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Witnessing a private act leads to some interesting negotiations...Software programmer Veronica James is struggling to make her new business a success. After finally landing a major account, she’s at risk of losing it all when she catches her new client Victor Rossi in a very compromising position. In an effort to regain the upper hand, Rossi insists on some sexy and comproWitnessing a private act leads to some interesting negotiations...Software programmer Veronica James is struggling to make her new business a success. After finally landing a major account, she’s at risk of losing it all when she catches her new client Victor Rossi in a very compromising position. In an effort to regain the upper hand, Rossi insists on some sexy and compromising concessions from her that have Veronica reconsidering her hard fast rule of not mixing business with pleasure....

Title : Negotiating Skills
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ISBN : 9780985823
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Number of Pages : 80 Pages
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Negotiating Skills Reviews

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-03-20 04:41

    So, I was playing around on my Kindle last night when I was trying to get sleepy since I had to get up early this morning, and I started reading this and didn't finish until I was done. That's a good sign indeed.I love interracial romance, so I try to keep an eye out for good books. However, I don't love interracial erotica, and that can be a double-edged sword, since you don't know how erotic a book will get until you read it. And I miss out on some good writing because I tend to avoid all of it (since I don't know what is and isn't out of my comfort zone).I'm glad this came up free on Kindle, because I don't think I would have bought it, since it does have an erotic storyline. Despite the fact, it was a good read.What I liked:* I loved that Veronica is an independent woman with her own business, and she's very good at her job. * Also that Veronica is a geek. She did calculus problems in her head when Rossi's hotness started distracting her too much. How cool is that? The Doctor Who reference was awesome (although she spelled it Dr. Who). Also the Star Trek "Resistance is futile" quote raised the geek coolness bar a notch more.*I just loved the scene when Rossi nursed Veronica when she had the flu. I think that was crucial for such a short story focused around sexual attraction and assuaging that attraction for someone you work with. While I can't say I felt huge love between the characters, I could see there was a strong love bond developing.*I am a pretty big Harlequin Presents fan, and I perceive this as a Harlequin Presents-type homage, which was cool. It was great to have a black heroine and one who is not dependent on the hero for her livelihood, even though it does have a bit of the sexual harassment theme going on (which I kind of like in these books anyway).What didn't work for me:*This is a grain of salt thing. I just don't care for erotica. It's not evil or wrong, but it just doesn't work for me on a romantic level. Yes, my hormones can be stimulated by reading hot stuff, I won't lie. However, I don't care for the rough language. If the author is going to use the big naughty words for body parts, I need to feel the love very strongly between the characters. In this case, I didn't. Not that the author isn't a good writer, but the scenarios and the short time period made that impossible. So hearing the naughty words associated with the sex scenes didn't work for me. *Also, some of the sexual scenarios felt more like a titilation factor than romance to me. I especially didn't care for (view spoiler)[ Veronica taking X-rated pictures of herself and putting them in Rossi's presentation booklet, especially one in particular involving a dildo. It felt 'icky' to me. But thank God, no anal sex! I think some readers might find it hot, but not for me. I do have to say that I almost choked in shock and laughter when Veronica's phone went off when she saw Rossi self-pleasuring himself and right at the explosive moment. Hilarious and deeply embarrassing at the same time. Well-written, I must say.(hide spoiler)]*The short length, which I allude to earlier didn't work for me. I didn't feel that the characters were going to stay together for ever when this ended. I can see them having a hot and heavy relationship and maybe falling in love, but that doesn't necessarily equal happy ever after to me. I am a happy ever after girl, not a happy for now. Just a resolution of them dating and going out in public and not just having sex wasn't fulfilling to me.So Why The Four Stars?:The writing is very good. It feels polished and the characters are very well-developed for a short, sex-oriented story. While I am just not into the moneyed, hot executive hero type (despite my love of Harlequin Presents) books, Rossi was actually a nice guy and he respected and admired Veronica for the whole person, and not just her physical assets. As I said above, I liked Veronica for the most part although (view spoiler)[ I wasn't down with how she objectified herself near the end to get Rossi's attention. (hide spoiler)] For the short length and the subject matter, this was a good story and it was very sexy. Not really my cup of tea, but well done all the same. I would recommend this to readers who like the hot stuff and don't mind the language being naughty and a bit of a 'porny' scenario. Not tasteless in the least, so don't get that idea from my review. It's worth the money if you like short erotic interracial stories built around the office love/sexual harassment scenario.

