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Title : A Guide To The Ghosts Of Lincoln
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ISBN : 9780913473085
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 485 Pages
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A Guide To The Ghosts Of Lincoln Reviews

  • Angie
    2018-12-23 00:58

    The writing was comparable to that of a mediocre fourth grader, trying to string descriptive word-pictures and vocabulary words together. Eye-roll worthy. Additionally, a good percentage of the stories didn't even involve ghosts or hauntings or even spookiness, for that matter (Robber's Cave, The Pawnee Dance, and more). With that said, reading local lore, much within blocks of my house, was a festive pre-Halloween activity. Perhaps, I'd have found it more enjoyable if I believed in ghosts...or enjoyed really badly written books. :)

  • Angie
    2019-01-06 03:20

    Not award-winning literature, but it was fun for my tradition of reading spooky books in October. Even more fun that more than half the stories in this book are in our own neighborhood. I jotted notes in the margins ("Risa's house", "Allison's house", "one block north of Johnson's", "Under the bridge on the bike path next to our house", etc.) so my girls can skim through and read the stories from their favorite parks and their friends' houses. At least ten locations are houses of friends or parks or other places my girls hang out with friends regularly. Additionally, even more locations are within walking distance of our house. Apparently, south Lincoln is packed with vivid imaginations. :)

  • Laura
    2019-01-09 04:01

    This was fun, but definately a guide (aka not a book of ghost stories). Some were written as stories that would work better aloud, others were just bits of factual info. Though the writing style jumped around, it was still good local lore.

  • Scott
    2019-01-13 21:08

  • Elise
    2018-12-31 19:55

    I own the Kindle copy.

  • Avishay Artsy
    2018-12-18 03:03

    A fun/scary guide to the local spooks.