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Imprisoned by memories, Claudia Campbell lives each day in the shadow of a ten-year-old murder. Who can set her free?On the way home from a football game, a decade earlier, a masked gunman opened fire on a Texas school bus. Cheerleading coach B.J. Remington was killed, but her murderer was never found. Claudia, who had a close friendship with the young, spirited teacher, cImprisoned by memories, Claudia Campbell lives each day in the shadow of a ten-year-old murder. Who can set her free?On the way home from a football game, a decade earlier, a masked gunman opened fire on a Texas school bus. Cheerleading coach B.J. Remington was killed, but her murderer was never found. Claudia, who had a close friendship with the young, spirited teacher, constantly relives the anguish of that day, caught in one moment in time. When her husband, the assistant district attorney, becomes determined to uncover the mystery of that tragedy, the secrets buried over the years threaten to tear their family apart.Officer Casio Hightower will never forget the day his dreams were destroyed. A star quarterback with a promising future, Casio was on top of the world--until one bullet changed everything. He is eager to help Victor Campbell find B.J.'s killer, the man who shot him. Maybe solving the case will help silence the demons driving Casio to hurt the woman he loves.As the Campbells and Casio teeter on the brink of losing everything, will they be able to discover that what begins at the crossing ends at the cross?...

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The Crossing Reviews

  • Pamela
    2019-03-03 08:13

    "In life, love is complicated. Messy. Filled with jealousy and conditions. In the moments before death, it becomes clear what love was intended to be."Riveting, dramatic, and compellingly suspenseful. Serita Jakes pulled me in immediately with a powerful, heart-stopping intro. Then as the story unfolded, she held my attention with many intertwining elements and characters, alternating narratives and chapters, uniquely compiled to pulsate like the ebb and flow of tides. Devastating . . . Hopeful . . . Heartbreaking . . . Healing . . . Spiteful . . . Congenial . . . Humorous . . . Somber . . . Rage . . .Divine Peace. . . Back and forth the actions/reactions and emotions ebb and flow. The cold case dealing with non-combat PTSD was powerful and relevant. My biological mother (whom I never met, and only discovered last spring) suffered from PTSD when at the age of nine she witnessed her mother's violent death) and from her teen years on, Ruth's life was a trainwreck. In The Crossing, the PTSD triggers felt believable. And I was totally into the cold case, even though not all of the law enforcement, M.E., and forensic particulars were ultra authentic. They did, come across as believable. However, there were a good many contrived plot points and coincidences in the solving process. And at times the dramatic story elements became woefully sensational, verging on melodramatic. Yet the dialogue, for the most part, except pertaining to errors listed below, was fresh and rang genuine. None of these critical observations were weighty enough for me to drop a four star to three, as the overall story was riveting - if not for the numerous (and I do mean numerous) grammatical/syntax/typo errors spread liberally throughout. Truly, whoever line edited this must have had a really off day, if an average Annie notices them. Perhaps someday it will be more tightly edited and reissued. One can hope, for Ms. Jake's sake. As is currently....THREE *** Riveting, Powerful, Cautionary *** STARSNote: At books end the publisher and/or author has listed several organizations for those in need of PTSD counseling and/or support. Here are a few:U.S. Dept. of Veterans AffairsThe National Center for PTSD:(802) 296-6300U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: www.nimh.nih.govThe National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

  • Courtney Edson
    2019-02-23 08:11

    Won through First reads giveaways. Ten years ago, Claudia was on a bus with her coach, favorite teacher, and other students. A mad man came onto the bus shot the assistant coach, the teacher, and a student. The teacher, Bj Remington died that night. Claudia stayed at her side and refused to walk away. Bj and Claudia were best friends they didn't have your ordinary teacher/ student relationship. Casio, the student that got shot was Claudia's boyfriend at the time. Now, ten years later the killer still wasn't brought to justice. Casio and Claudia's husband, Victor, reopen BJ Remington's cold case. In the meantime Casio is suspended from his duty as a police officer. He is charged with battering and raping his girlfriend, Harper. He insists he didn't rape her it was consensual, but he does admit to beating her up. Claudia keeps having panic attacks because she keeps thinking back to the day on the bus. She runs into another student, other then Casio and it makes her start to remember again. This student, Georgia, preformed CPR on Miss Remington that night in hopes to save her life. Casio got a lost file report from his father that states that BJ was 10 weeks pregnant when she was shot. That's how he squeezed himself in to work with Victor on the case. Victor doesn't care much about him for two main reasons; one, he is an old boyfriend of his wife, Claudia. Two, the charges he has against him. Blah blah blah. You have to read it!I really liked the book. I especially love the ending. Sad how things worked out, but probably for the best. I think the plot of the story was quite impressive. I didn't want to put it down, but I had too. I wish it wasn't over, but every story has an ending. Very happy to have won this. Will be looking into reading more by this author in the near future. This book is on my highly recommendation list.

