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Rosa Rubicundior, Lilio CandidiorThe rebellion within the Soul Society grows as doubts spread about the death sentence of ex-Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki. Determined to save her, Rukia's childhood friend Renji vows to cut down the captain of his own squad, unaware of the terrifying fate that awaits him....

Title : Bleach, Volume 17
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Bleach, Volume 17 Reviews

  • Angela Auten
    2019-03-17 05:50

    Review to come! (I started working on the others yesterday.)

  • Sophia F
    2019-03-19 05:27

    I feel bad for Renji, but yet it's quite impressive that he would survive all that damage from someone with such great power (AKA Byakuya Kuchiki).If he wasn't able to defeat Byakuya, that just proves that Ichigo's chances will be more difficult since he hasn't even achieved Bankai yet. *Biting nails* It's so nerve racking...Kenpachi Zaraki in my opinion is the scariest, seeing as he can take a lot of damage too and be okay. He has great instinct and can move quite quickly, but that doesn't make him a 'monster'. :/Gin Ichimaru has been voted the creepiest, (there is a difference between creepiest and scariest), since his smile can just be so... CREEPY.And lastly Byakuya is voted more powerful, since he's kind of like a legend in this series.Ichigo didn't really appear that much, but the way he was involved was kind of cool, (with Renji and him doing/saying the same things).I love the little 'World of the Living side-series' because it really does give you am insight to what is happening while everyone is getting cut up. It seems like they've spent forever in the Soul Society!!One more thing before I end this review, (and keep reading):...NEERRRR RUKIAAA DON'T DIEEEE!!!!!! D:

  • anenko
    2019-02-27 06:24

    The Soul Society arc finally appears to be drawing to a close. In this volume, Renji fights Byakuya, Zaraki fights Tosen, Gin baits Rukia--and Rukia gets to look pretty, helpless and tragic as her death approaches and the Soul Society erupts into chaos all around her. I was glad to see Rukia, but I am very much looking forward to seeing her taking an active role in events once more. The damsel-in-distress role doesn’t suit the character I first met, and loved.As always, I love the character design in this series. I tend to skim over the art in the fight scenes, but when it comes to characters’ expressions, I think Tite Kubo is *awesome.* And how much did I snicker at Yachiru calling Ichigo Itchy? (I’d thought she’d nicknamed him Ichi, although that may just be another case of fandom leading me wrong.)

  • Vendea
    2019-03-21 01:47

    Yes! Konečně epic fight mezi Zarakim a Komíkem a Slepoňem. A Renji! Ban kai!

  • Atalinay
    2019-03-22 00:38

    Rosa Rubicundior,Lilio CandidiorRedder than the rose, whiter than the lilySo many fights going on and the execution draws nearer and nearer. (view spoiler)[ First up is Byakya Kuchiki vs Renji and his bankai. Renji put up a good fight, but in the end was defeated. I appreciated how driven he was and how they compared him to Ichigo in the side by side panel. Then it was Kenny vs Kaname Tosen and his bankai (enmakorogi) which blinded his opponent of his senses except touch. Kenny being the blood seeking fiend he is won against him but Komamura showed up (and showed up his form as an animal). Kaname also had a sad story about why he became a soul reaper (the woman he loved died at the hands of her husband). This manga makes you sympathize with the "bad guys" constantly. Random Thoughts:I love how Yachiru (Kenny's asissstant) gives the ryoka crappy petnames like Itch for Ichigo.I like how the 11th company never surrenders (losing=death). It shows that all companies within soul society are very different from one another.(hide spoiler)]

  • Chris Carrescia
    2019-02-23 03:32

    I like volume seventeen because of how cool the fight between Renji and Byuakuya is. This is because Renji's only life goal is to eventually become stronger than his captain. And in this chapter Renji unlocks his bankai but it is not enough to defeat the captain of sixth company who shows his bankai as well.