  • Jojo
    2019-03-16 01:30

    I was a little harsh with my rating because I just couldn't forgive Victor that easily. I confess that I'm the type of person that holds a grudge, but come on! The guy totally disrespected her. He treated her like a toy and used his position and power to humiliate her. Then just because deep down he was thinking of commitment and marriage we're led to overlook all he's done. Like marriage is some kind of magic spell that makes all the problems go away,that cleans all the score so people can start anew. I could even hear some old untie saying:"He might be a jerk but he's willing to propose so stop fussing about the small things!"

  • Dina
    2019-03-12 00:33

    3 1/2 stars (rounded down to 3 stars, because I didn't like how easily Victor's sexual harrassment against Ronnie was "justified")"Favorite" quote:He yanked his wallet from his back pocket, quickly removing a condom, and rolling it down his length.(...)He heard her gasp out his name just before (...) her release dripped down his cock.He roared out his release, his dick jerking deep inside of her, his cum mingling with hers.How did that happen? Did the condom broke? Based on the following scene, it didn't. That's probably one of those things that only makes sense in Romancelandia. :(

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    2019-02-27 07:44

    FREE on Amazon US today (6/8/2013).

  • The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears
    2019-03-24 02:41

    Let me begin by saying I really liked Veronica James. I love geek women characters and what could fire my happy jets even more than a smart and tough software programmer who obviously knows her stuff. That was a nice touch and I thank Ms. Cremant for her attention to detail without turning the book into a C++ manual.Now for the downside: I get they're a fantasy, but employer/employee romances can sometimes be problematic due to the inherent power inequity that isn't always realistically resolved by the end, and never was that more apparent than in this book. It's a question of consent as well. Is it really consensual when your boss can fire you for saying "no"? Ronnie secretly watching her hot boss Victor Rossi masturbate was both humorous (especially when her cell phone goes off and she's caught red-handed so to speak). What didn't sit well with me was Victor's reaction, which was basically "I'm your boss and because you saw me getting off over you but if you want to keep working here, drop your panties". I'm sorry, that wasn't sexy in the least. In the Fountain Pen Diva's world, that's called "sexual harassment." Yes, I got the negotiation part, but Ronnie's ability to do so was not on an even par with Victor's. They both needed the other, but considering who held all the cards, it would have been far easier for him to replace her than the other way around.At seventy-something pages there just didn't seem to be much time to fully develop either character beyond the basic archetypes, which is sad because a lot more background on Ronnie and Victor would have made a huge difference. Basically what I read was "ooh he's hot/ooh she's hot/ooh they're my boss/they're my employee/and I shouldn't think about them naked but ooh I can't wait to see him/her naked then fuck like bunnies/then declare undying love". The End.A shorter work like this seldom lends itself well to an HEA. I could have seen this as an HFN and I think personally it would have worked better that way.There were also some grammatical and spelling errors, which detracted from the overall enjoyment of the story. For all that, I'm adding Laurel Cremant to my reading list because I like nerdy and quirky heroines.

  • Sheri
    2019-03-01 08:51

    hmmmmm, I liked Ronnie. I liked Victor. I liked them together. I didn't like the what that brought them together.Nope, not a fan of peeping Tomette's. Not a bit.

  • Jody
    2019-02-26 01:39

    When reading novellas there's usually a feeling of missing out due to its shortened length. I never felt that here though. I felt like we got to fully know both Victor and Veronica, both at work and in private. Seeing the softer, more jovial side of them made them more endearing and likable and had me rooting for a relationship that actually seemed important to both rather than just a power trip for the boss.Victor is self-assured and always goes after what he wants like a bulldozer. He's not used to a woman like Veronica though and quickly realizes that he can't bully her into anything. Veronica is a strong-willed woman working in a man's world and doesn't miss business with pleasure until being blackmailed into it. This leads to some very erotic foreplay with an intense build-up of sexual tension that leads to a super steamy ending with a hint of playfulness.Laurel Cremant has created a well-rounded fully fleshed-out novella that is utterly delightful. With its likable characters and off the charts sexual tension, Negotiating Skills ended up being a satisfying dessert at the end of a long day and it gives me great hope for Ms. Cremant's writing future.

