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A Rallying Cry for Men to Embrace a Larger Vision of Christian PurposeVance Brown believes that men today are "discouraged, exhausted, and question their worth," and many fall by the wayside. He faced that challenge years ago but was surrounded by friends who said, "Have courage. God needs you, here, now...this day." Vance heeded the call and as a result has called other mA Rallying Cry for Men to Embrace a Larger Vision of Christian PurposeVance Brown believes that men today are "discouraged, exhausted, and question their worth," and many fall by the wayside. He faced that challenge years ago but was surrounded by friends who said, "Have courage. God needs you, here, now...this day." Vance heeded the call and as a result has called other men to join his Band of Brothers who follow Christ no matter the cost. Here is a battle plan for men who are ready to do something extraordinary with their lives and heed God's call....

Title : No Matter The Cost
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No Matter The Cost Reviews

  • Redbroyer
    2019-02-19 00:58

    No Matter the Cost…I don’t often write book reviews as I don’t read all that many books. That said, I felt that it was important to write a review for this book as it spoke to me on so many levels. Because I don’t write reviews, I also struggled with what rating to give it, but ultimately decided on five stars for the same reason stated above. Additionally, as I was telling a friend of mine about the book today, I mentioned that I will be reading it again. That is something that I don’t typically do; reread books. This book speaks to many things that I personally have gone and am going through. Additionally I believe that many Christian men , no matter where they are in their walk, can gain a lot from reading this short but very pertinent book. Whether you’re a new believer or one who has been around the block a few times like myself, I believe that there is something to be gained from reading this book.No Matter the Cost is a rallying cry for all Christian men to drop everything and follow Christ, no matter what it may cost them. This is not a typical book calling Christians to hold each other accountable in our daily walks. This book is one about an impending battle from a spiritual perspective that will necessitate all Christian men to come together and “fight” alongside one another against the enemy. No Matter the Cost focuses on the battles that many men encounter and encourages us to stand with one another and not let each other fall. Much like some 300 Spartans who stood alongside one another and protected each other, we are to stand beside our brothers and pick them up when they falter. The book has a central focus on giving everything up for Christ and supports it well with Biblical references and it also points to the fact that we’re not supposed to go through life alone. Even Christ sent out His disciples in pairs. Was this for accountability, companionship, testimony, or so that they could encourage one another? I would argue that it was for all the above, but would encourage you to investigate on your own.No Matter the Cost has much Scripture referenced throughout its pages. Additionally though, there are many other references of a “secular” nature from books and movies that aren’t Scripturally based, but are used anecdotally to allow the reader to better understand the point that Vance Brown is trying to hit home. This book is a call for Christian men to stop being complacent and make a decision moving forward in their lives. Will you answer the call and model your life after Christ? Will you make this decision to move forward and make a difference, No Matter the Cost?

  • Jimmy Reagan
    2019-02-28 21:47

    Men, are you discouraged or broken? Have you even made foolish decisions? Do you need the courage and hope to go on? Then this book by Vance Brown with John Blasé and published by Bethany House is the book you have been waiting on.We have here the call for “imperfect, broken, foolish men” to step up in the battle and fight “no matter the cost.” Do not suppose, however, that this book is just a pep talk, or an inspirational challenge. This is a realistic view of us coupled with a realistic view of Christ.Because of a mix up at my home, I didn’t realize I had this book to review till I just discovered it recently. By that twist of fate I had an entire night in a waiting room to devour this book carefully. It moved me.He weaves the story of George Bailey from “It’s A Wonderful Life” and shows that is the story of far more of us than we’d care to admit. He says this defines many of us men: “all alone, exhausted, weary, bone-tired, questioning our worth, feeling much more dead than alive, courage struggling for oxygen.” We have our dreams, or at least we had them. Years and events mingled with some stupidity and we lose hope.Amazingly, he also uses the Lord’s Prayer to teach us. While it might not be the most exegetically precise thing you have ever read, it really works. It takes you somewhere. Somewhere you need to go. You will notice that he focuses on our relationship with the Lord on the one hand and our Christian brothers on the other. It makes sense!He writes well. The illustrations are exceptional. The transparency is amazing. He shares real failure and proves that the Lord was not done with him. What could encourage us more?You may be aware that Mr. Brown heads Band of Brothers. Don’t be concerned that this book is just a selling job for that organization. While the principles of this book underlie that organization, that is rarely the focus of the book. No, he writes at your heart and life. At least he spoke to mine and I highly recommend this book.I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

