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Liam O’Connor 1912’de denizde ölmeliydi.Maddy Carter 2010’da bir uçakta ölmeliydi.Sal Vikram 2026’da bir yangında ölmeliydi. Ancak ölümlerine birkaç saniye kala gizemli biri ortaya çıkıp “Elimi tut…” dedi. Evet. Liam, Maddy ve Sal ölmemişti ama işin aslında yaşamıyorlardı da.Kimsenin varlığını bile bilmediği, tek bir amacı olan bir ajans tarafından işe alınmışlardı. GörevlLiam O’Connor 1912’de denizde ölmeliydi.Maddy Carter 2010’da bir uçakta ölmeliydi.Sal Vikram 2026’da bir yangında ölmeliydi. Ancak ölümlerine birkaç saniye kala gizemli biri ortaya çıkıp “Elimi tut…” dedi. Evet. Liam, Maddy ve Sal ölmemişti ama işin aslında yaşamıyorlardı da.Kimsenin varlığını bile bilmediği, tek bir amacı olan bir ajans tarafından işe alınmışlardı. Görevleri, değiştirilen tarihi düzeltmekti. Çünkü zaman yolculuğu mümkündü ve geçmişe gidip dünyayı değiştirmek isteyen insanlar vardı. ZAMAN YOLCULARI bizi korumak için burada. Zaman yolculuğunun dünyayı yok etmesini engellemek için…...

Title : Zaman Yolcuları
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9786051422527
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 420 Pages
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Zaman Yolcuları Reviews

  • Aurora
    2019-03-12 14:36

    I picked this book up at Books-a-Million, a bookstore I don't usually shop at. I had looked at it several times at other book stores, but I had never bought it until that night. I have since learned that if I look at a book several times, but only buy it later, I will probably love it, and this is no exception.TimeRiders is a time travel story about three kids saved from death to protect the future from time travelers who mess with time. There is more to the story, though, because the kids start to doubt that what they're being told is the truth. There is a bigger mystery behind this series than how to fix time.It's a very good book, the first in a nine-book series, and I would recommend it to science fiction and mystery fans.Visit the fan forum, where we have an ongoing discussion about how the series will end:

  • S.W.
    2019-03-03 15:38

    The TimeRiders is a great book that has hooked me for the rest of the series. The blurb for this book is brilliant. How can you not be intrigued by this?" Liam O’Connor should have died at sea in 1912. Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in 2010. Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in 2026.Yet moments before death, someone mysteriously appeared and said, ‘Take my hand ...’ "These three teens are saved from certain death and catapulted into a world of time travel and mystery. They become part of a secret organisation that ensures history is correct. Maddy and Sal take on the roles of the support team at their New York base, guided by their saviour and mentor, Foster. Liam is the poor guy who gets the job to travel through time to fix things, accompanied by a half-human half-techno miracle named Bob, who is the brawn of the team. The world has gone crazy and the team need to find out why, by going back in time to fix the future. Liam and Bob have plenty of obstacles to overcome as they pass through time to search for the cause of altered history. Whilst Maddy, Sal and Foster are fighting their own battles in the changed world that it has caused. Even though they are in different time frames, the whole team need to work together to fix the problem.I really enjoyed the story, I think that Scarrow has done a great job. This is an action-packed adventure that has plenty of intrigue and imagination. The plot is set across multiple time frames and works really well. I'm very keen to move onto the next book in the series .... and beyond. (I understand that the 7th book has just been released - I'd better get cracking so I can catch up).For any of my usual Middle Grade followers, here's a tip. The target audience for this book is YA and there is violence in some parts, so I wouldn't recommend it for Middle Graders.Note: I don't claim to be a pro-reviewer, I am a reader. My reviews are based on my personal thoughts around the story that the book is trying to tell. I'd rather focus on the story (which is the reason I read) rather than dissect the book and pass comment on writing style, structure or typos. To see more of my reviews please visit me at

  • Triss
    2019-03-08 08:30

    4. Ale len preto, že viem, že táto séria bude mať 9 častí a na GR je len 5 hviezdičiek.- úžasný obal- skvelý preklad- perfektný dej- postavy, ktoré si zamilujete- BobVšetci toto čítajte :)UPDATE: Všetci toto čítajte, lebo ja si strašne prajem, aby na Slovensku vyšla celá séria.

