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Title : Living The Spirit: A Gay American Indian Anthology
Author :
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ISBN : 9780312018993
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 235 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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Living The Spirit: A Gay American Indian Anthology Reviews

  • Adam
    2019-02-28 09:32

    This anthology includes short stories, poems, essays, origin stories and other stories that involve gender and sexuality, and information about various tribes' gender/sexual roles and names for those roles. There are short pieces of information on the then places to get more information (not websites, places to write and call! 1989, y'all.). There is a short biography of each contributor in the back of the book. I really liked a piece by Midnight Sun, and thought it was still very relevant to gender studies today. This is an excerpt from it:"There is a tendency, for example, to see homosexuality or lesbianism as ahistorical, universal entities occurring at different times and in different cultures. But this is incompatible with a view of sexuality as culturally constructed, if by "construction" we mean the socially ordained patterns for meeting individual biological sexual needs that cultures establish. Yet there is a tendency to conflate the "universal" or "essentialist" and the "social constructionist" approaches and to use contemporary western concepts of sex, gender, and sexuality as standards for comparing all other cultures.Cross-cultural material is often used to support claims about contemporary western homosexuality. [...] As she suggests, this approach is problematic for two reasons, the most obvious being that quite different cultural phenomena are compared when they are viewed in terms of the theorist's starting point. Second, this approach isolates cultural characteristics from their contexts. For example, [...] Jeffrey Weeks asks, "Why should one even begin to contemplate the notion that the berdache has anything at all to do with homosexuality in our terms?" (Weeks in Plummer 1981:48).[...]Social, and specifically sexual, life is embedded in the organization of society -- an organization that gives rise to a variety of cultural forms. The cultural construction of gender and sexuality must be seen in terms of the sexual division of labor, subsistence patterns, social relations, and male-female relations. Within this context, ideology is not an arbitrary, discrete force -- rather, it serves to reproduce and perpetuate social forms, behaviors, and individuals suitable to a particular mode of production.[...]Fudamental changes in economic patterns disrupted many aspects of native social life including gender and sexuality." -Midnight Sun (Anishinaabe), "Sex/Gender Systems in Native North America", p33-34 in Living the Spirit

  • Aaminah Shakur
    2019-03-03 10:29

    Although some of the language is a little dated, this book is awesome for anyone who wants to understand the role of gay and trans* Native individuals within traditional Native societies and how contemporary Native Americans deal with their roles having changed due to colonization. At times it is academic and other parts are very emotional. This book includes essays, poems and short stories/excerpts from novels. This is a powerful and essential read for anyone interested in intersectionality, gender issues, LGBTQ issues, and Native issues. As a queer Native, reading this book was probably one of the most important things I've accessed and the only book of its kind that I've yet found.

  • Ruth Sims
    2019-03-19 08:31

    This is a fascinating book for any open-minded person interested in spirituality of different culture or American Indians. The essays in it are written by gay American Indians of different tribes. There are both poems and essays, some more erudite than others, some more accessible to the layman than others, but all are interesting.