  • Angelyn
    2019-03-24 05:51

    Are you freaking kidding me? For how many more volumes are they going to fight to save Rukia!? This volume was just fights. And talking. Good Grace, they talk too much! Are you gonna use those swords or chit chat to death!? I'm seriously thinking of skipping a couple volumes. Action is cool, but can we have some actual plot now?

  • Hana Eka
    2019-02-25 05:43

    Kuchiki Byakuya vs Abarai Renji.Rukia bertemu Ichimaru Gin.Kyaaa... Komamura taichou sebenarnya imut xP

  • Gio C
    2019-03-19 08:28

    Lots of action and excitement. There are a few battles going on. All of them are good. You learn alot about a bunch of different characters. Rukia's execution begins.

  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    2019-03-08 05:45

    Another good volume.

  • Dan Jones
    2019-03-15 02:26

    Awesome battles in these chapters.

  • Sukamarunara
    2019-03-16 03:29

    3 letters describe this OMG

  • Nick
    2019-03-11 08:52

    Overall Rating: A+Synopsis: Ichigo Kurosaki sees ghosts, and fights...a lot. All of this is pretty normal for Ichigo, but then he meets Rukia Kuchiki, a Shinigami (Death God) and member of the mysterious Soul Society. When a Hollow, an evil spirit, attacks Ichigo and his family, Rukia attempts to defeat the Hollow, but is wounded. To help him save his family, she lends Ichigo some of her powers, but something goes wrong, and Ichigo absorbs every last drop of her energy. Ichigo becomes a temporary Shinigami, and works with Rukia to handle the hunting of hollows until Rukia can recover. At least, that was the plan...Before I picked up the manga, I saw the first four episodes of the anime at Stellarcon '06. It was a fansub (this was before it was airing on Adult Swim), so the translation wasn't great, but I fell in love with the characters and mythology of the series. I immediately started picking up the manga and planning a costume for Ichigo. A few months later, I cosplayed Ichigo at Heroescon, had read all of the manga that had been translated, and watched as much of the anime as I could get my hands on.So, what's the big deal, right? I think it comes down to the characters. There are dozens of of them, and the writer Tite Kubo takes the time to give them all detailed backgrounds and relationships. I'm 19 volumes in, and while there's plenty of action, it's the character development I'm hooked to.In the first 19 volumes, there are three main groups of characters, humans, the Shingami, and the Quincies. When humans die, their souls become Wholes or Hollows. Wholes are normal spirits, but the spirits that become Hollows are corrupted souls that must feed on the souls of the living (kind of like spiritual vampires). The Shinigami release Wholes and help them cross over to the Soul Society (the spirit world), and cleanse the Hollows so that they can cross over as well. They do so using big ass swords called zanpakutō.The Quincies use bows made of spiritual energy in the form of bows to hunt Hollows, similarly to the Shinigami. However, unlike the Shingami, who purify the souls of the Hollows preserving the balance of souls between the two world, the Quincies destroy them. This endangers the balance of the world, and as a result the two groups went to war. The Shinigami won, and there is now only one Quincy left, Uryū Ishida. Despite his hatred of Shinigami, Uryū eventually becomes friends Ichigo, and even travels to the Soul Society with him. This only scratches at the surface of the series. I have only seen ~50 episodes of the anime, but what I have seen follows the manga very closely. I highly recommend checking out the series, it's fun, interesting, and has some great cosplay opportunities.For more manga and anime reviews, please check out Hobotaku.