  • Cafelilybookreviews
    2019-03-01 13:41

    This book definitely hits close to home as the subject matter could be a relevant breaking news headline from any major network. When a shooting takes place on a school bus, a beloved teacher and student are shot. The teacher doesn’t survive, yet ten years have gone by and the case remains unsolved due to missing evidence. This book is an emotional roller coaster as it touches on tragedy, grief, forgiveness and reconciliation. It also touches on posttraumatic stress as Claudia, one of the teenagers who was on the school bus, relives the shooting over and over in her nightmares as an adult. While the overall storyline had the potential to be very good, the writing isn’t that great. More conservative readers should be aware that this book is very secular and includes quite a bit of sexual banter (some of it between Vic and Claudia who are married). Vic, also eyeballs a secretary in a tight fitting skirt. Other references are made to men "watching" women. There’s some graphic writing related to a rape scene and several mentions of domestic violence. This is certainly not a light read and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

  • CJ
    2019-02-18 09:35

    (I received this book from WaterBrook Press free through I appreciate their generosity, but my opinions cannot be swayed.)When first reading the description of The Crossing, it sounded intriguing. Years ago, at a railroad crossing, a gun-wielding man got on a bus coming back from a high school football game. He shot one of the players in the arm and killed the young cheerleading coach. Many years later, the assistant DA husband of one of the girls who was on the bus, along with the football player--who has now become a police officer--reopen the case to try to get to the bottom of things. The premise sounded good...what I didn't notice was the last bit of the description: "As the Campbells and Casio teeter on the bring of losing everything, will they be able to discover that what begins at the crossing ends at the cross?"Yes, I had somehow gotten myself involved with contemporary Christian literature by mistake. "Well," I figured, "too late to do anything about this now. Might as well read the book. The premise is still fairly interesting." As it turns out, this was not a bad book at all. It was just not a good book for me.The characters are all right, though it's a little tough when the introduction to one of the protagonists (Casio, the former-football-player-turned-cop) begins with him raping and beating the crap out of his girlfriend. Apparently, his experiences back on the bus have led to a life of untamed rage (though I found myself wondering if perhaps some of his rage was due to having been named after a cheap brand of plastic keyboard). Claudia, the other main character, is also a wreck--the teacher killed had been her best friend, and she knows some secrets about the possible motive. Her husband Vic, the assistant DA, opens the case to try and bring Claudia peace, but finds that his help is just making everything worse. Luckily, he is understanding of her issues, because he is almost too perfect to be true. Narration is also provided by BJ, the teacher who died. The shifting perspectives actually work pretty well, and provide a variety of ways to look at the story.The story itself is all right, though there are many diversions from the heart of the mystery, instead focusing on Claudia's relationships with Vic and God, and also on Casio's relationship with his girlfriend Hannah. I often found myself bored with Claudia and her philosophical and theological tangents. The author tried to bring in some other issues, including her relationship with her pastor father and critical mother, but I found those mostly distracting. Another problem was that the stakes for the characters never got very high. The plot plodded along as Vic and Casio investigate the old case, but really no one is ever in danger, and aside from possible closure, there is no real drive to solve this murder. The only real shock in the whole novel doesn't even have anything to do with the murder. Personally, I didn't find "Will Claudia be able to reconnect with her husband AND God?" to be a particularly pressing motivation to keep reading.As I said, I am sure there are people who would enjoy this book. It is well-written, and the characters were for the most part reasonably realistic and interesting. However, my lack of interest in the Christian aspect of the story served as a major turn off for me.

  • Sharon
    2019-03-04 08:29

    I received this Advanced Reader's Copy as a free book. Even though I found some errors in the book (noted below), I found the book to be very interesting. The book grabbed my attention right from the beginning. I liked how it went back and forth from the characters in the present to events and characters from the past. The characters were interesting and believable, but in some instances, I felt that some of the characters could have been developed just a bit more. I did enjoy reading the book and found myself trying to guess who did it and was surprised at the end. I discovered a few errors in the book that I want to point out. On page 10/11, the party planner states that she only has Tuesday open for the next appointment but then later, the Friday appointment is made.On page 51 it says: "If I'd had known...", shouldn't this be If I had known, or if I'd have known?On page 79, it says "That sat in silence for a few minutes" which should read "THEY sat in silence for a few minutes".On page 110: "The principal gave a rueful smiled that showed off a set of teeth in sore need of a dentist." Smiled should be smile.Page 112: "What is your response to Casio saying everyone knew you everyone knew you had a romantic interest in BJ?" "Everyone knew you" is a repeated phrase.Page 114: "Would you submit to us getting a DNA sample?" This is strangely written. It should b--would you object to giving us a DNA sample, or would you agree to submit a DNA sample. Page 173: "So Pastor to let her stay with me." Is it supposed to be Pastor said to let her stay with me? Or, just Pastor let her stay with me?Page 181: "He grinned with he saw Casio." Should be changed to--He grinned when he saw Casio. Page 181: "He raised his hand and clasped Casio's above the shoulder." Page 225: "Casio. Don't come any closer to you or I'm leaving." What? Shouldn't it say, don't come any closer to ME or I'm leaving?Page 259: "Crossing that of the list of things to do later." The of should be off.Page 272-273: Claudia is sitting on the bench and moves over so Vic can sit next to her, but then at the bottom of page 273, it says he turns her on her back, her head is still on his lap. To me it wasn't clear that she was laying down on the pew. I know, kind of picky, but it made me have to reread the two pages to see if I had missed something.Page 274: In the second to the last paragraph the parenthesis are not correct. Page 283: "She nodded and pressed her palm to the spot just below her navel, where deep inside of her God already knew their yet-to-be-form child." There should be a comma after "deep inside of her" and it should be formed instead of form.I hope it isn't too late to change these errors because if those things are fixed, I would recommend this book to others. I gave it three stars because of the errors in the book, otherwise, I probably would have raised it to four.