  • KBeautiful1
    2019-03-14 07:46

    Hot! Hot! Hot! Read...I loved the fact that the consummation didn't take place until towards the very end of the book.Its not often that you get a scene like that. Like the author Laurel Cremant stated, It was clearly an ode to the Harlequin Romance of old days when the very act didn't happen till towards the end LOL!!Victor and Veronica both head strong individuals fighting an attraction that was practically consuming them both. When they did finally come together it was extremely explosive Woot! Woot! I love the fact to of them planning dates and all of that in between the loving *giggling*Veronica definitely showed Victor that she was more than interested (I loved how she did it to) but she wanted to be with him for the long haul.This definitely will not be my last read by this author and I am looking forward to reading more of Laurel Cremant's stories.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-02 08:34

    3.5 starsWOWZAAAAA this is hot. The only thing that prevents me from giving this a solid four is that the whole love aspect feels too rushed for me, like there isn't really enough reasons for Victor and Veronica to fall in love with each other that quick. But maaaaaaaan steamy scenes are steamy so yeah solid 4 for that.

  • Mspraise50
    2019-02-23 04:24

    This was a fun, sweet read which had me laughing out loud especially when Victor discovers he has been caught out in that compromising situation by Veronica!

  • Emelia Hayes
    2019-03-18 07:32

    A hot, spicy tale with an unusual situation and likeable characters.

  • Katy
    2019-03-13 01:38

    Minimal sparks fly in the office of Victor Rossi when Veronica enters his office to make a proposal to save his company from software meltdown. In fact, the reader is hardly aware of their mutual attraction until after the meeting when they can't stop thinking about each other. This doesn't make for the strongest start to the story. However, once we realize Veronica is super into her new boss, we find out that it also terrifies her. Not wanting to mix business and pleasure, she tries avoiding him at all costs. When her nerves get to her and she ends up sneaking into his office, but has no chance of escaping, she finds herself in an uncomfortable position. However, Mr. Rossi finds himself in what may be a more uncomfortable position. As he finds that Veronica has avoided their meeting, he begins to fantasize about her and gets a little into it. With Veronica hiding in the office, her voyeuristic tendencies can't help but be brought to life. After witnessing her boss in this compromising position, he decides he can blackmail her into getting what he wants from her. This is where the story gets a little odd. Mr. Rossi decides to rewrite their business contract, and I - as the reader - am hoping for some hot BDSM contract. But that isn't the case at all. In fact, we hardly find out what the new terms of their agreement are except for one small exchange. They spend several chapters hiding from each other, avoiding each other...which slows the story considerably. However, when Rossi shows up to nurse Veronica back to health, she develops a soft spot for him. It seems Rossi is finally right where he wants to be, but he walks away and leaves the next move up to Veronica - which she takes in a very showy manner. The story was pretty good, but the characters were hard to figure out. I enjoyed Veronica as she was a strong female. She was snarky and wasn't giving in to Rossi. Rossi, on the other hand, was a little harder to figure out. Rossi was clearly a dominant character, taking what he wanted and providing for Veronica. However, he did it in a somewhat sleazy way at times, which was off-putting. I think the story could have benefited from more interaction between the characters - they spent so much of the story avoiding each other, which in a novel can be acceptable, but in a novella such as this, I think it is necessary to have has much interaction as possible to take advantage of every word and page of the shorter piece of literature. Overall, I recommend this story. It isn't long, so it's not like you'll be wasting your time. Just know that Rossi maybe won't be your dream guy. But if you're looking for something to occupy an hour of your time, it isn't the worst choice.