  • Stuart
    2019-03-02 07:30

    "Let's take a episode from the TV series Time Tunnel and write it in print"What do three random strangers have in common? Well imagine this, your having a normal day and then you are told by a complete stranger your about to die. You have a choice, either stay and face death or be pulled out from the situation you find yourself in and become a member of the Timeriders. Or is that Time Tunnel? To me, this does read like a lazy rip-off from the old TV series. There is even a episode similar to this novel. OK sarcasm and rant aside, for a YA book (that being basically Parental Guidance in reading) it's not too bad. I certainly have read young adult novels in the past and have found they don't always fit the stereotypical demographic of said genre - this is a good thing.Now you know how the book starts. Liam O'Connor is a deck hand on the sinking Titanic. Maddy is about to be blown to bits in a aeroplane accident and little Sal is about to choke on a lollypop (or something like that - oh it's a subway accident, silly me). They all take Mr. Foster up on his offer for a chance to escape their doom, shortly afterwards (well within ten pages) they are fully-fledged members and appointed 'Timerider', awesome. Well no not really, I found it completely implausible. Not the time machine part, more a guy from 1912 (Liam) is able to grasp the situation and changes so quickly. This could just be me, which is fine, it's all subjective.Why do we need Timeriders? Well by the year 2024 a theoretical paper is produced wherein the practical application of time travel is made possible. By 2057 a time machine is made and a individual passes through into a different time. The professor returns, swearing to destroy his machine and all his work, due to what he saw. This was a bluff, and sometime in the later future the machine is discovered by Paul Kramer and Karl Haas, along with his tooting-rooting-killing-machines, OK marines. These guys are the antagonists, even though Mr Paul Kramer is just too nice for my liking. By this point (2066) the world is dying and no longer able to sustain life. Kramer decides to use the machine to go back in time and essentially change the future, wherein he finds himself at the Wolf's Liar aka Wolfsschanze. You might be able to guess where Alex Scarrow is going with this particular plot line - "schnell schnell man amerikanische idioten" or words to that affect.The writing style is a little different for me, Chapters flow with a maximum of three-five pages, which makes this a very fast read. Prose is fairly basic in my opinion, the story-telling by Alex Scarrow is given to us straight out of the box - this for me, negates any future character development further on. Essentially none of the characters do evolve other than Bob, a cyborg who has a learning computer for a brain (hopefully not from the Early Learning Centre though!!). Which is kind of ironic.I have a few other criticisms of the book; If I have to hear what a "smart lad" Liam is one more time, I might have to visit the writer. What is it with Liam's Irish accent? None of them miss anyone from their old life! Why wouldn't a agency such as this be prepared for changes in their own timeline. Such things as fuel and internal power might help. Food and water also. This part just felt too convenient.Now I feel like a dirty slutter for saying this, I actually wanted to read more, but know I shouldn't. I'm going to give book two ago. This one has dinosaurs in it apparently *shudders*.

  • Mark
    2019-03-18 15:36

    If books won accolades for the gripping start of their plots then this first volume in the series ought to have won award after award after award. It is a really clever concept where young people destined for a horrible death are rescued by a stranger suddenly appearing in the moment of catastrophe. The option given to them, either stay and die as was planned or take the step into the unknown and become a 'Time rider'.The job of these new recruits is to live in one day of time continually repeated but watch for any slight change in the repeated action, changes that would signify someone had entered into history at a different point and had skewed history. The flaw in the plotline was the fact that the timeriders themselves were aberrations in history. They ought to have died and therefore their presence in the 24 hour time capsule they inhabited was a sensitive balancing act. They needed to pass through each day without affecting or changing the throb of history other than the moment when they encounter glimpses of new details in an otherwise identical day.This first novel in the series introduces the main characters and their first adventure which is to go back into time and prevent Hitler being advised against invading Russia. The plot and initial concept is excellent, the sadness I felt about this was it missed an opportunity to investigate in a quite ingenious and challenging way the alterations in history that might have happened. Scarrow chose instead to veer wildly into apocalyptic destruction and zombie terror instead of writing a more thought provoking and intriguing story.Once again of course, this is a book for young adults and not picky hyper critical middle aged blokes so I would hate to denigrate the novel in anyway that would stop its target audience from picking it up. It is clever and exciting and I will definitely read another.The relationship between the lad Liam and the artificial intelligence Bob is a delight and really works, what doesn't work is Scarrow's attempt to differentiate the young people by their idiosyncratic way of speaking. Liam's irish brogue, Sal's Indian street speak just clunk and grate. I really hope Mr Scarrow in the next book just makes use of 'Sal said', 'Maddy suggested', 'Liam shouted' etc. So not a towering work of literature destined to stand forever, unless one of the timeriders slips forward and inserts it on a bookshelf in 2136, but well worth a read as a clever idea which, I hope, will be more honed and less self conscious as the series continues.