  • Andrew
    2019-03-01 02:36

    In No Matter The Cost, Vance Brown considered the importance of standing and fighting in the last battle when Jesus returns to triumph over Satan. All other wars won’t be able to compare to the victory of this one. He also founded the Band of Brothers ministry to help lead men in the last battle and he wants men to never give up. Throughout the book, Vance Brown asked the question, “Will you be one of the saints used by God to finally defeat evil?” (Page 27). The book encouraged men to find other brothers to support them over the journey of their life. His book shared the story of what Brown had to encounter in his life. He struggled with sexual temptations that lead to an affair and he was letting anxiety run his daily life. He also had to face restoring a marriage, being there for his son going through cancer treatments, and forgiving his father and brother for firing him from the family business. He has seen the impact of men who don’t have a group of brothers to encourage and speak truth to them when needed.  We weren’t created to be lone rangers in the wrestle to the finish. The book takes apart the Lord’s Prayer piece by piece and it reveals how men are suppose to conduct their lives.  I would recommend this book to men who are thinking they can be the lone rangers. They may be telling themselves that they don’t need anybody else to assist them in their triumphs and failures. Men must stand together and share our deepest sorrow, hurts, and pains, as well as, our joy we encompass. This book is also for men who are struggling with giving up and losing hope.  The book contains many scriptures passages about fighting until we get victory in the last battle. The book had astonishing transparent real stories from men that had to endure heartache and it showed how they came out of it. Men must become survivors when life tries to break us down. It’s time to put on the whole armor of God and overcome our enemy! Gear up men!“I received this book free from the publisher through the Bethany House Publishers book review bloggers program.”  

  • Michael Gallops
    2019-03-07 21:35

    When I got this book I was so excited to start reading it that I tore into the very first night! And I got all the way into the prologue when I realized this wasn't a book I was going to read in a couple of nights and then put on a book shelf and forget about. No, this was a book I was going to have to work my way through - praying and agonizing over each and every word. I say that because what I discovered as I got all the way into the prologue (yes, I know that's at the very beginning...) was that this book was written for ME. And not just for me - but about me. I read descriptions of myself over and over again as I worked my way through this book - and it started in the prologue. Ironically, in the prologue, Vance talks about George Bailey and the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life" - it just happens to be my favorite Christmas movie - and I discovered, even after years of watching that movie (and forcing my kids to watch it) that I am George Bailey. I've always thought I had never amounted to much of anything and that the world would be better off without me. I even blogged about how I'd always wanted to be a hero - the kind of man the world views a hero - think Rambo, Navy Seal and James Bond rolled into one - that's who I wanted to be. This book made me realize that in Christ I am much more than that - and I'm not alone!!!I highly recommend this book for every man - those who may be struggling with self image, secret/hidden sin, shame - but also for those who see themselves as totally on top of the world. I promise you this book will have an impact on you - on every man who reads it!

  • Joseph McBee
    2019-03-17 05:48

    I want to be careful how I proceed with this review. The author is a Christian and therefore my brother in Christ. Even if he weren't, he is still a man who put his heart and soul into writing a book. I refuse to hide behind a computer and let criticism fly.That being said, I did not care for this book.I appreciated the author's honesty. I appreciated the fact that his book was loaded with Scripture. I also appreciated the way the author's passion and energy is captured and expressed.Yet I still did not care for this book.First of all, it seemed a little cliche. It seemed like it was trying too hard to be like WILD AT HEART, which is a mistake to begin with.Then it tried too hard to be "relevant" by quoting or referencing every "guy" movie made in the last twenty years. Almost every single anecdote was tragic. It was all death, pornography, adultery, horrible fathers, lies, and anger. And to deal with all this tragedy, the author kept pointing people to other men, not to Christ. I don't think this was his intention, but it was the result and it therefore falls far short.In the end, it fails to really communicate anything of any real substance, and ends up sounding like a prolonged infomercial for the author's ministry.I think i get what the author is trying to do, and I respect it. I just don't think it works.

  • Blake
    2019-03-14 22:42

    As a fan of John Eldredge, and seeing how he loved this book...this was kind of a no brainer. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised to see how for myself, and my Christian walk in life, this book fit perfectly. I found John Eldredge to be a better read, but as for content, for right now in my life...this book hit home like God himself placed it in my hands. It also showed how brothers, real, Christian brothers, needed to stand up...for their families, themselves, and most of all for their God! I hope Vance Brown writes another book...because I will definitely read it, but to me, this felt like a one time deal for him. From the sorrowful stories in this book about his mentors death, to his family problems, I just felt that this was a calling God wanted him to do. Regardless...I am so glad he did write this book.

