready for it. The way the kids find out isn't what she wanted for them and it causes problems. Cara's daughter, Maddie, while not completely ok with the situation, is at least not outright hostile. Cara's teenage son, Ryan, is quite upset and hostile towards everyone once the truth comes out. After a nice long, sulk, information is revealed to Ryan about his parents' relationship (prior to Dad's death), causing him to finally pull his head out from his butt and re-evaluate his treatment of his mom and her new relationship with his uncle. The epilogue is sweet and has a tiny bit of a shock in it.

  • Tera Chastain(Co-Creator of The Book Bistro)
    2019-03-13 14:33

    At 30% and I'm struggling through this's a little dull and the dialog is boring...and who refers to women as "wenches" in today's world in casual conversation..then not long after Cara uses the word "forlorn"...really?!? In everyday conversations....I hope this gets better...okay I'm done and...this book had potential but fell short..I hate that one of the reasons they seem to be alright with being together was because the husband that have to have a reason that makes it ok..why can't they just be together..what if the dad would have been a great guy?? then they wouldn't have been able to be together..ugg stupid.. and the other "characters" that will have books aren't woven into the story well at all..Ren was there for a few pages and left.. And Rand and his lady I think were brought up was an ok book but fell short..glad it was free ..because now it's like $3.99..I would have wanted my money back if I'd had payed that...

  • Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*
    2019-03-11 14:50

    I am a sucker for second chance love stories and just loved this so much :)Cara is left widowed after her husband dies in a car accident with the secretary he had been having an affair with. She is left raising their son and daughter, who are both teens.Her recently divorced brother in law Greg has been a god send for all three of them. He helps them all out in every way he can. There is a growing attraction between Cara & Greg and when they do come together, intense passion. There is a lot of guilt on Cara's part and it feels like she is doing something wrong. When her son finds out there is more than friendship between them he spits the dummy and Cara has to decide if she is doing the right thing by them?This is a beautiful and at times sad story about second chance love and I really enjoyed this :)

  • Nancy Stopper
    2019-02-20 11:42

    I really enjoyed this story. The heroine was struggling with redefining herself after the death of her husband and her children growing up. I was thrilled when she finally allowed herself to feel and to love again, and I do not begrudge her wanting to keep that to herself for a while. I hated her bratty teenage for his reaction to the relationship and how he manipulated her for so long. I hated that she allowed her sons reaction to drive her behaviors and was glad that Greg didn't put up with it. But Cara should have not let "mom guilt" drive her behavior for that long. I wanted to cheer when her daughter finally said to her son was she wasn't willing to say herself and was pleased with the ending and how the storyline wrapped up.

  • Lisa A
    2019-02-18 13:38

    I loved this book, couldn't put it down. It was free on amazon and sometimes the free books are not what I expect. This book was GREAT!! Cara and Greg were great together. You feel their every emotion. They have great chemistry. The author makes you feel the intensity!! They are brother in law and sister in law. Cara's husband, Greg's brother dies in a a car accident with his girlfriend. Greg does everything for his brother's family, Taking the kids to events, Handyman in the house etc. And Cara and Greg's relationship grows from the great freindship that they have. When the kids find out, it is not good. Ryan and Maddie are not happy, but Ryan takes it really bad and it puts a wedge in the realtionship. Love the ending of this book, and will definitely read more from this author.

  • Ashley
    2019-03-07 17:46

    This book was interesting to say the least. I did love it.Greg's brother died about two years ago and he has been helping his widow and children. Suddenly he starts to have feelings for his brothers widow. Cara also finds herself falling in love with Greg. Under the circumstances Cara wants to wait and tell her kids and his mother until they are sure about what's going on between them. Things fall apart but can they be fixed? Can these two make it work?This book was beyond good. The story was good and different. The characters were fun and intriguing. The flow was flawless. I was easily able to picture myself in this book making it a perfect book in my opinion.I will definitely be reading more books by this author. I can't explain how much I absolutely loved it.