  • Jonathan Terrington
    2019-03-04 15:35

    Having just read the second of this series I believe it is time I retrace my steps and quickly review this fine novel. Of course if you want a more interesting read jump on to the second review.As far as YA reads go TimeRiders is brilliant. There's a lot of action, a lot of deaths and lots of technology. Not to mention that a few brilliant twists and tension exist in spade-loads throughout the gripping plot. Of the two I have read there is no doubt the first is superior in terms of plot and wow factor. Alex Scarrow writes well with intelligence and creativity, not stooping to point out obvious facts through his characters. Rather each character tends to respond as a reader, an every-day man or woman thrust into the circumstances they face, would. So, on to the intriguing premise and the reason I picked up this novel...Time travel. If the whole complexity of the idea doesn't intrigue you then I don't know what will. Liam, Maddie and Sal are all plucked from various times in history by a man known simply as Foster. Each of them should and would have died on the Titanic, on a plane or in a fire. Saving them from such disasters, where no bodies would remain, allows for no time contamination as you may have already guessed. The three young adults were saved for the purpose of fixing the time stream. They've been recruited by an agency that manipulates time travel. Turns out time travel fifty years in the future is illegal because of its reality altering ability. Its their job to prevent the changing of time, which can be detected as reality shifts. Of course they have the aid of a human robot built like Arnold Schwarzenegger to help them and warnings from the mysterious agency...What I did find interesting is that their base is set on September 10 and 11 2001 in New York. They basically have to live in a time loop that keeps them witnessing the terror of the Twin Tower explosions over and over again. In this instance however the author uses the incident as a backdrop, a setting rather than using it to depict the horrors consistently. Which I appreciate as a reader.In short if you like time travel concepts then this is a brilliant book to read. It has great characters, action and well everything to make it a perfect page-turner. This is a book you can just sit down and read.

  • Erik
    2019-03-09 14:16

    Ou Kriste, tak toto teda skoncilo! Perfektna kniha, perfektny napad, perfektne premyslene. Zo zaciatku sa mi to ale nepacilo, prvych 100 - 150 stran mi pripadalo chaotickych, otvorim knihu a hned Titanic, potom pad lietadla, potom rok 2026, potom Kennedy, potom 2066, potom Hitler, potom dvojicky... a ja ze hello, mam statnicu z historie, ale ledva sa v tom orientujem takto, vela a naraz, ale potom som pochopil, ujo nam to musel vysvetlit a zaroven rozvijat pribeh, inak by sme knihu odvrhli, ze prva polovica je vysvetlovacia a az druha akcna a to nikoho nezaujima:)Klady: Cestovanie v case je vskutku narocne, nieze len zavriem oci a letim a potom ma zrazu nieco vtihane spat, nie, treba vela energie, spustu dohadovania, a nie len ti zli menia cas, ale aj ti dobri, tym ze sa niekde zjavia, nieco spravia zmenia cas. Alternativnu historiu ma ujo perfektne premyslenu, a samozrejme mame radi Boba! Urcite sa chystam na dvojku a dalsie, ze co s tym spravi...P.S.: poslednych 25% som precital asi za hodinu, ako sialeny v autobuse, hltal som to kazde slovo, mozno len druhe, lebo som potreboval vediet ako to dopadne! P.S.2: mozno moj nazor na knihu nie je vcelku objektivny, lebo som stretol autora!!! a je totalne sibnuty!!! P.S.3: Kto nevidel trailer, pozrite si ho!

  • Mahdi Aljamri
    2019-03-14 07:17

    روااية على غلافها كل تلك التعليقات يعني انها (وااو)، وانك ستتذوق متعةً لن تقل كثيراً عن رواية شيفرة دافنشي وملائكة وشياطين، وروايات الغسق لاستيفاني ماير عن مصاصو الدماء، وانك ستعيش أجواءاً دافئة بين أوراق رواية تبدو من عنوانها غاية في الخيال اللذيذ! وستتنقل بين الأزمان في قوالب ممتعة من الرواية، وكنت أخطط الى أي مقهى سأجلس فيه لـ ابدأ قراءتها وسط اندماج تام.. الرواية كانت جامدة، لا تشويق فيها، وهي عبارة عن احداث عادية، فلان ذهب للعام ١٩٩٤ وجلس في الحانة، والتقى بفلان وعاد مجدداً للعام ٢٠١٠. لم استطع تجاوز المائة صفحة منها بسبب التكرار الممل للأحداث، وان السر الذي يتمتع في اخفاءه الروائيون عادة حتى نهاية الرواية قد فضح على غلاف الرواية بوجود منظمة سرية، وان هذه المنظمة السرية ستجد لها ذكر طبيعي دون الشعور بالخطر الحقيقي للاشخاص حين التعرض لها في ثنايا الاحداث. عدت الى برنامج القود ريدز لاراجع رأي القلة الذين وضعوا لها نجمة واحدة، فوجدت ان مائتين قارئ يحملون الشعور الذي شعرته، بل واضافوا بان رواية رواد الزمن موجهه لفئة عمرية (المراهقين)، لكن مهما يكن حتى وان كانت للمراهقين، فان التوليفة الفنية المشوقة افتقرت لها هذه الرواية.. وعليه وضعتها في الرف مجدداً، شاعراً بالأسف على المبلغ الذي سددته لأجلها (٦.٥٠٠ دينار، ١٧.٢٠٠ دولار)