  • Mike
    2019-03-01 13:21

    Claudia, a troubled young lady is dealing with the death of her Teacher and Coach ten years after her tragic death. Victor, her husband and ADA for the county in which they live has reopened the cold case, and this is extremely upsetting for Claudia. This is one of the main story lines in the action packed novel, called "The Crossing", by Serita Jakes.During a return trip from a football game the bus in which the team and accompanying students and coaches are aboard, stops at a train crossing. At that particular time, a lone gunman enters the bus and shoots the bus driver, a student and football player, Casio, and searches out BJ the cheerleading coach and shoots her several times, causing her death. Following the investigation, the police come up empty and it would appear that the killer is never found. This is a novel which I was unable to put down because you never know what is going to happen next.As for Claudia, who I believe to be the main character, is devastated at the loss of her coach and friend. BJ Remington. The beginning of the novel starts with some introduction of the characters in this story, which I found necessary in order to get the full picture of the entire story. Serita Jakes took the time in delving into each character, in order to paint a clear picture.As the story unfolds, Claudia is laying on the floor of the bus with her dying coach/friend and you hear BJ speaking. I found that she was trying to figure out just what had happened to her and at the same time, she is speaking to God. You will find BJ speaking and praying at the beginning of each chapter. It sets the tone for each chapter. Claudia is the daughter of the town Pastor who you will learn more about as you read this story.It's ten years later, and Claudia is now married to Victor Campbell, the ADA for the county. Casio Hightower, the ex-football player, now Police Detective is teaming up with Victor Campbell to reopen the case his father had initially been involved with at the time of the murder.I don't want to get to involved with the overall story here, because I do not want to spoil it for anyone who picks this novel up and reads it. It's best to say the "The Crossing" by Serita Jakes is a wonderful read. I learned that even in death, there would appear to be some final thoughts and dreams of the person who is about to die.Follow BJ, Claudia, Georgie, Casio, Victor and the rest of the cast of characters as you read and become involved with the story. You will not be let down.I'd like to thank Blogging for Books, and Waterbrook Press for giving me the opportunity to read and review this heart wrenching and uplifting story. "The Crossing" by Serita Jakes is sure to be a Best Seller.

  • Melissa
    2019-03-20 07:33

    The Crossing is a Novel that is written by Serita Jakes. This book has everything for the reader. The book has a major crime that is a cold case. It has love, loss, truth, friendship and high drama. Serita writes a book you don’t want to put down. The cast of characters are Claudia ( the PK preachers kid) , Casio ( a victim and cop) , BJ Remington (teacher and crime victim) , Georgie ( the principal’s daughter and later a nurse.) last but not least Vic( Assistant District Atty and husband).The book is written in the view point of each character. You get to walk in their shoes as the reader. The book is suspenseful as you want to know who did this crime; could it be any of in their small town residents or after ten years could the killer be gone. You see how this crime as effected the lives of those who were merely on their way back from a football game. This such a simple act riding a bus home celebrating a win from a high school football game it happens every Friday night in ever state and town and how this simple act can become such a life changing event in a matter of minutes. This changes the lives on board for both the good and the bad. I just loved this book! I found that I was not able to figure the killer. I like a book that makes my mind say, was it this person or that? I like a book that makes me think. I loved the characters they evoked a variety of emotions as I read the book. I saw the hope that comes from a tragedy and better yet healing. I saw how some people have the ability to use this event for the good (thanks to Georgie _and some simple try to run from it but never really do allowing it to eat them alive and affect their lives and the others they come across. You see this crime stop some of the surviving victims from truly living. The ending is very exciting and surprising. This book is so good that I give this my best rating of five stars. Get this book! I must also let you that I got this complimentary book from Water Brooks Press Publisher for my review. The above review is my own opinion.

  • Sarah Elizabeth
    2019-03-01 14:27

    Have you ever experienced something so tragic, you couldn't forget? Where every sight, sound, or smell reminded you of a time you'd rather forget? Claudia has. 10 years ago, her teacher, friend, and confidant was murdered right before her eyes and the killer was never found.The Crossing was a great read, full of emotional ups and downs with Claudia, her husband Victor as he re-opens the case, and their struggle to get past the pain and learn to love each other all over again.I do have to say the first couple of chapters were a bit slow for me. After about seven chapters, the pace does start to pick up with the mystery that evidence not found during the original investigation is discovered. Many of the twists and turns surprised me, and I read a lot of suspense novels!Serita Jakes creates a story of love, forgiveness, and putting the past behind. She certainly kept me guessing until the end who the killer was. I got close, but I never exactly hit the target bullseye. She pulled me emotionally into the case, making me not know whether to side with Claudia or Victor. She created likable characters (in fact, she had me liking one of the bad guys!). Not groundbreaking, but a solid fiction debut by this author.I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

  • Joan Arning
    2019-03-11 13:33

    What an involved yet compelling tale! So many entanglements! The Crossing was an interesting story but I think I would have enjoyed it more if the events from ten years ago had been at the beginning rather than throughout the book. It took me a few chapters to figure out that the italics at the first of each chapter were from the past. Still I did enjoy the book and would recommend it to others but be prepared for many complications!

  • S. LaRue
    2019-03-10 08:17

    Hard to put down!I remember when this book first came out, I didn't read it back then, but thank God I came across it again... I enjoyed the suspense and how BJ shared her experience of leaving this life and entering into the presence of the Lord. Outstanding!