  • Sara
    2019-03-21 04:29

    The cover image on this makes me uncomfortable.Ignoring my discomfort and focusing on the content, this volume was amazing!! First off, the volume begins with the battle between Renji and Byakuya. Both end up using the Bankai technique and was that a sight to behold!! Hwoah! Bummer Renji had his ass handed to him on a plate, but he did make an impression. When Renji falls at the end of the battle, Rukia can sence spiritual energy fade. She does not know who has been battling for her and feels despair at the fact that people are fighting for her. However, at that moment she is being led to the execution block. Ichimaru comes to taunt her and she finds out that Renji was fighting for jer. Also, we discover some of the back story between Rukia and Ichimaru. He has always made her uncomfortable and she has grown to hate him. She is then led to the execution block and given her chance to say some last words. She asks that Ichigo and his company be spared and sent out of the Soul Society safely.nthey grant her wish, with no intention of keeping it. Her storyline ends with the execution beginning.Zaraki, Tôsen, and Komamura all continue to battle and in turn, use their Bankai techiques on each other. Their battle ends when they hear the execution beginning. Renji wakes up bandagednupnfrom his battle, and promises Rikichi, a young boynwho helped bandage him up, that he will save Rukia. This massive cliffhanger is where the story ends- I cannot imagine having to wait for the next volume to come out. I'm so glad that I have a big pile of them ready because the story is becomming so intense!!

  • Krista Ivy
    2019-02-22 06:40

    The fighting is no longer reduced to Ichigo and the others that came with him. One of Ichigo's masters will now fight.

  • Bbabri
    2019-03-16 00:54

    A kötet első felét imádtam. Renji és Byakuya harcolnak egymással, és én csillogó szemmel olvastam el. Nem tehetek róla, Byakuya az első számú kedvencem. Persze Renji vereséget szenved, de már elérte a bankai szintet, amin Byakuya teljesen meglepődik. Végre valami emberi reakciót is mutat.Ken-chan harca most nem kötött le. Inkább azért, mert az ellenfeleit nem nagyon kedvelem. Vagyis inkább olyan semlegesek.Hisagi bajban van. Yumichika megmutatta neki a valódi erejét.Ichimaru szemét, de valamiért nem tudom nem kedvelni. Talán azért, mert tudom mi lesz majd vele.Ichigo még mindig edz.És megkezdődött Rukia kivégzése is…

  • MissAnnThrope
    2019-03-08 05:50

    30 October 2012First things first, this strangely naughty cover has absolutely nothing to do with this storyline. Nada.Bleach 17: Rosa Rubicundior, Lilio Candidior is my favorite volume so far in this series. Captains fight against other captains with insane abilities, resulting in battles that are monumental!Renji and Byakuya duke it out in an epic battle. Byakuya is seriously one bad heartless mutha'ucka. I hope this isn't the end for Renji.Zaraki throws down with Kaname Tosen and Sajin Komamura, proving just how badass he truly is. I am really digging Zaraki and Renji. Have I mentioned how hawt Renji is?

  • Logan Simpson
    2019-03-07 05:52

    So many battles going on! Ichigo continues training, and we only see him for like one or two pages in this whole volume. Kenpachi fights Tosen and Komamura. I just want to say that I think Tosen is pretty bad ass, and his bankai is freaking awesome. Renji races to save Rukia from her rapidly approaching execution, but is stopped and defeated by his captain, Byakuya. Byakuya might just be the biggest jerk ever... And the cliffhanger at the end of this volume is that Rukia's execution is starting... it looks like all hope is lost, and that Ichigo will not make it in time to save his friend....

  • StephenAlff (AlffBooks)
    2019-02-27 01:49

    Bleach was definitely very interesting to read and different to what I usually read. I enjoyed the whole soul reaper concept and how we find out more and more about the main character as the story goes on.It's a fast read and is easy to understand but gets progressively more difficult to follow parts of the story due to there being so many different characters that can be qualified as important in the progression of the story.I would recommend it for the story line and the graphics but I do feel like there are a certain amount of plot holes or at least not detailed out enough parts. I give the series 3 stars, the beginning possibly deserving 4 stars and slowly falling to 3 stars.