  • Anita
    2019-02-21 16:32

    Okay, so when is the author going to write something else because she is now an auto buy for me! I was so blown away by this book about adults (NOT new adults!!!) with baggage, hopes, dreams, teenage kids, etc and love. At the end of the day, it was a love story and told so well. And the underlying Texas twang in the dialogue made it so much better. Both the H, Greg, and h, Cara, are well done. Great characterization. The secondary characters are well drawn. Tight writing, well conceived situations. Just freaking wonderful. And the smexy parts, tour de force! Well done, not over the top - simply adding to the narrative and done so well. I am so glad I one-clicked this one. Looking forward to more from Diane Roth!! You must read it!!

  • Alison
    2019-03-14 15:25

    A very pleassant read.Cara is dealing with the death of her less-than perfect husband and raising two teenagers. Her borther-in-law is a godsend, helping out in the house and with the kids. Then suddenly their feelings change. This is the story of how they deal with the change in their relationship and how their family and friends receive the news.This was a cut above some of the contemporary romances out there. The basic story isn't anything new but the understated way in which the issues were dealt with was refreshing.

  • Lola Figueroa
    2019-03-04 17:39

    I grabbed this book in early October because it was for free and the cover caught my attention. I am so glad I finally got around to reading it this weekend. Is such a beautiful story, well written and believable. The emotional current from page to page will have your heart racing! Not only is it a HOT and steamy romance but the story line is one that will stay with you for a long time! This is a must read!!!

  • Jamie Rhodes
    2019-02-17 15:42

    I really enjoyed this book. It's about a woman and her brother in law falling in love after she is widowed. These two characters are 40 and falling in love with each other. They have the obstacles of: her kids, her feelings of what everyone will say about them, and of course her mother in law. I enjoyed their journey of finding their HEA in spite of the bumps along the way. I could have swatted Ryan, the 15 year old son, but I do understand his feelings (just not his actions).

  • Annie
    2019-03-10 18:55

    3.5 starsThis novel was okay. The subject and unexpected romance was definitely different and interesting and the book is written and edited fine, making it a fast read. However, it just didn't totally capture me. I'll probably try the second in the series through kindle unlimited before declaring this series not enough to keep me interested. For now I'll declare it take it or leave it.

  • Beccie
    2019-03-15 18:27

    O WOW got it free but if I had known it was so good I would have gladly paid for it. It's been a long time since a romance has had me crying and got my heart beating like I was the one in the relationship. I liked that the characters were older and they were so well rounded with such great chemistry. LOVED IT

  • Niki
    2019-03-07 12:41

    This book was weird. Not at all what the cover or the blurb hint at. It starts straightforward enough, then the scene at the hotel makes me think we are getting to the goods, but also worries me A LOT. And then the phone being found... Not sure. Seemed like too much all at once. And a mature story on a mature topic that started out so "steamy" and light.

  • Angel
    2019-03-19 12:48

    Loved this book! Was great to read about people with real situations and problems rather than internal angst driven drama. This was a great book about love, friendship, and relationships. Can't wait to read more by this author.

  • Janey
    2019-03-01 17:25

    Loved it!, great read, nice start to the series, will definitely be looking forward to the next books, so happy that the main couple were older both tuned 40 in the book, makes a change, Greg sounded absolutely yummy, gorgeous green eyed, kind hearted Texan...sigh...

  • Monique
    2019-02-26 16:44

    A really good book. Gripping and emotional. Just 2 things: the plural of sock is not sox and it's Handel's Messiah.

  • Kimberley Humphrey
    2019-02-20 13:36

    I liked it. Well written & a great leading man. Realistic storyline & characters. Sweet & sexy. Life can begin again at 40

  • Rachel Rule
    2019-03-08 15:40

    Enjoyed reading this book!! Great characters, great Greg and Cara and was excited to see we get to read more from a few other charaters from this story :-) can't wait!!

  • Aj
    2019-02-26 15:46

    Great read...quick...Steamy and yummy!! Greg is everything his brother wasn't!! Has a bossy side too ;-)

  • Ssammy
    2019-03-06 18:30

    Enjoyed this book. Great story and great characters

  • Manuela
    2019-03-03 19:35

    Loved it, cried, laughed, cried again. Very emotional read. Loved it.

  • Cyndi Hackett
    2019-03-07 17:53

    I thought this was a great story about second chances and following your heart.

  • Felicia Franklin
    2019-03-15 17:37

    3.5 stars...Pretty good book.

  • Alma
    2019-03-09 13:48

    I loved it!! I am not going to spoil anything but all I can say is that I am glad I bought the book. :)