  • Alaina
    2019-03-12 08:24

    It is a good book not great A lot Of slow sections. Did love the end

  • Renn Shearin
    2019-02-27 14:40

    The Crossing by Serita Jakes was a compelling novel relating a story of loss, bitterness, death, and renewal. While I enjoyed the book, I felt that the Christian message of the story could have been stronger. Claudia Campbell has been imprisoned for ten years by memories of a masked gunman who opened fire on her school's bus on the way back from a football game. Cheerleading coach B.J. Remington was killed, but her murderer was never found. Claudia, who was a close friend of B.J.'s, is constantly reminded of that day, and she has never been able to move on. When her husband, the assistant district attorney, reopens the case, the secrets of that day threaten to tear them apart. Officer Casio Hightower will also never forget that day, the day his dream was destroyed. A star quarterback with several prospective scholarships, he was on top -until one bullet changed it all. Casio is eager to help Victor Campbell find B.J.'s killer, who also shot him. Maybe finding the answer will silence the anger that causes Casio to hurt the woman he loves. Will Victor, Claudia, and Casio be able to discover that what begins at the crossing ends at the cross?I really enjoyed this novel. The structure was excellently done, switching between Viktor, Casio, Claudia, and Harper's points of view. Also included are snapshots into the last few minutes of B.J.'s life, told from her perspective. These snapshots are critical in helping the reader understand the mystery of the killer. It adds a considerable amount of suspense because the reader thinks that they understand how the murder occurred, but then there is a major twist in the end which is almost totally unexpected. The mystery of the novel was very exciting, and I loved the twists. Viktor Campbell was an awesome character, and he remained loving in the midst of Claudia's messes.One of the things I was not found of in the Crossing was the ending. The ending is totally unexpected, and it made me feel really sad. However, I did like how the author Serita Jakes brought back a couple of the characters back to the Lord and how they in turn were able to forgive those who had seriously hurt them. I do wish that God had been pulled more into the story in the middle and beginning. B.J.'s last thoughts ask some very serious questions about sin and forgiveness which I do not feel like the author properly addressed. So if a doubting Christian or a seeker read some parts, they might have some serious questions. This is good, but I just wish that they had been addressed in the novel. Overall, I enjoyed The Crossing, and I would recommend it to anyone who is prepared for some serious, thought provoking fiction. Do not expect a light read, for the mood of the entire novel is somber and sometimes frightening.

  • Kelli Guilbeau
    2019-02-22 13:35

    The Crossing: A Novel by Serita Jakes is a Christian work of fiction that took me totally by surprise. I like many Christian books, but many are pretty bland and aren't real page turners. Once I started this book, I couldn't put it down.A former cheerleader, Claudia, and former quarterback, Casio, are still dealing with the after effects of a shooting on a bus stopped at a railroad crossing 10 years ago where the bus driver and cheer leading coach, B.J. are killed. Claudia was best friends with B.J. who was only a couple of years older than her.Claudia has been having panic attacks and flashbacks for the past 2 years. She can't seem to get past this tragedy. It threatens to destroy her life and her family. In addition, she has a difficult relationship with her mother while idolizing her father, a pastor.Casio was shot in the attack. He ha recovered, and he's now a police officer. However, he is dealing with this tragic incident. The murderer was never found.Claudia's husband is the Assistant District Attorney. He decides to look into the case hoping to get closure for Claudia. He ends up working with Casio, who also happens to be Claudia's ex-boyfriend.The Crossing can symbolize several things, the actual railroad crossing or what it is like to cross over after death. I love that each chapter begins with B.J.'s point of view of what happened that night. You will be shocked and surprised by the ending of the book. The book is full of love and drama. Unlike most Christian books, not everyone has a happy ending.The Crossing is totally unexpected for a Christian book. If you are like me, you have certain expectations and views of how Christian books are written. This book comes across as a secular book with Christian teachings tossed in. Parents should read this first before letting their teens read it, if they only allow them to read Christian books. It does contain some situations that parents may not want their children to read.About the Author: Serita Ann Jakes has been involved in Christian ministry all of her adult life and has served alongside her husband, Bishop T. D. Jakes, throughout their entire marriage of nearly thirty years. In addition to raising three sons and two daughters, Mrs. Jakes is executive director of the WoMan to Woman Ministries of The Potter's House of Dallas, where her husband is senior pastor.I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. All opinions are 100% mine and were not influenced by the company.

  • Melissa
    2019-03-10 13:25

    The Crossing is a surprising read. Upon reading the book jacket I was anticipating not much more than a murder mystery with a few possible twists. What I wasn't expecting was a Christian murder mystery. This story is told from the voice of several different characters and flashes back and forth between the time of the murder and present day, I actually like this style of writing. It gives us a bit more indepth feel for what is happening and why.While at a train crossing, a bus loaded with football players, cheerleaders and teachers is the scene to a terrifying event that haunts two of the main characters to this day. An unknown man enters the stopped bus and starts shooting. Among the chaos a young teacher is fatally shot and here the story begins. One of her students (and best friend) Claudia is by her side until her last breath. The unusually long train seems to never end and because of this the young teacher really stands no chance of surviving but during this time we experience the last thoughts of a dying person and the uncanny realizations that come too late to act upon. The beginning of each chapter captures these moments of clarity 10-years ago as BJ Remington's life is fading away.In present day, Claudia is now married to an up and coming ADA, she is a mother and a woman going through the nightmare haunting her to this day of the unsolved murder of her friend BJ. Through a series of happenstance meetings, the three students most involved on the bus long ago are reunited and as a result the process of opening and solving this cold case comes to fruition.Along the way, we follow these characters seeing their good side and not so good side. Each follows paths that will either lead them to happiness and faith or to the depths of despair. This story has a number of twists and will keep you guessing (or at least in my case) up until the end when the final "ah ha" is revealed. Although I would definitely classify this as a Christian fiction it is not filled with a preachy style, it would be appealing to a wide variety of readers. One of the bonuses to having a faith based novel, is that a lot of the "fillers" some authors tend to use to fatten up their stories (unnecessary expletives, graphic scenes of a sexual nature, etc) just are not here and instead you get more of a storyteller version of a good story.* This book was a gift through giveaway. Thank you!