  • Tyrean
    2019-02-22 09:41

    I loved the concept of this book, and some of the character development was good. The action scenes are excellent. What I didn't like:The only swearing used, over and over again, is Jesus' name, which bugged me. I know not everyone shares my faith, but sometimes, in instances like this, I feel like I'm having someone throw their disbelief in my face over and over again. I'm not a fan of swearing in books generally, and this kind of ruined the book for me. I can't recommend it to friends, even though there were parts of the plot and character development that I loved.

  • Alex Swift
    2019-03-02 13:34

    (3.75)Pierwszy tom serii Time Riders to fantazyjna podróż do przeszłości. Wartka akcja, wyraziści bohaterowie, humor, wszystko ciekawe i dopięte na ostatni guzik. Scarrow bardzo pozytywnie mnie zaskoczył i pokazał, że każdy może w jakiś sposób odcisnąć piętno w historii. Jeźdźcy w czasie spodobają się nie tylko fanom podróży w czasie, ale też miłośnikom historii i osobom, które chcą przeżyć niesamowitą przygodę z barwnymi bohaterami w roli dowódców. Gorąco polecam!

  • Miruš
    2019-03-13 09:31

    Perfektné, perfektné, perfektné! Eňo ňuňo kniha, mať k nej ešte tak aj pokračko hneď po ruke, bolo by to ideálne. :D

  • Annabel
    2019-03-07 08:33

    Unf. I really wanted to like this book more than I did.Time Riders has a simple but brilliant concept: time police. Whenever anyone goes back and tries to change the timeline, they dash in, guns a-blazing and fix it, along with the help of Bob, a sort of android-y being whose unemotional attitude leads to some occasionally hilarious oneliners. The main characters, (aside from aforementioned android) are Liam, a boy who should have died on the Titanic in 1912, Maddy Carter, who should have died in a plane crash in 2010, and Sal Vikram, meant to have died in a fire in 2026. Instead, they became Time Riders.So, the concept is great, and the story itself is pretty good- although I will stress, it gets very dark at times. There's a great deal of death, graphically described, and some really cringey moments of destruction and horror. Without spoilers, one character gets treated to an absolutely nightmarish end (although time travel rectifies this). The problem? Scarrow seems to think big, but his actual writing was... well, I don't know. To me, it felt amateurish. He tends to tell rather than show, and occasional moments of descriptive prose feel forced and unnatural. Some writers err on the flowery side of writing, some on the plainer, and I think Scarrow's happiest without heavy description. There were also some truly astounding puffs of unlogic that annoyed me. For instance: it's explicitly mentioned, and referred to a couple of times, that Liam has a fear of water and can't swim. Yes. So he willingly joined the crew of the Titanic, did he? That one really stood out to me, although there were others, and occasionally there were small historical slip-ups that irritated me too. For instance, Hitler's mentioned to have come to power in 1932- it was '33, and I don't think it would take more than a Google search to find this out. This particular error can't be blamed on them changing the time-line; or at least there's no such explanation given. Otherwise, a couple of minor overly contrived bits of good luck for the protagonists pulled the story through for a happy ending, but I didn't mind this too much; it just barely made sense, and otherwise, the book would have had a seriously depressing ending. Great concept, not brilliant execution. I'll probably read the next one though, simply because my brother lent them to me. :D Free reading is not to be sniffed at.

  • Julie
    2019-02-20 15:17

    Excellente découverte! Moi qui ne suis pas tellement branchée SF en général, j'ai vraiment apprécié ce livre. L'idée de départ est bien exploitée et l'équipe de Time Riders sympa à suivre. Cette saga m'a l'air prometteuse, je pense donc la poursuivre :)

  • edifanob
    2019-02-23 09:17

    Awesome read! Hard to put down. Can't wait to read the next book in the series. Fortunately there will be NINE books!!!!!Read my full review over at Edi's Book Lighthouse