  • Paul
    2019-02-28 23:35

    No Matter the Cost by Vance Brown delivers a message built around the themes of the “Lord’s Prayer” with many applications and quotes to which men can relate from well-known Christian authors and movies to illustrate his points. He takes up the fallen sword of Bill Bright from his appeal to men through his ministry of Promise Keepers and writes to an audience of men and to their shared needs. He is transparent as he opens with his own struggles and with the death of a close friend. Rise up, man up (not only in discharging the duties of being a man of God, but also in not going it alone, but rather with trusted friends), give up, and serve up (stand and deliver) are catch words that could easily be woven into his theme of developing as a servant of God. No Matter the Cost cannot be taken lightly, not as a book nor as the call to discipleship.

  • Joalby Phoenix
    2019-03-14 04:04

    Received this book as a LibraryThing Advanced Reading Copy & I'm so very glad I did. I will admit parts of it seemed a little too predictable and cliche, but coming from a place where I am not as theologically in tune as many, I feel that it didn't necessarily "dumb it down" so much as it put everything into simple terms that made it easy to understand and connect with. The selection of scripture and stories made me see things that while they seem common sense, also can not be beaten into your brain enough. The 6 Week Study Guide can benefit men's groups greatly, because it puts the book in a place where it not only is a good collection of stories and inspirations to lead you towards a better life, rather it opens the book up to expand from what is simple to what is personal.

  • Rich
    2019-03-11 01:54

    A brother in Christ introduced me to the Band of Brothers. This group and this book have inspired me to re-ignite a men's ministry in our church. The book is full of real stories, from real men, living in this very real and broken world. This book provides inspiration and encouragement for men to share their fears and struggles with each other honestly. Without judgement, without condemnation but with love... the same love that Jesus, our brother, has for us. This book is well written, easy to read and hard to put down.Thank you Vance for your testimony!

  • Brian
    2019-03-04 21:57

    The inclusion of an online ministry connection from the book is an incredible assett for many men! Too many times have stuggling men read book after book with no options to have any dialogue for fear of rejection etc.. There are so many guys not able to have that small group but yet are able to obtain strength from the online community. Thanks for continuing the vision God put in your heart, many men and their families will be blessed by the Band of Brother's ministry!

  • Michael
    2019-02-19 22:56

    A must read for for ALL men that are walking with Christ. A brutally honest tool for men to use as they grow in their faith. I couldn't put the book down once I opened it and was excited to read it each day (and I am not a big reader). If you was looking for in your face, straight honesty this is your book. I believe that God brought this book to me so that I can bring its teaching to other men. It's worth the time and money you invest. Thank you BOB's

  • Kar
    2019-02-26 01:51

    I love this book! Vance is real and transparent. It did my heart good to hear Vance's stories and the stories of other men who have walked through difficult times. The book has a 6 week study guide. I am going to use this book with the group of guys I journey with and am excited to see what God does as we dive into this book together!

  • David
    2019-03-04 03:48

    Vance Brown hits some of the toughest issues in a man's life right on the head. Spiritual warfare is, indeed, real. But the real question is who will fight to the end and take a stand for Jesus Christ no matter the cost. A man's lifestyle should be reminiscent of a good soldier fighting for what he believes in and persevering through life's difficulties no matter the cost.

  • Graham Lutz
    2019-02-23 03:48

    The back cover made the book sound cool. It was going to be motivating, uplifting, encouraging, and validating all in one. It wasn't. Each chapter was a short little story, TONS of scripture, and a discussion of the story in light of said scripture. If you're a gung-ho christian, sure, you'll eat this shit up. If you're anything else, it will be pathetic and anti-intellectual. skip it.

  • Todd
    2019-03-12 03:45

    Ipicked up this book in Memphis Tennessee. Its a religious book. It talks about men and there life struggles and struggles with addictions etc. They also have a website/message board where you can connect with other men and talk about issues, share joys, thoughts etc.

  • Mark Chambers
    2019-03-19 02:01

    This book can help a lot of men. The stories are authentic, and the topics deep. If you are fighting day by day for your marriage and family, this book will speak to you. Buy it, read it, and find a group of guys to do life deeply with!

  • Adam Balshan
    2019-03-22 03:53

    3 stars [Christian Praxis]Writing: 2.5-3. Often mediocre. Block quotes Scripture too much instead of giving the jist. Sometimes notable.Use: 3. I will reread only what I underlined. It can be inculcated into Eldredge's paradigm.Truth: 3.5. Some rare truth, and spurts of questionable truth and exegesis.