  • AbbyJoy
    2019-02-22 11:28

    Not going to lie, the prologue and 2nd page of the first chapter kind of freaked me out a bit. I knew I, with my weak constitution, was probably doing the wrong thing when I picked this crime novel, and for a few pages into this book I kept asking myself what had gone wrong with my brain process when I decided to get this book over other ones I could have chosen that probably would have agreed with my stomach more. It actually surprised me--it wasn't very graphic (even the prologue and 2nd page really weren't that bad, my constitution is just extremely weak :P) as far as the actual murder and whatnot. Anyway, once I got a handful of pages in, all was well in that department.As far as the actual writing goes, I thought The Crossing was very well written. Jakes clearly gets the point across without needless and overextended detail or explanation. The story flows well and is an easy read. Also, I would just like to thank Jakes for her point of view choice -- the people who have told me that you can't write a book with multiple points of view per chapter without it being confusing clearly didn't know what they were talking about.As for the plot. The crime side of it was pretty good. Although I had a guess at who the murderer was early on, which ended up being the correct suspect, there wasn't any hard evidence to make me lose interest. Maybe it was just a lucky guess, but even so Jakes kept me second guessing myself and reading to be sure my suspicions were accurate.The side story -- the characters personal lives and involvement -- didn't really impress me. I was disappointed in several aspects, which I won't name specifically for the sake of not spoiling it for future readers. While the wrong acts committed by the sub-characters weren't encouraged nor made appealing, I felt the author didn't well in condemning or discouraging it as well as she could have.I also wasn't very impressed with the ending, which, again, I won't go into great detail about lest I spoil it, especially since it came as a surprise to me. I definitely wasn't expecting the outcome of one of the main characters, Casio Hightower, nor the conclusion to his side story. I was disappointed in his story, because I saw potential for his story.All in all, I didn't think The Crossing was the greatest book in the world, and I'm unlikely to recommend it. I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review, in exchange for my honest review.

  • Courtney
    2019-03-15 08:18

    I was lucky enough to receive a copy of The Crossing by Serita Jakes through Blogging For Books.I absolutely loved this book for several reasons.  The first reasoning being is because the book went back and forth between the viewpoints of B.J. (the teacher who was shot and killed), Claudia (B.J.'s close friend who was there the day B.J. was kill), Victor (Claudia's husband and the assistant district attorney), Casio (was shot the same day as B.J. and became a cop like his father), and Harper (Casio's on again/off again girlfriend).  I love being able to read about  each individual's point of views.  For a writer to be able to show the feelings of multiple characters in a book is the sign of a really good writer in my opinion, and Serita Jakes does this very well.I also liked how there were other different struggles each character was undergoing besides the bus crash that happened 10 years before.The Crossing had a theme of Christianity around it, but I liked how it wasn't too strong.  I really do not like books that force religion on you and this one didn't at all.  Religion popped up several times, but I liked the way that Jakes talked about it and incorporated it into the story.Another great part of this book was that there were so many secrets in this book that it kept you wanting to read more to find out about everybody's secrets.  And another good thing about these secrets is that everyone's tied in together in the end.This book made me cry several times because Jakes had this way of making me feel like I knew these characters and I had empathy for each and every one of them.  I made not have agreed with a couple of actions by a couple characters (named Victor and Casio), but I could almost feel the pain that made them act the way they did.Overall, I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.  I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick read this summer.Disclaimer: I received the above book for free in return for my review.  My opinions are completely my own though.

  • Pilar
    2019-03-13 13:30

    The Crossing by Serita Jakes is an intriguing and captivating story from the minute you start reading it. I happen to love novels which are fast paced. This book does not disappoint.However, it isn't a light hearted book. The premise is about teacher and cheer leading coach by the name of B.J. Remington who was shot and murdered on a bus after a football game. Unfortunately, the murder wasn't solved. So her close friend's husband (an ADA) decided to reopen the case after a decade to bring closure for his wife Cynthia (B.J.'s student and close friend). Cynthia witnessed the murder that fateful night and thus suffered from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) as a result. The twists and turns of this murder investigation and all the relationships involved was suspenseful to say the least. The book also addressed another important topic; domestic violence.I have to admit that this book surprised me. I really didn't think I would like it as much as I did. I literally couldn't put the book down because I wanted to know what would happen next. However, reading this book left me somber and thinking deeply about things. I happened to relate and identify with things that happened to some of the characters in this book. So, it brought up a lot of "stuff" for me to sort through, process and come to terms with in my own life. Yes, this book is written as fiction, however, I believe it's based on real life scenarios which can't be ignored and swept under a rug, but addressed for what they really are. This story doesn't have a happy ending, which is true to life as well.I highly recommend this riveting and thought provoking book. I commend First Lady Serita Jakes for her courage in writing such a creative, relevant and poignant novel.In conclusion, I want to thank Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers for sending me this complimentary book and for the opportunity to review it.