  • Annchan Maulana
    2019-02-27 00:33

    BleachIchigo Kurosaki has ability to see ghosts. The story begin from the day when he meet with one of the member of Soul Society name Rukia Kuchiki. The member of that society are called shinigami.The shinigamis are have a duty to fighting a Hollow - evil spirit from humans who display psychic energy. And after Ichigo know the truth about the world he live with his family is one full of dangerous spirits, he learn to become Shinigami, and his job now along with Rukia is to protect the world from Hollows and help the spirits to find peace.Originaly review by AnnChan ^^

  • Ashley
    2019-03-16 06:35

    Bleach vol. 17 Summary: ROSA RUBICUNDIOR, LILIO CANDIDIOR. The rebellion within the Soul Society grows as doubts spread about the death sentence of ex- Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki. determined to save her, Rukia's childhood friend Renji vows to cut down the captain of his own squad, unaware of the terrifying fate that awaits him.Rating: 4 1/2 starsOpening Line: "I was afraid... Pretending to chase... Pretending to sharpen my fangs..."Quote: "You should've withdrawn your sword. Did you really think you could defeat me?"

  • Alexis Masters
    2019-02-27 02:36

    Red like bloodWhite like boneRed like solitudeWhite like silenceRed like the senses of a beastWhite like the heart of a godRed like molten hatredWhite like chilling cries of painRed like the shadows that feed on the nightLike a sigh piercing the moonIt shines white and scatters red- Byakuya vs. Renji- Gin teases Rukia- Zaraki is a monster- Yumichika has a secret- Compassionate lies

  • kathrinamontr
    2019-03-20 01:27

    Rosso come il sanguebianco come le ossarosso come la solitudinebianco come il silenziorosso come i nervi di una belvabianco come il cuore di un diorosso come l'odio che sgorga sciogliendotibianco come il dolore che ti agghiacciarosso come l'ombra che divora la nottecome un sospiro che trapassa la lunasplende di bianco, si spegne di rosso

  • Georgina Howlett
    2019-03-11 08:30

    Seventeen is a good number. I like seventeen.I really enjoyed this volume! Yoruichi is a great character and her feature on the cover is quirky and different to some of the others :)The training which Ichigo is put through is intense, but I know that it is worth it! Hopefully he'll be able to rescue Rukia! I know he can do it!I love IchiRuki. So much. Hehehe.

  • Collin
    2019-03-18 07:44

    Bleach. Strange title. Closer to Rukia. I'm afraid I can't give much more thorough reviews than this.(Except that this title is really fun - it's Latin for Red as Blood, White as the Lily. If my memory serves. Which it might not, but it's close enough, anyway. You get the idea. VERY poetic title, in any case!)

  • Megan
    2019-02-24 07:35

    Rukia is very much the princess who needs to be saved in this volume; she displays hardly any of her typical attitude and internal fortitude. Soul Society's already weak faith in this execution grows weaker as Renji fights his own captain, and other battles begin. Byakuya sure is lucky I have faith in him.

  • Taruia
    2019-03-24 01:24

    Now 1/2 the Captains have decided to save Rukia and the others, well ... my new favourite character is Kenny aka Kenpachi Zaraki who battles Tosen. The Ryoka have separated and Ichigo is trying to get his Bankai sorted. Tosen's Bankai seems to be a stolen circus tent, evidently. I am hoping that Ichimaru gets a bollocking at some point, so lets hope!

  • Kati
    2019-03-10 04:32

    Zaraki Kenpachi is nuts, but he's also one of my favorite captains. Also, his 11th Division is the most likable one, I would say. They are all a bit wrong in the head but they are also bound by deep friendship, understanding and amused tolerance for each other and it's beautiful.

  • Jay
    2019-03-20 04:35

    I'm finding it harder and harder to keep track of all the people. Large sections of the book are enjoyable, but the plot seems to have slowed down a lot because we have to see what everyone is doing and I can't even tell them all apart anymore.

  • M. Ashraf
    2019-02-21 02:46

    Renji and Byakuya GREAT!!! fight even with his Bankai !!!Ichigo hurry up :p 3:) Gin 3:) Someone is leading this whole execution thing to fulfill his plan It's going to be a twist :p if it wasn't Gin's doing but after advancing the execution day :/ it can't be the doing of one person!!!