  • Petra Sýkorová
    2019-02-21 07:42

    Liam měl zemřít v podpalubí Titaniku, když se potopil. Maddy měla zemřít v letadle po té, co vybuchla bomba. Sal měla uhořet v Indii. Liam je z roku 1912, Maddy z roku 2010 a Sal z roku 2026. Všem třem byla nabídnuta možnost žít, ale už nikdy se nebudou moci vrátit do svých životů tak, jak je znali. Místo toho začnou pracovat pro agenturu Jezdců v čase. V budoucnosti totiž lidé sestrojí stroj času a lidé se tak budou moci vrátit do minulosti. A právě proto jsou tady Jezdci času. Mají zabránit a napravit změny minulosti, které měly fatální důsledek a změnily tak budoucnost.Mám moc ráda knihy o cestování v čase a alternativní realitách, změnách času a tak vůbec. Fascinuje mě to, protože bych se sama ráda do minulosti nebo budoucnosti podívala. Jen tak na skok a pak zase zpátky. Knihou jsem byla velmi příjemně překvapena. Příběh byl opravdu dobře napsaný, nevadilo mi skákání z minulosti do přítomnosti, pak do budoucnosti a zase na přeskáčku. Nebylo to rušivé a síš mě to víc navnadilo na čtení, protože jsem byla zvědavá, jak se celá situace vyvine.Postavy byly výborné. Oblíbila jsem si všechny tři hlavní hrdiny, Boba i Fostera, jejich "učitele". Veškeré popisy cestování v čase, důsledků, povinností, byly srozumitelné, nebyly zbytečně zamotané, šlo o logiku. A to se mi moc líbí.Celkově jsem z knihy nadšená a těším se na pokračování.

  • Jason
    2019-02-27 15:37

    3.5 StarsThis is an enjoyable first book in a neat time traveling young adult series. Time Riders is an easy read that will have you flying through the pages. The cast is a bunch of young likables that we simply need to know more about.The premise is cool...a secret agency plucks our heroes out of time moments before their deaths. They are all chosen for their unique talents and gifts, wether that is being the analytical one, the technical one, or the one that can formulate tactics and plans.The story quickly unfolds and Liam and Bob quickly become the focus and the center of this story. I like how it all came together and can easily see how this will be a fun series to read.This is a light science fiction series tailored for the young adult, but easily enjoyed by all.

  • Aso
    2019-03-02 08:43

    Aihhh bukunya keren, sangat menghibur, menegangkan dari awal sampai akhir. My favorite character is Bob. Saya harap dia bakal muncul lagi di buku buku selanjutnya.

  • Lynda
    2019-02-21 08:15

    Review to follow

  • Emma
    2019-03-10 09:44

    This book had me debating between three and four stars, I loved the concept - it is a very me book - science fiction travelling back in time. And I loved the concept of TimeRiders patrolling the past making sure that history is not rewritten. Now I felt this book was very good - exciting, tense and thrilling, but then sometimes it seemed to drag a little, not that it was bad specifically, but it sort of dipped in content, it became a bit stagnant or peaked and then dipped a little. I can't put my finger on it specifically but I felt sometimes it lacked its spark that had me excited throughout.The book was introduced very well, the introduction of the three main characters who are chosen to become TimeRiders - Foster saving them moments before they die...very cool.I liked the story - Second World War changing; Kramer (the wrong doer in the book) wanting to make the future world better by taking back technologically advanced weapons and trained mercinaries to help the Germans win the Second World War - preventing the world in the future becoming desolate and weak (in the year 2066 where Kramer originates from New York City is like a ghost town - the country has been damaged severely by depression and famine etc due to the economic crash etc.) And he, along with 24 other people want to prevent that from happening and they think that helping Hitler to win the war - and then taking over from him - will make the world a better place.So when the three TimeRiders are first introduced to their job - training exercises - it is interrupted with an actual shift changing the world they are in - 2001 New York - to a country that looks more like a regimented controlled state.The tree TimeRiders - Liam O'Connor, Sal Vikram and Maddy Carter and Mentor - Foster, not forgetting the support unit Bob are thrown into the thick of it as they are charged with putting history back to its original state.I think this is a confusing book to try to explain and to rate, but I really recommend it because it is exciting, and I haven't read a new/current book like this before - it is steering away from the niche of paranormal romance which is in abundance, so it was a refreshing and exciting change. I am looking forward to the second installment due out in August this year as I like the characters, we have only really just been introduced to them - there wasn't really an opportunity to get to know them whilst they were saving the world so I would love to see what Alex Scarrow has in store for his next book.

  • alis
    2019-03-08 13:19

    aku udah beli buku keduanya kapan tau, soalnya murah karena lagi diskon eh obral ketang, soalnya juga buku-buku awal di serial ini udah susah banget dicari, soalnya juga katanya ini bagus, covernya juga badai, jadi kenapa enggak? sebenernya aku baca buku pertama ini versi bahasa inggrisnya. dan yaampun, aku gabakalan nyangka banget aku bakal bilang kalau buku ini bosenin parah mungkin karena aku ga klik dengan gaya penceritaannya yang gitu deh. aku ga suka banget baca info dumb di awal chapter pake teknik ngobrol, alias, tokoh bertanya, tokoh yang lebih tahu menjawab secara detailll tapi kesannya tuh ga ngalirrrr, jadi kayak kaku gituloh, keliatan banget disettingnya (?) pokonya dari awal aku udah ga klik aja. apalagi povnya ganti-ganti dan kita juga dapet pov si jahatnya! kalo ini film kayaknya aku bakalan asik-asik aja ngikutinnya. tapi ini aku enggak sama sekali, aku bosen parah, aku bahkan skimmed bagian-bagian yang kurasa gapenting,penting amat. apalagi ditambah aku belum konek sama tokoh-tokohnya, jadi aku gapeduli gituloh tokohnya ngapain aja :( aku bakalan baca buku keduannya, kalo better barangkali lanjut ke buku-buku selanjutnya, soalnya banyak tuh dan keliatannya asik-asik jelajah waktu gituloh :( cuman yang buku pertama ini aja aku nganggapnya meh banget. mudah-mudahan pandanganku berubah nantinya :'/