  • Virginia Campbell
    2019-03-12 07:31

    A group of high school students witness a horrific event when their school bus is invaded by a masked gunman, who wounds the driver and one student. However, his real target is a popular young teacher whom he shoots four times and leaves to die in a pool of her own blood on the floor of the bus. The ambulance is delayed on the other side of the railroad crossing, and BJ Remington's life is lost before help can arrive. The lives of the survivors are forever affected, and the ripples of violence continue to be felt throughout their rest of their days. The mystery of the unsolved deadly attack remains a cold case until a decade later when ambitious Assistant District Attorney Victor Campbell reopens the investigation. His agenda is twofold: He wants the prestige and power solving the case will provide, and he also wants closure for his wife Claudia, a close friend of BJ's who was with her on the bus when she died. "The Crossing", by Serita Jakes, is a well-told, disturbing tale that will not leave the reader untouched. We all know someone whose life has been forever marked by violence and abuse. It may be ourselves, a friend, or a family member, but we are all connected somewhere, somehow. The author very effectively allows interaction between the characters, and then also gives each one of them their own story space. Overall, from beginning to end, we hear bits and pieces of BJ's last thoughts as she lay dying, unable to speak, but still aware of what was going on around her in her last moments. The police methods and investigative techniques are very well done, and they enhance the law & order aspect of the story line. Not an easy story with easy endings, but it nonetheless still offers the hope that those who seek to overcome the darkness will eventually find the light. Review Copy Gratis WaterBrook Press

  • Meagan Myhren-bennett
    2019-03-11 08:39

    THE CROSSINGBy Serita JakesTen years have passed since BJ Remington was murdered on a school bus full of high school athletes, but the repercussions of that day still haunt some. Claudia Campbell is caught in a re-occurring nightmare from that day. The nightmares began to affect Claudia’s daily life two years ago when she miscarried. Claudia is driving her family into financial ruin with her constant spending. Claudia’s husband Vic is determined to save both Claudia and their marriage from the quagmire Claudia is drowning in, but can he discover the truth in time? Casio Hightower was headed to a career in the NFL until that night ten years ago when he was shot and his dreams shattered. He is taking his anger and despair out on his girlfriend Harper Abott. But when he takes his anger too far and physically assaults her, he could loss everything. Can Casio mend his ways or will he continue to blame Harper for his abuse? When Casio finagles his way into Victor’s investigation he little realizes that he is closer to the killer than anyone ever believed. Lies have warped and distorted the lives of everyone involved in ways that they never could have imagined. The old statement about tangled webs being weaved when we deceive is so true where The Crossing is concerned. Pre-marital relations, extra-marital relations, lust, greed, selfishness, abuse are all the fruit of deceit and when these seeds are sown everyone around us suffers for it. The Crossing was well written, but I can honestly say I would not want to live in their city! The story switches back and forth between BJ Remington’s final thoughts and the actions of those around her and the lives of these same people today and the issues they are facing.I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review

    2019-03-06 15:20

    On the way home from a high school football game, a masked gunman jumped onto the bus and opened fire, killing the cheerleading coach, BJ Remington, and injuring the star quarterback, Casio Hightower. Ten years later, Casio and his former girlfriend Claudia are still dealing with the aftermath of that terrible night. When Claudia's Assistant District Attorney husband reopens the case, the truth of what happened that night reopens old wounds that have never really healed.This is a good novel portraying characters suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They seem like real people with real problems, which you don't usually find in fictional novels. Casio has anger management problems as well as relationship problems, and Claudia suffers anxiety attacks and flashbacks. These are very real and common symptoms. The opening of each chapter where we hear BJ's dying thoughts are captivating. They may be the best part of the book. It held my attention right up until the end, and then somehow it fell flat. The solution was predictable and it seemed that most of it was wrapped up off-stage, if you will. But all in all, it was a good read, and I thought it was nice that at the end there was information regarding PTSD.4 starsDisclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group book review bloggers program . I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

  • Patricia
    2019-03-02 10:17

    The Crossing by Serita Jakes Ten years ago, Claudia Campbell and Casio Hightower were on a school bus on the way home from a high school football game. That night, on that bus, they saw the school's cheerleading coach, B J Remington, shot and killed. Their lives went on but not without nightmares and serious personal problems as a result of the tragedy they witnessed.Now, ten years later, Claudia is married to an assistant district attorney, Casio is a police officer, and the mystery of who killed B J Remington and why is unsolved. Claudia's husband, Victor, reopens the case in hopes of helping Claudia overcome her anxiety and panic attacks and in hopes of advancing his career. Casio is eager to help Victor with the case. He wants to ease the guilt that pushes him to violence toward the woman he loves and to vindicate himself in his father's eyes.By reopening the case old wounds believed to be healed are found festering and surprising secrets are revealed. Some of those involved will find peace and some will not find any comfort at all.I did not expect to like this book thinking it would be an unrealistic romance story. I was so wrong in that thinking. It is a story of love, but not unrealistic or romantic. What Serita Jakes has written is a story of love and forgiveness and redemption. She moves the story back and forth between the past and present in a cohesive and logical way that brings the reader to an understanding of the characters and develops the story in unexpected ways.The Crossing is well worth reading.I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group through their Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.