  • constance
    2019-03-14 01:30

    I'm rather torn about this one. I really liked both the beginning and the ending of this novella. But the middle really turned me off. Veronica is a computer programmer, trying to make a success of her own business and she knows she can doing if only she can land that one big client. Victor is the CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation that is in need of a good programmer. When Vanessa comes in for an interview there are immediate sparks, but the first rule of business is to never mix it with pleasure. The good things first: You would not know from the cover (which frustrates me somewhat, just saying at least try to make the cover models resemble the character descriptions, unless it was intentional then that is a whole other ball of wax that I will not get into) but this is an interracial romance. It is clear from the authors description of Veronica, as well as the characters own inner dialogue that she is black. But that is it, it is not made into a big awkward issue, the characters are just that, characters not defined by race which I like. For the most part I really liked Veronica's character, she was smart, confident, seemingly strong, and sometimes funny. Then we have the problem, chapters 6,7,&8When Veronica catches Victor in a compromising position in his office, it has the potential to go a few ways. I was expecting the scene to either, be cute and awkward, only drawing the characters more to each other, or to go straight into the spice. Instead, Victor went from a perfectly likable character to a major jerk, and Veronica suddenly lost her backbone. I know certain things work for others, but I do not find sexual humiliation, or blackmail/coerced sexual encounters to be a turn on or good reading material but that is what makes up chapters 5,7,& 8. Alas, Victor is redeemed, when he suddenly turns back into the sweet guy I thought he would be in the beginning, and he seems remorseful for is actions in said chapters, but still it was a little tough to get over.

  • Anino
    2019-03-06 04:27

    This was a fun & not to mention, "quick" read that was well paced with interesting characters... I read this IRR in just over 1 hour. My only complaint is that the author did not include an epilogue. Other than that, it was good.Giving this one 3 solid stars.

  • Amanda
    2019-03-10 02:25

    Rating 3.5It was quick and entertaining. Our hero made up for his douche proposal of the "new terms" of their contract.

  • Milena's Book Corner
    2019-03-21 02:52

    Oh yeah baby...I really enjoyed this one. Read it all in one sitting as I couldn't put it down. Great quick sexy, steamy read with exciting characters.

  • Nana Prah
    2019-02-27 01:27

    This is the first book I’ve read by Laurel Cremant and it won’t be the last. Victor may seem like a jerk, and he is, at least to the heroine’s perspective, but the reader knows better. There was this one scene in the story where his true nature is brought to light to Veronica and it is utterly heartwarming. Other than that sweet scene the rest of the book proved to be hot, hot, hot.

  • A.R. Von
    2019-03-17 00:44

    I absolutely LOVED this book! For a short it was extremely satisfying and the build… AMAZING! Negotiating Skills lived up to its title that’s for sure. It’s a very entertaining, fun, funny, intense and exciting read that will be stuck in your mind for some time after you are through reading. Anyone who enjoys a great story with an incredible build to a steamy romance will adore Negotiating Skills :)Veronica is a smart, snarky, independent, driven and attractive woman that has branched out into her own business and prays for its success. Taking a leap that many women in the field of technology would not, Veronica goes straight for the big guns and applies for a top notch contract with a major company. She has the knowledge, skills and know how to get it she just needs to convince the head honcho Victor that’s she’s capable. Wow is he a looker! That is just the tip of the iceberg after Veronica accomplishes what she’s worked so hard for, she finds the boss man in a bit of a situation that’s meant for no one’s eyes. Things really take off from there!Victor is a handsome, smart, successful, confident and caring man. He knows true talent when he sees it. Needing and wanting nothing but the best for his company to get back on track he hires Veronica to set all to rights but wants her to right the aches he gets whenever he’s around her. When he finds her in the room during a rather private moment, he takes it in stride and uses it as much to his advantage as possible. Go Victor!The heat, attraction and chemistry flows from the moment Veronica and Victor meet. But business and pleasure are not supposed to go hand in hand. What will it take for one of them to cave and/or one of them to take control? You’re going to have to read to find out ;)

  • Brooke
    2019-02-21 04:46

    After reading the most boring romance novel ever written, I wanted a quick read with some hot sex. I wasn't disappointed. The gist: Veronica is a computer programmer and Victor is need of a good programmer. He hires her as an independent consultant and then she inadvertently ends up watching him jack off in his office. He decides to renegotiate their contract in order for him to regain the upper hand. The sexual tension boils over and they have a happily ever after.I have to be honest, this book was like a decent, quick porno. There was at least a mediocre plot with some crazy sexual tension building up to a mind-blowing sexual experience. It was short, so it was really fast paced and there wasn't a whole lot of leeway for character or plot development, but that's fine since that's not what I was really looking for going into this one... It's definitely NOT the BEST erotic novella I've read, but it was decent. It turned me on and the writing didn't make me want to carve out my eyeballs with a rusty grapefruit spoon, so in my book that's a success. If I hadn't just read possibly the worst book ever, I might not have given this one three stars, but it sated the need I had tonight...