  • Jamie
    2019-03-21 10:30

    This book had such promise... but then screwed it up by "dumbing down" to be understood by YA readers. Unfortunately, they forgot that young adults are actually capable of understanding things like: paradoxes and literary inconsistencies.The worst of it is that there is a "time bubble", within which the time travelers are safe from the looping of the same few days and the effects of changes in the timeline... EXCEPT for the one girl who is standing outside "when" the timeline got changed by a bunch of military types traveling to WWII.So, wait - some people in the future travel to the past and change it, so that someone stuck repeating September 10th and 11th sees changes happen all of a sudden?!? Why, oh why, do writers of YA literature continue to get away with not thinking through all that they are writing about, simply because "it's for teens, and teens don't think too deeply, so we can get away with writing crap and getting paid for it."?I think that if I allowed my children to read this, they would be insulted that I would think this is a good book for them to read.I could not continue reading this book, so it was returned to the library, eternally unfinished (at least, by me).

  • Pauline
    2019-03-12 11:35

    Wow, what a brilliant book. So exciting all the way through. Really couldn't put it down at all. Became totally intrigued with the story concept and all of the characters. Looking forward to reading the next book.

  • Dan
    2019-02-27 10:16

    A good concept that keeps the pages turning in the latter half of the book but drags a little at the beginning. If I'm being really picky I'd say that the author could have shed about 100 pages. Just needed to be a bit bolder with the red pen.

  • Sam Whitehouse
    2019-02-18 14:16

    Action-packed, but plot could have been tighter and pace a little faster. Overall, pretty good.

  • rachel • typed truths
    2019-03-17 13:19

    3.5 starsreread.

  • ❥ Azzurra
    2019-03-17 12:30

    Time Riders è il primo volume di una serie che apre le avventure di un trio di ragazzi, viaggiatori nel tempo.Liam, 16 anni, assistente di bordo sul Titanic nel 1912 quando lo conobbe.Maddy, 18 anni, appassionata di computer vive nel 2010 quando tutto accadde.Saleena, 12 anni, giocatrice di Pidoku prelevata nel 2026 a un passo dal bruciare viva.E’ così che sono stati scelti, oltre che per capacità di ognuno (l’intraprendenza, l’intelligenza e la memoria visiva), perchè stavano tutti per morire.Infatti non c’è possibilità di ritorno dalla decisione che sono obbligati a prendere.E’ Mr. Foster a porre la domanda a Liam poco prima dell’inabissamento del Titanic su cui stava prestando servizio, a Maddy secondi prima dell’esplosione di una bomba terrorista nascosta nell’aereo su cui stava volando come passeggera, a Saleena durante l’incendio scoppiato nell’appartamento in cui viveva. Salvati in extremis da questo strano uomo anziano. La domanda… vuoi vivere?Perchè lui stà per arruolarli nell’Agenzia, un ente segreto dedito alla protezione del tempo da qualsiasi interferenza esterna che ne possa alterarne il naturale scorrimento. La cellula di cui andranno a riempire i posti vacanti è quella di New York, sospesa in una bolla di tempo che gravita tra il lunedì 10 e il martedì 11 settembre del 2001. Esatto, poco prima degli attentati che misero in ginocchio l’America e crearono un numero spaventoso di vittime. Ma dopo i primi momenti di disorientamento e di addestramento, devono subito mettersi al lavoro. La prima missione arriva inaspettatamente presto quando, uno scienziato del 2066 tale Paul Kramer, assieme a un piccolo manipolo di mercenari, si impossessa della prima macchina del tempo costruita, nascosta niente meno che negli archivi del Museo Americano di Storia Naturale.Le intenzioni di Paul e del gruppo di militari è di tornare indietro nel tempo, precisamente al 15 aprile del 1941, in Germania vicino al Nido dell’Acquila dove Hitler si era momentaneamente ritirato per preparare i piani di invasione della Russia, durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale, e cambiare dastricamente il futuro che, nel 2066, non è certamente roseo per la popolazione umana.Qui riesce a farsi largo fino ad arrivare al Führer e ne diventa il braccio destro, cambiando così la storia che noi tutti conosciamo.Nel medesimo momento, nella New York del 2001, Sal, Maddy e Liam ricevono una scossa che li avvisa che qualcosa di preoccupante è successo. Sensazione confermata quando usciti dal “covo” trovano una nuova NY City ad aspettarli…una città grigia, monotona e repressa. Sottomessa ad un regime molto simile a quello nazista.E’ il momento per i ragazzi di entrare in campo e sistemare il tempo!Nonostante alcune incongruenze, situazioni al limite che mi hanno fatto storcere il naso un paio di volte, si tratta di un racconto molto appassionante. Adattissimo ai ragazzi, per farli avvicinare in un modo tutt’altro che classico alla storia, e per noi grandicelli per rispolverare avvenimenti in una chiave più divertente e spensierata.Anche un modo per insegnare e far ragionare sulle possibilità e probabilità in cui stiamo spingendo il nostro futuro, quello che ci attende dietro l’angolo. Quello che stà portando il nostro pianeta e noi stessi in una situazione ingestibile.Un libro che fa riflettere molto e bene. E allo stesso tempo diverte e fa sperare che ci sia sempre un’altra possibilitò, se si è in grado e si ha la volontà per cercarla.