  • Terry
    2019-03-20 15:23

    I figured out what had earlier been bothering me with this novel. I'm not into gory details, but I wanted a little more character development with the main characters, and a little more info on the shooting. The book opens with the shooting, which seems more of an outline than an actual telling of what happened during the shooting on the bus. It was like looking at a skeleton and wanting to see the rest of it - the filling if you will.The next scene has Claudia the protagonist remembering a few things about the incident, and then she freezes up; freaks out and is paralyzed with fear, all the while sitting in her car right by the train tracks, stalling traffic. Her ex-boyfriend, a cop, Casio, happens along at the right time to help her move her vehicle out of the way. There are some twists and turns to this story; some predictable, some not. I had hoped for a positive outcome concerning one of the main characters, but it was not to be. It seemed like the clouds overshadowed the sunshine at the end of the book, so I was a bit disappointed. To be fair, it's a good, suspenseful read. You'll keep turning the pages just to see what happens next. I do plan on reading it again to see if I change my mind about it, to make sure I gave it a fair chance, however its kind of doubtful that I'll change my mind.This one just wasn't my cup of tea, but I prefer coffee anyhow.I'm currently reading this book for a second time since there's something bothering me about it that I can't quite put my finger on. Review to follow shortly.(Thank you to Cindy Brovsky and Waterbrook Multnomah publishing for making it possible for me to read this book through Goodreads First Reads!)

  • Margaret
    2019-03-09 14:35

    From the book cover:Imprisoned by memories, Claudia Campbell lives each day in the shadow of a ten-year-old murder. Who can set her free?On the way home from a football game, a decade earlier, a masked gunman opened fi re on a Texas school bus. Cheerleading coach B.J. Remington was killed, but her murderer was never found. Claudia, who had a close friendship with the young, spirited teacher, constantly relives the anguish of that day, caught in one moment in time. When her husband, the assistant district attorney, becomes determined to uncover the mystery of that tragedy, the secrets buried over the years threaten to tear their family apart.Officer Casio Hightower will never forget the day his dreams were destroyed. A star quarterback with a promising future, Casio was on top of the world—until one bullet changed everything. He is eager to help Victor Campbell find B.J.’s killer, the man who shot him. Maybe solving the case will help silence the demons driving Casio to hurt the woman he loves.As the Campbells and Casio teeter on the brink of losing everything, will they be able to discover that what begins at the crossing ends at the cross?My review:I have to admit, I was skeptical of this book. I mean I respect Serita Jakes as a minister... but as an author??? I wasn't so sure!Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. The book had a great story line, fantastic character development and really drew the reader in. I loved following the thought processes of the characters and trying to put myself in their shoes. Ms. Jakes is off to a wonderful start!Love and Blessings!Margaret

  • Elle
    2019-03-07 08:35

    After 10 years Claudia is still haunted by the night she watched as her best friend was murdered and unable to do anything. The murder has gone unsolved for so long, when Claudia’s husband, Victor, decides to reopen the case in hopes of bringing Claudia some closure the nightmares and panic attacks return full force. Now that the case has been reopened and new evidence has come forward there is no way of stopping now. The case is tearing apart Claudia and Victor’s marriage, will Victor be able to solve the case and be able to pull his family back together? The Crossing could be a great story, the idea and storyline pull you into the lives of those affected by the murder and how some of the students are still trying to cope after ten years. Jakes has a good start to what could be a great story; however, the story comes off as very surface level and does not really dive into the characters and the problems they are facing on a deeper level. The issues that develop throughout the book are solved very easily and fall into place a little too neatly. The summary on the back of the book is also slightly misleading, this book could be great if Jakes would take it to the next level and really delve into the characters and what makes them tick as well as what causes some of the relationships to be so strained. Reading a book where the characters have many situations to overcome and in the end fall perfectly into place seems unrealistic and avoids showing the growth of each character.I received this book complimentary from Waterbrook Multnomah for an honest review. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

  • Tammi
    2019-02-26 14:28

    I sometimes enjoy reading mysteries. So when I saw that this book; The Crossing by Serita Jakes was available to review from WaterBrook Multnomah, I decided that I would like to review it. I was captured by the first couple of pages, but as the story continued, I had to make myself finish the book.The story begins with the bus driver,a teacher, BJ Remington, and a student being shot on a school bus on the way back from a football game 10 years before. Some of the story is told through the thoughts of the teacher as she lies dying on the floor of the school bus. When the story is in the present tense, the story is told though the three main characters eyes: Claudia, Victor, and Casio.Claudia was traumatized by the shooting and experiences panic attacks and her relationships with her parents, and husband are strained.Victor is Claudia’s husband and the Assistant DA, he has reopened the case to help find closure for his wife.Casio, the former high school quarterback, whose promising NFL career ended as the result of the shooting. Is now a police officer and is helping to solve the case. He also is very hot tempered and is an abuser.The story, in many ways was very secular, containing bar scenes, and unwed pregnancies, The LORD’s Name was profaned by some of the characters and the gospel of Christ wasn’t laid out very clearly, I would give this book a 2 in a 1-5 rating system.** The Crossing by Serita Jakes was provided for me free as an Advanced Reading Copy (ACR) by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review.