  • Bennita
    2019-03-09 06:32

    Ronnie and Victor were a lot of fun to read about. They were both stubborn, strong-willed professionals that have to be in control. Ronnie lands a job with Victor's company and although she'd attracted to him, she remains professional until she catches him in a compromising position and she is forced to play by Victor's rules. Although Victor initially comes across as cocky and in complete control, Ronnie changes everything and he begins to look at his future goals differently. Ronnie's character was a standout for me. She was funny, ambitious, and intelligent but she still maintained her femininity. Victor was just "OK". He needed a little more development and the ending was a little abrupt but otherwise this was an entertaining book.

  • Suze
    2019-03-16 07:27

    A sexy story in the Brooding Billionaire CEO versus feisty  underdog trope.Firstly, set aside all thoughts of sexual harrassment lawsuits and accept it as a sexy story. I thought the writing style was good - kept me in the story and kept it moving. Its a shortish book but the story didnt feel short - it played over a long period and I felt i had enough background on Ronnie to get a good feel for her. Though it wouldnt have given us a story, I felt she'd have been more likely to tell Victor to stuff it!Didnt get quite the same background info and feel for Victor, so perhaps didnt feel any sympathy to the path he took - even when he acknowledged it had been a mistake, my thoughts were 'duh, ya think!?'So, all in a quick, sexy, enjoyable read.

  • Tiffany
    2019-02-28 05:36

    Negotiating Skills was the second book that I’ve read by Laurel Cremant and I loved it!! Victoria was hoping she was going to get a job working for Victor’s company. You tell from the very beginning there was an attraction there between the two of them. One night Victoria catches Victor in a compromising position in his office and he is determined to get her back by changing some things in her contract. After that night in Victor’s office things definitely changes between the two of them. The chemistry between them is very hot!!! I loved this one and I can’t wait to read the next book in this series!!

  • Taria Reed
    2019-03-03 05:48

    I really enjoyed this story. Even though it was a short read I liked the characters and wanted to go have drinks with them. FO REAL!!!!The characters were sassy, intelligent, and likeable. I would have loved to have seen this as a full novel, but if this novella was all I could have then I'm cool with that.story 4narrator 4the narrator had an awesomely rich sexy voice with a touch of sass. Kudos!

  • Charity
    2019-03-01 03:38

    I struggled between a 3.5 and 4 rating for this book because there were so many editing errors, but ultimately I am going with 4 because it is a damn good story.If you enjoy an office romance, game of cat and mouse, and a steamy surrender to desire than you will enjoy this read. I was hooked from page one and I loved both characters.Great read, it just needs cleaned up a little.

  • Huluriasquias
    2019-03-08 02:41

    Reading this kind of books is one of my guilty pleasures. Once in a while I jump genres to maintain a healthy level of eclecticism. (Yeah, right!) Well written and original enough. The story is entertaining. I disagree with the level of "hotness" of some actions but what do I know? I'm not part of the intended audience...

  • UnusualChild{beppy}
    2019-03-09 08:41

    synopsis:veronica is trying to get her fledgling company off the ground, when she catches her new boss taking care of himself. victor decides that turnabout is fair play, so he blackmails veronica into doing what he wants.what i liked: the premise.what i didn't like: even though the story is short, it wasn't fleshed out. you never really got to know veronica or victor.

  • Diamond Drake
    2019-03-10 04:52

    I really enjoyed Negotiating Skills. I liked Victor and Veronica and was excited to see how things would pan out between them. The slow, teasing build up was good and I enjoyed the humor as well. I'd definitely be interested in reading more from this author.

  • Aղցela W.
    2019-03-17 06:30

    This was a short quick read with very little spark to me. Veronica catches her new boss Victor in a compromising position and he uses it to get what he wants. I gave this book 3 stars it was really 2.5.

  • TJ
    2019-03-21 07:22

    It was okay....however there were things she could've done to get herself out of the situation she found herself in. At the same I think she should've kicked him in the chest when he wanted tick for tack.

  • Serena
    2019-03-09 04:31

    My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.While this book did have a few redeeming qualities, due to a lack of editorial contribution I would not recommend.