  • Yzabel Ginsberg
    2019-03-03 10:40

    I was reading this one for a group read, but since I had time to finish it today instead of dumbly waiting for tomorrow to roll in, well...I'm not sure if it should be a 1* or 2* for me. Let's say 2, for the Terminator shout-outs, which made me smile (I watched T1 and T2 when I was in middle school, and I still have fond memories of those), for the couple of good things I liked, and because I didn't actually want to throw the book through the window. In fact, I think it could be nice for a younger audience—maybe 7th graders—because if you don't pay attention to the plot holes, well, the story has the potential to be a fast, entertaining read (though a bit frightening and gruesome in parts for the really young readers out there).The characters weren't particularly well-developed, but neither were they insufferable, and I appreciated the plot not being bogged down by the useless romance I see rearing its head in too many YA novels. However, the plot holes are what sunk this book for me. It's dealing with time travel, a very, very tricky subject, and one that is really not so easy to master. As soon as it enters the game, it brings its lot of questions: what's the science behind it, what about paradox, what happens if a character meets him/herself from the past, and so on. Unfortunately, TimeRiders didn't deal well with that in my eyes.Here's an example: the characters live in a sort of "bubble", from which they observe the same two days in time. Within the bubble, they age normally, but every couple of days, the world around them is reset, and reverts back to what it was at the beginning of their observation period. One of the characters' role is to stay outside, keeping an eye for whatever may be different, a sure sign that a shift has occured somewhere in history, and report it to the others so that the team's analyst can locate the problem, and the actual timr-travellers can go there to fix it. However, there's no explanation as to why this character isn't affected by huge time shifts. (view spoiler)[At some point, the whole world is destroyed, so her parents can't have been born to give birth to her later, so why does she still exist? (hide spoiler)] That kind of problem is never really addressed nor explained. I would've been content with something as simple as "once you're plucked out of time, you can't be affected by shifts anymore for [insert whatever reason]", but I don't even remember seeing that.Another thing I wondered about was the whole time agency business. The teenagers are never introduced to it, except through what Foster tells them about it; no other team is ever seen or even mentioned; and I had the feeling that it didn't really exist, that those three kids and their old mentor were the only ones in the world. Maybe this will be explained in book 2 or 3, I don't know; still, considering this is the book in which the characters are trained for their missions in time, it would've made sense to give us more information about that, to make us actually hear about other teams. (Again, I could've gone with a short explanation, maybe a rule such as "each time is assigned to a given time period and forbidden to talk to the others, for fear of time paradox." Whatever.)Not the worst story I've read so far, but consider it a 1.5 on my scale, not more.