  • Trinity Rose
    2019-03-17 11:11

    This book The Crossing is one of my favorites of the year. I was so interested in it that it only took me one day to read it, and that‘s really great for me. What an exciting book. I like how this book is split into different parts, told from different viewpoints, one being the viewpoint of the victim. I especially liked that viewpoint. The Crossing has a lot of love, pain, hurt and forgiveness in it. Also it shows how different characters had PTSD-posttraumatic stress disorder. It shows how some people get help and how some just cause trouble. I was very intrigued to find out who the murderer was. I always try to guess and this was a complete surprise to me. You never know how many lives you touch and how many people you can affect by your actions. This book shows us if we go through something tragic we need to go to God and also get help from professionals. The characters in this book are very likable, colorful and compelling. The Crossing is a gripping book that will take you on a roller-coaster adventure. There are no parts in this book that aren’t thrilling. This is the first time I’ve read any of Serita Jakes books, but it won’t be the last. I give this book a 5-star rating because it is an unforgettable, riveting book. I highly recommend it. You will love this book.Thanks to WaterBrookMultnomah for providing this book for review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255

  • Amanda
    2019-02-18 07:41

    For ten years, Claudia Campbell has lived with the memories of her best friend dying in her arms. Claudia's husband, who just happens to be the assistant D.A., is tired of watching his wife hurting and decides that solving the murder might bring the closure that she needs to heal. In the meantime, Casio Hightower, Claudia's high school boyfriend, is having problems of his own that he blames on the trauma of that night. While it's obvious that there are deeper issues involved, Casio thinks worming his way into (and helping solve) the new investigation will help him win back his current love.We not only read the story from those involved in the modern-day story, but we are also privy to the thoughts of B.J. Remington during her last few minutes of life. It's a interesting way to tell the story, and it makes B.J. a person, a part of the story, rather than just "the teacher who died", as she might have been if we didn't learn about her thought and feelings.This is not a light-hearted book. There is a little bit of humor in the relationship between Casio and Victor Campbell, but this is a book about domestic abuse, betrayal, adultery, and murder. It's also a book about forgiveness, love, and hope, but most of that comes at the end of the book. Speaking of which, I have to say that the ending was shocking and completely unexpected. (No peeking. It really will ruin the book for you.)I received this book free from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.

  • Nikole Hahn
    2019-03-10 10:32

    A gunman disrupted a bus load of high school kids and opened fire. BJ Remington lay dying and others are wounded. The gunman disappears. Years later former high school football player now officer, Casio Hightower and former girlfriend, Claudia, still bear the marks of that memory. The gun man was never found, but that day has long affected the lives of Claudia and Casio.Casio beats his girlfriend. He doesn’t understand why he goes into his rages. Claudia is married to an ADA, but their marriage is melting faster than ice cream in a microwave. She has PTSD and while the memories slept she moved on and married until she miscarried her baby. The memories returned complete with anxiety attacks, breathing trouble, and nightmares. Her husband, ADA Victor, is determined to reopen the case with or without Claudia’s permission. He’s past the point of desperation to save his marriage and feels so helpless watching his wife succumb to the horrors of the past. Casio wants answers, too. Thus, begins the unraveling of the past.The book completely sucked me into this other world. I began it after work and closed the book on the last page that night. It’s an unusual Christian book with complex and compelling characters. Towards the end the unexpected happens. It’s something that rarely happens in a novel and leaves you in shock. You didn’t see it coming and yet you did because there were signs along the way. Jakes is a great story teller. I would read any fiction book with her name on it at this point.Book review provided by Waterbrook-Multinomah for review.

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-12 08:41

    I won this through a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.Interesting story. The entire book centers around the murder of a cheerleading coach/teacher while a bus coming home from a football game is stuck waiting for a train to cross and the effects it has had on the people involved. The story jumps around to several different perspectives, from the teacher BJ as she is dying; Claudia, the student who was best friends with the teacher, now an adult and haunted by the day she watched BJ die; Victor, Claudia's husband and the assistant DA; Casio, Claudia's high school boyfriend, now a cop with some serious anger issues; and Harper, Casio's ex-girlfriend.Claudia has been haunted the last few years by the events of that night, causing some major changes in her personality, which deeply concerns her husband. Victor, in turn, thinks that reopening this cold case and bringing the killer to justice will help Claudia cope with her issues. To do this ends up requiring the help of Casio, the last person Victor really wanted to work with.The story is interesting and well-written, with different layers of the story unfolding as you read. It keeps you wondering (or at least it did me). I enjoyed reading this book, even though I can honestly say I'm not the most religious person on the planet, so if you're like me, don't be turned off by the fact that it's written by a woman deeply involved in Christian ministry. This book still is a great read.

  • Marianne
    2019-02-26 15:39

    MY REVIEWThis is the first book by Serita Jakes that I have read, and it certainly won't be the last. Written slightly different than any other I have read, it didn't take her long to have my undivided attention. The novel is divided into three parts with the verses of the Rock of Ages hymn preceeding them. It is written in the third person point of view, with headings to keep the reader in the loop as to whose thoughts and actions we are privy to at this moment. Claudia and her husband Victor, as well as a classmate of Claudia's are the main characters. BJ Remington, the cheerleading teacher who was murdered on the bus surrounded by her students and the football team makes her appearance in her thoughts immediately after the shooting, and until she dies. Although I was not sure I would appreciate this approach, Serita handled it very well without making it an element of paranormal.Although not an extremely emotional story, the reader is drawn into the characters' lives with words drawing rich pictures of the relationships between parents and children, husband and wife, peers who have been touched by the same incident. Through it all PTSD is explored and faced.This novel opened my eyes to the effects of PTSD and how it can affect those around them.i received this book free from WaterbrookMultnomah Publishers through their Blogging For Books program, in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive one. The opinions expressed are my own.