  • Annie
    2019-03-05 13:31

    First Look: I loved the premise of this, right from the first time I read the back cover. I just had to buy it. I'm rather fond of time travel stories. I hoped this one would follow through. This might be a shorter review, since I've gotten behind again. Setting: The historical aspects of this were cool. Of course, setting your first scene in the sinking Titanic is always a fantastic idea. The other settings were interesting, too. The author definitely did a nice job making the altered history seem very believable. Characters: This was the disappointing part of this book, in my opinion. The characters all fell flat. They had the potential to be interesting, likable characters, but I couldn't connect to them. None of them really had distinct personalities. Out of the three main characters, I'd have to say Liam was my favorite, though that's probably because he got the most time in the spotlight. I'm really hoping the next book improves on this aspect. The thing I wanted to see, especially, was the growth of a bond between the three main characters. I didn't see much of this, but hopefully it gets better as the series goes on.Plot: The plot was compelling. The premise was awesome, and it was carried out well. It's so easy for plots of books involving time travel to become either unbelievable, or hopelessly confusing. Or both. Fortunately, this book had neither. The believability of the plot is, in my opinion, the real gem of this book. Scarrow makes us think "Yeah, this could happen in our future." Then when history gets all twisted around, it's still convincing. It can be a bit spooky, to think of the things that might've happened had history taken a different path. Uniqueness: It's a straight-up time travel book. No dithering about in paranormal.Writing: This is one of those books where it's just so easy to blow through the entire thing and realize you hardly remember any of the writing. That's a good thing, in its own way. It's written in a manner that keeps you going through the story without letting the narration remind you of the fact that, hey, you're actually reading a book. My only complaint was some of Liam's dialogue. Someone who was a teenager in 1912 isn't going to have "friggin" in their vocabulary. They aren't going to use "awkward" the way we use it today. It just didn't make sense for him.Likes: Bob.Not-so-great: Nothing that wasn't mentioned above. Overall: 4/5 I enjoyed this book. It had a cool premise which, thankfully, followed through. The plot was compelling, and it offered some interesting thoughts on how history could have been different. It was full of action and suspense. It was a little lacking in the character development area, but I'd still recommend it, especially to people who like time travel books, or anyone who's looking for a distraction from all the recent paranormal or dystopian stuff that's being published lately.Read even more reviews at

  • Tasha
    2019-02-25 07:22

    Liam, Maddy and Sal were all about to die when a time traveller, Foster, plucks them from their time and brings them to New York, 2001. The three of them are about to become a team of Timeriders, with the task of making sure no one else messes up the time lines. Their job is to spot when something has changed, figure out what and when it happened and go then fix it.Wow! This book turned out to be much more awesome than I expected it to be. Yes the concept sounded good even before reading but it was executed to perfection.Timeriders has adventure, action, science, history and dystopia all in one fab story.Being the first book of the series, there's a fair bit of setting the scene, introducing the characters and so on. This it's self is interesting enough as we learn all about the role of a Timerider along side the characters themselves. The story jumps about a bit from different times and we get to see what the 'baddies' are up to throughout. The story is based around World War II and what could have happened if one important part of the war was changed.I really liked all of the main characters and felt involved with them, caring about what happened to each of them. They were well developed and each had their own personality and role within the group. Maddy is to be the leader of the team. She's the sensible one and the computer geek. Maddy's the only one who's lived through 2001 already and so her new world isn't that much different to the one she's used to. Sal is the youngest, vulnerable and a bit naive. For her 2001 is in the past, before she was born and so everything's a bit old fashioned and out of date to her. Liam is the only one for whom 2001 is in the future. He has no idea about anything technological and is completely out of his comfort zone. Liam's the action guy, he's the one travelling through time while the others guide him from their base. Liam's not alone though. He has Bob for company and information. Bob is possibly the best character of the lot! He's kind of like a meat robot. He appears human (if a little on the large side). He's still learning to act human though. Last of all is Foster. He's the experienced Timerider, the one who's been doing the job already. Now his task is to teach and prepare the new team as best he can.I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into the rest of the series. The second book has dinosaurs and I'm especially excited about the third one as it has Robin Hood!Check out the Timeriders website where you can see awesome photos, read Maddy's blog and other cool stuff.

  • Steven Naylor
    2019-03-09 14:23

    Rating 3.75 starsThis was a very interesting book. Not the usual type of story that I read but it was close. The premise of the book is that someone in the future invents time travel, and with that comes the potential for alterations in the time stream. In order to protect the time stream agents are brought together to fix whatever problems come up. The team consist of 3 main members. The first is Liam (the operative), a 16 year old boy who was taken off the Titanic right before it sank. The send is Maddy (the team leader, computer programmer) who was taken off a plane right before it explodes. The third is Sal (the observer) a 14 year old Indian women who was taken from the future right before she dies. The group lives in New York in a 48 hour time bubble between Sept 10 and 11 2001. This first book goes over how the team was formed and what each persons' responsibilities. Foster is the operative that recruited this team and explains everything to them. He does not have that much longer to live so it appears that he will not be in any of the follow up books. The last important character is Bob, the android support unit. Overall the story flowed pretty well, especially the first half of the book. The first time disturbance this team has to deal with is someone going back in time to the era of Hitler trying to make a better world. I won't give away too much because it is not exactly what I initially thought was going to happen. The story did slow down for the last 1/4 of the book. By that time I knew what was supposed to happen and it just seemed to take forever. It is okay to build suspense when it is unclear what is going to happen. In this case though, I knew exactly what needed to happen in order for the story to work, but it ended up being very drawn out. That is one of the reasons for the 3.75 stars instead of 4 or higher.